Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to M/M day

   Yesterday we actually got back to M/M day...maintenance Monday.  Not that He has skipped maintenance, but it has been jumping around according to our schedules.  I loss 1/2 pound over the weekend, I am getting soooo close!

   As I went to greet Master I noticed the hair brush on the side table and the fan was on. It was finally a cooler day here yesterday, but as Master said, you always seem to heat up quickly and need some air....He is so right! .  I was soon naked and kneeling, and Master was using His magical touch to remind me that I am all His.  I then was over His lap for a hand warm up, which included His hand traveling up and down my thighs and legs....just to remind me, nothing is off limits. 

    He helped me up and then said that since I have been quite good lately, He is giving me a choice for maintenance. I rarely...like never...get to choose any part of maintenance. My choices were...the brush which is often used for maintenance or Master's belt. Now I am a leather girl, my choice was easy. There is also something enticing about seeing and hearing Him remove His belt. Master also said instead of bending over the ottoman, I could lay flat and relax a bit. I eagerly got ready!

     Master started off fairly lightly, aiming at my whole bottom, then one side and the other. He would stop and rub, then increase the intensity. Just as I was really just melting into the kiss of the leather, He started to go up and down my back. They were not heavier slaps, but I was surprised.  In fact, it was not as nice as the flogger, but quite similar. Then back to concentrate on my bottom. I was at the point where i was welcoming each touch of His belt and anticipating the next one, when there was a slight delay, and then 10 much harder ones. I stayed in place, but became more vocal. Master then asked me why we have maintenance, a standard question, after I caught my breath, I replied...to keep me out of trouble and keep us out of the basement.

     Satisfied by my answer, Master then said....last 10...hard ones...you count. I did and they were harder, but oh...it was His belt!

       Maintenance out of the way, Master had me stand then sit on His lap, my back up against His chest. He had me spread me legs as far as I could and lean back and just relax. He grabbed one of my nipples with one hand, and the other one reached into my pussy. He was just barely rubbing and pulling, making me really want more. He told me to close my eyes pretend I am standing across the room watching.  What I see is a wanton woman, wanting Her Master to touch her more, legs spread, clit on display, breathing shortened a nice rosy glow to my whole body...a responsive , sexy woman. (Yes I have had a problem with that image, Master is succeeding in convincing me very nicely!)  

     Master then asked me if I was ready to cum for Him, I replied, almost. He said I can remedy that, and His light touches we gone replaced with touches from a man on a mission! His mission was quickly accomplished..a few times...then I was told to just lay back on Him, and relax, feeling the support of my Master.  

      Now that is a maintenance day I would not mind repeating!

    hugs abby


  1. Ahhh, that sounds lovely.

    i want maintenance. i do. {She said with a little pout and stamp of her foot...}



  2. ah that's wonderful! I'm a leather girl myself. i was quite delighted as BIKSS was getting dressed last night that when i mentioned how much I like him in his slacks, along with the leather belt, he pulled it off and said since i like it so much, he'd give me 5 of the best - on each cheek.

    and you're right. there's something wonderful about seeing them pull the belt right out of its loops. you're a lucky gal.

  3. Sounds like a great MM to me. I too prefer the belt to almost everything else, even when it lands on my back. My breath always catches when I see it slipping out of the belt loop, even when I know its not going to be used.

    Congrats on the 1/2 pound loss, you can do it!

  4. Sounds wonderful to me. I too love leather and am turned on by the removal from his pants and it snapping through the air.

  5. thst does sound wonderful. i love leather as well. Master bought a leather quirt to use on me next week. i've never felt one before... wondering what it feels like.

  6. Fondles...that maintenance ranks up there as one of the best! abby

    dancing...The belt seems to rank high with many of us! abby

    sunny...that built up just adds to the whole experience. aabby

    Ali...hmmm, I have never felt a quirt, let me know what you think!

  7. Wow - it is a little warm in here isn't it? ;)