Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I need some ideas,,HELP!

Warning...this ended up being on the long side....sorry!

      My  weigh in on Tuesday was plus 1/2.....Master simply said I will see you this morning...He had  root canal scheduled for after lunch. I was a little concerned about the gain, but something else had me more concerned. I am supposed to get permission from Master before making any  plans...appointments, time with friends, trips...I struggled at first with this one, but had settled in and realized, as usual, it was not as difficult as it first seemed. Master's goal is not to keep me from doing any of these things, but to remind my that i am His.

    I had made plans for 2 trips....3 weeks each. The plans were made, and I had not mentioned it to Master yet.  I meant to, but I just kept trying to get things settled , and trying to limit my time away before I spoke to Master.  Then I realized, everything was set, except, Master had no idea.  I had to let Him know....I drove myself a little crazy thinking about how to start in, what words to use, and then tried to just not think about it...yeah like that would work.

    So, after Master and I hugged, I quickly said to Him we need to discuss something. He nodded and sat waitng. I told Him about the plans for the trips, why the timing was what it is, and why they both are 3 weeks away.  I continued saying I was not all that happy about the time away, and I would struggle with missing Him, but it was the best I could come up with. I waited, and finally Master said, so everything is set and you have no permission....He knows how to cut to the chase. He reminded me that He would never tell me  I could not spend time with my grandkids or family, but that asking permission is to help me keep the proper 'head space'...all of me belongs to Him. He asked how my upset I got myself thinking about this conversation and how it could have been easily avoided. He reminded me we are partners, He is there for me to lean on, and He could have helped and maybe suggested alternate plans. I replied I just felt like I had to straighten everything out before I mentioned it. There are lots of rewards to coming to submission later in life....but, for me, one of the difficulties, is realizing I don't have to do it all by myself is one that I still am getting used to. 

   Master told me to get naked and kneeling, and as He was pulling and pinching my nipples He reminded me of the above again. Then He had me go OTK and said it had been a long time since I had a hard paddling....really on some things He has a short I should settle in.  He started lightly, but moved to medium to hard fairly quickly. He stopped after one set to remind me, He was being kind by giving me this warm-up. He then asked if I wanted maintenance first or my spanking for not asking for permission for my trips. As I was debating in my head....He announced maintenance would be last. 

    He starts in at the hard level and continues for one very long session. I am trying to stay still, and sort of manage, but I am becoming quite vocal. It reaches the point where the spanks and my bottom are all I can think about.  Finally He stops, announces time for maintenance, gives me a quick rub, and tucks me in. He is going at it, fast and hard and I am trying to adjust. Just about the time when I think my bottom might be getting a little numb, He moves for the last 10 to my thighs,,,I am not longer staying still or quiet.  When He is finished He asks if He has made His point.  His fingers reach in and I am relaxing and enjoying and getting wetter, when He pulls out and reminds me....permissions are not granted when I have received a punishment. 

    He reminds me that He still expects a pound lost by Friday, any less than that will result in a basement visit, He tells me to stand, and since it has been a while since we have been in  the basement we should go there and stir up some memories. I don't think it is necessary, but He grabs my hand and we are off to the basement. Once down there He asks if there are any pleasant memories floating in my head..I assure Him, there are none.  He tells me if we return here on Friday...I will be striped from my bottom down my discomfort will be His pleasure. 

     We head back up, and Master announces He has a task for me., and if you are still reading this...this is where I really need some ideas. Master wants me to come up with a list of 10 ways we can stay connected while I am away. He wants it on Friday, and He wants new calling and texting since that is already part of our daily routine. I thought about it last night, and am a long way from having 10 anything you can suggest would greatly be appreciated!  Thanks!

~ question # 8 is...Is spanking or corporal punishment part of your submission. Why/Why not?

     Obviously the answer is YES....because it has been since the beginning and it is what we agreed to.

 hugs abby



  1. Gosh Abby, I am so sorry this happened but I totally understand how it did. I actually got myself in A LOT of trouble this morning for forgetting to do something and I am waiting for those consequences. It sucks. Let's see how about:

    Upon waking each morning you will write a sentence about what being owned means to you. then you can tell him each day when you talk.


