Saturday, September 15, 2012

Debt paid off....:)

    My boys of summer let me down. I lost the bet with Master and Friday was pay up time. But it was also, celebrate time....I reached my goal for losing! No, I am not at my "ideal" weight, but I am closer than I was, and I need a break. If I can maintain until the beginning of the year, then we will see...and Yes Master I know....I have no choice but to maintain!

   I get to Master's yesterday and the acrylic paddle is sitting out waiting for me. After some hugging and chatting, Master has me get naked and get the playing dice out. There are 3 dice, one with numbers 1--30, one with different positions, and one with different 'toys'. Master says we will use the number and position ones, He will use the paddle. My first roll is 27....on all fours. Master does not go easy, and I am thinking I hope this is a short game. Second roll...12, in the corner. Then, Master says, lets use all three die, and He puts down the paddle...I instantly relax. Master says the game will have as many rolls as runs were scored in all 3 games. We agree it was 22, so 20 more rolls. 

    It was fun. By after about roll 5 Master says, next time I am adding a new rule to the game. Somehow I am not surprised that He wants to make it 'His'. If the same implement comes up twice, a different body part has to be spanked, three times a third part..etc. I have to admit, it would add another element to the game.

    All in all, I ended up with some pretty good rolls. There is a wild roll for implements and Master said that whenever that came up He would use the flogger!! I rolled a wild 3 times!!
The cane was rolled twice..once for only 2 :):). He also used the tawse twice, once on my thighs for 6..ouchy! Leather strapped was rolled 3 times...He use the large smooth one, the first time for 28, when He was done I said I had forgotten how much I loved that strap, He said He did too...HINT!  Other rolls were  hand, wood paddle, acrylic paddle, belt, and hair brush. Flogger is on there, but I never rolled it,,,,thank goodness it got to be the choice for rolling a wild!

   Positions included OTK, corner, standing, on all fours, over the arm of a chair, hands on wall,  hold ankles, bent over, kneeling and laying down. The numbered die goes from 1 -- 30, the lowest I rolled was 2, the highest 28. Mostly I rolled numbers in the 20's, and I did notice that Master tended to add a few when the number was below 20! When we finished, we both agreed it was fun, and Master even said if I am a good girl all week , it could be a Friday reward...He does know how to dangle a carrot.  

     Master then says, since this is a met my goal day, was I up for 100 with the flogger, I could choose the position. DUH, I was quickly settled in and ready. When using the flogger instead of stopping to rub, Master will stop and just trail the flogger all along my bottom, reaching as many parts as possible...I have a hard time deciding if it is more relaxing or exciting..hmm...exciting!
After the first 50, Master makes the next 25 harder. Then He stops and asks if I want harder for the last 25...I this level is good. Master says..OK, 15 more at this level, then 10 much harder ones...When He is finished, He gives my back a nice massage. commenting on how warm and tingling it insides are melted and I just want to lay still and enjoy my little piece of 'heaven' for a while longer. 

    Finally I have recovered enough to move, Master has me go over His lap, so He can check on 'her' and make sure 'she' is happy too.  It does not take long for all of us to be in the happy zone, then on to the ecstatically happy zone! As I snuggle up into Master's "fur". I am so content, and sated, once again I am reminded, how very lucky I am!

    I had the thought, if any of you are interested, it would be easy enough to make up your game, 
you could write on pieces of paper, tokens, ping pong balls....and if you are really brave, you could ask your partners to fill in some of the spaces...!

have a good weekend all
hugs abby



  1. What a fun game! Certainly adds to the play session I think. :)

  2. What a fun game. You did win after all. I am going to think about making up a game. Might come back to you for some more instructions.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. That sounds like fun :) Where did you find the dice? Congrats on meeting your weight loss goal.

  4. You have a very exciting relationship with your Master. And you are describing it so beautifully. Thanks.


  5. Great idea. Always fun to change things up!

  6. Congrats on your weight loss! Dice game, eh? You are a brave soul! :)

  7. Adding my congrats on your weight loss and it does sound like a fun game. Happy Weekend.

  8. was fun! Master will occasionally ask me if I am getting bored way! hugs abby

    Sunny...I's be gald to offer any help I can...I think you would have fun with it! hugs abby

    faerie...I bought mine from a site...CANE-IAC...they have great suff and I have found them to be very reliable. It would be fairly ease to make a similar game on your own. hugs abby

    appy..Thank you for your kind words, it is exciting, and I do my best. hugs abby

    Minelle...It sure is! hugs abby

    Renee...Not all the brave...but willing to ry most things once!hugs abby

    SNP...Thanks! hugs abby

  9. I definately want to play this game.