Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M/M ..and question 18

       Master and I had lunch together yesterday...the main course was maintenance!

      I gained a pound, but Master has allowed for a 2 pound 'wriggle room', so I was OK...but I know I need more room before I leave at the end of this week.

     After my kneeling time I was over Master's knee.  The hairbrush was His 'weapon' of choice this day.  He started with in with it, fairly light ones, but still stingy...He decreed it to be my warm-up.  After short stop for some rubbing, He started in for a long session of much harder spanks. 
Finally a stop for some rubbing, then He tucks me in, and continues with rapid fire much harder spanks. I am squirming and getting vocal, when He finally stops.  Main course over, time for dessert!

       He checks to see if I enjoyed any part of that spanking, and even though I am denying it, He finds proof, that part of me had enjoyed it a bit. As Master put it...I was moist, not dripping, but He could remedy that...which He did! It felt soooo good, I was trying to put off asking for permission to cum, when Master warned me...cuming without permission was NOT a good idea...permission received I was off with sparks flying. 

      After some quiet recovery and chatting time, I was between Master's knees thanking Him, and too soon lunch time was over....but ohh so filling for so few calories! 

~Question 18

      Very often the stereotype of submission is that the submissive loses the ability to have an opinion. While that clearly isn't true except in the absolute rarest of occasion, how does communication factor into your submission and how do you communicate your desires and needs?

       How does one lose the ability to have an opinion....no thought process?? Just my little pet peeve...on with the question.

      Master has always encouraged me to voice my opinions, suggestions, ideas, concerns..all of it. It has been an uphill battle for me, one that I am winning.

       When we first started, and I would have a concern, I tended to brood about it, let it simmer, until I was driving myself crazy, then I would get up in the middle of the night and send Him  a long email, if there was no response by early morning, I was frantic. (Master is not an every day check the email person...I still don't understand it...but I have learned to live with it.)  We would discuss the issue and Master would say, I needed to open up before I was in such a tizzy. Easy for Him to say.  But eventually the middle of the night emails came to a stop, but I still had the little voice that kept saying...don't top from the bottom.

      Master cleared that one up, by telling me, that telling Him what I might like, what scared me, what I might want to take baby steps towards...giving Him information was helping Him to make better decisions for both of us. I am not giving Him orders, I may not get everything I suggest, but He is always open to suggestions. 

     Now, most of our communication is verbal, we simply talk things out. Often Master sees another side of an issue I had not thought of, and sometimes the reverse is true. Yes, He is my Master, He is in charge, I am His, but we are a team....one that works at its best, when we communicate effectively.

   hugs abby



  1. hahah it's the same here. i'm constantly learning how to express a thought and feeling early to BIKSS so that it doesn't fester and boil over and the first he hears of it is when I"m already in a frenzy. i get lectured about that a lot.

    it feels funny telling them about something we're uncomfortable with tho, like we're needy or too clingy or immature or something, innit?

  2. I have a hard time with communication right away as well, I will let myself get all worked about it and sometimes I wait so long by the time I do talk about it is not always in the most respectful way which is a problem, but it is getting better.

    If you keep up with that kind of lunch you be down a pound by the end of the week.

  3. I was wondering about 'lunch'However, you cleared that up! No I understood. ;-)

  4. Yay teamwork and good communication. Not always easy, but worth it:)

  5. Hi abby, I'm afraid I know all about the "long late night" email. I sent one lately that was just a mass of feelings and wished I had thought things through a little in the morning. But luckily He understood where I was coming from - and you're so right - it's much better to say it out loud than let it fester.

  6. Sunny...good for the soul and the diet! hugs abby

  7. Fondles...ah...the "needy" thing, I had a big struggle when that first hit me! I am better with it now, but it still knock me for a loop occasionally. hugs abby

    dancing...seems to common, especially in a newish relationship. Love the kind of lunch that leaves me sated....and calories loss not gained. hugs abby

    Minelle...LOL..glad you got it! hugs abby

    SNP...Positively worth it!! hugs abby

    Alice...so much better, so much harder, but it does get easier. hugs abby