    If master wears cologne or you wear a scent maybe you could spray each others clothing with some of it so when you move you catch the scent

    This is tough but I will think about is more and see what else I can think of by tomorrow.

  2. Is there something that represents your submission to him that you could carry with you? I have an angel stone and a faith coin that I carry with me in my pocket when I am away from home, even just during the day for work. They have a special meaning for me, not kinky, but represent very powerful things for me. The act of putting them in my pocket at the beginning of the day, then taking them out at the end, (they sleep on my bedside night table) is a daily reminder for me of what they represent. I'm not sure what object that might be in this instance, maybe a token from him?

    Good luck with the list and the weight loss :)

  3. What about wearing an article of his clothing at night? Is that too trite?

  4. How about sending hand written letters every day¿

  5. I am thinking on this Abby. What comes to mind is something like at 2pm you'll kneel in the corner for 15 minutes and he'll know at 2 pm that is what you are doing and you can have something to think about for those 15 min to report back to him about?

  6. 1. Corner time at a specified time each day, at a time when he will be able to also think of you in the corner thinking about him and your submission to him. (I know SNP said this first, but just chiming in...)

    2. Writing out for each other one word to think about each day/week...such as "trust" or "permission" or whatever...and at the end of each day/week away you let each other know what you have thought about.

    3. Pick a color or theme (red, stars, angel, whatever), and promise that every time you see that color or theme you will think of each other.

    4. Write out his favorite way to dominate you. Write out your favorite way to please him. Then reduce each scenario to one vanilla-sounding word, so if you are on the phone with each other you can simply say, "Cologne" or whatever and instantly be reminded of those memories of together-ness.

    5. Ask him for one restriction from you that will carry through for the entire time away, something small enough that you can do it without anyone's noticing but significant enough that it will cause you reminders. Such as not eating ice cream, and any time you want ice cream or have to turn an offer down you think about who you belong to and why you can't have the ice cream (and easy to explain to others since you are trying to lose weight). Or having to do something you wouldn't normally do.

  7. What about simple love notes? You leave him some where he'll find them and he leaves you some in your luggage that you'll find over the time away.

  8. When I was away from my Sir, I wore his t-shirt to sleep in at night, which was very helpful for me. Also, he gave me a hat to wear - it was really an awful looking hat, and i didn't have to wear it, but i actually did when it rained and that was pretty cool. i kept it with me all the time. He would have gotten me a cute hat, but i said i wanted one that would kind of fold up so i wouldn't have to wear it the whole airplane time or worry about crushing it. Be careful what you ask for!! But still, it was good to have.

    Good luck!


  9. faerie, I like that idea, it is going on the list, I even like that idea when I am not away! Thanks...hugs abby

    Minelle...I had DUH moment when I ready your idea...why did I not think of that? Not trite what could be better...besides Him of course! hugs abby

    anon....ahhh...I like your suggestion also, I could vary with a postcard or quote, but something handwrittten and personal...thanks, hugs abby

    SNP..I was actually thinking about something that had to do with kneeling, since that is part of my submission...thanks! hugs abby so much, great ideas, I am getting excited about showing Mater my list. hugs abby

    Susie...Love, love that idea...going to do that one as a surprise for Master! ..hugs abby

    aisha....the t-shirt idea is going to be #1 on my list...thanks!
    hugs abby

  10. Came back to check in and I had nothing more. Sounds like you got some great ideas though. Hope all is well.

  11. Thanks...Master gets the list tomorrow. hugs abby

  12. I like the comment and idea from the anonymous person, hand written letters every day!

  13. Maybe not for now, but for another trip:
    - Write each other a little poem each day, about what happened to you
    - Write a daily list of 5 points about your partner, no repeats allowed
    - Have Master decide daily what you have to wear/aren't allowed to (no underwear days, ben-wa balls, stockings)

  14. I love this post from you - ups and downs, but through it all, it sounds like you have a good man.

  15. Julia, Those are great...I have to prioritize and type the list for Maste, may sneak a couple of those in!Thanks...hugs abby

    Kitty...We were both discussing on Friday on we each feel we are the lucky one in our relationship...good man makes for a good Master:)..thanks hugs abby