Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Answering more questions

    It is a beautiful day..has been all week, sunny and cool, great walking weather!

Question 13

~Is sexual availability, being available to your Partner at any time he/she wants part of your submission.

       Yes it is a part of my submission. All of me is His, every single part, He takes good care of all those parts.  I am to be available and open to Him at all times. I used to always cross my ankles when Master spanked me OTK, Master took that as a sign that I was closing part of myself to Him...I argued it was just a reflex...I never thought about it. It is a small thing, but I do now think about it and no longer cross them...Master is aware of even the small things.

    In a way, Master gave me back my sexuality. When you are told, many times, that you are too hard to arouse, that you do not respond in the way you should, that everything takes too long...well you finally decide it just isn't worth it. I never expected to retrieve that part of me, had learned to live without it...did not even think I was missing that much. Master has shown me, taught me differently.  Way back, when we were first starting our journey, Master has sent me a text one night...cum for me. It had been a long teaching day, lots of aggravations, so I replied...No Thanks.  To put it mildly, it was a mistake I have not ever thought of repeating. It almost did us in, and  He made the punishment fit the crime....

   In this area, Master has totally changed my perception of myself. 

     So, I have learned to be totally open to Him, even when I might be tired or grumpy or whatever. I have to add...Master always makes it worth my time and cooperation. 

~Are there limits to this?

    Limits....such a tricky word. The simple answer is since I am to be totally open to Him, no there are not limits. But I believe everybody has limits. Since I have been with Master have my limits been tested and pushed...OH yes....Items that would have been on a hard limits list are now on a 'done that ' list.  I have always had to option of asking Master if we can talk about any decision He long as I ask respectfully my request is always accepted. So far, limits  have not been a problem, I think we share the same hard limits.

Question 14

Does Religion have any bearing on our decision to submit?  

     No, religion does not not have any bearing on my desire to submit.

If not, are you familiar with religious based submission?
    Vaguely, but not with any real knowledge.

hugs abby



  1. huh. i never thought about the crossing legs at the ankles thing. i know i don't do it, but that's cos it's just comfortable that way for me, and not because of any submission or availability issue.

    thanks for sharing. and yes, they DO notice the little things don't they?

  2. I think it is wonderful that he gave you back your sexuality. No one wants to ever feel like they are a burden or too much effort to share pleasure. He is just so keyed into you and your needs.

  3. I have often felt like entering into this type of relationship has given me back my sexuality as well. I now really enjoy it whereas before I didn't even miss it and I felt like I was doing it out of obligation...I even called it off in the middle a few times because I just couldnt get through it. I love beig available to Master at all times.

  4. Fondles, Yes they do...and isn't it nice that they want to ! abby

    Minelle, thanks for your kind comments, He is special! abby

    dancing...I know exactly what you mean, and how you feel...ins't it wonderful! abby

  5. Sorry about your "boys" letting you down. Glad everything else is going well.