Friday, September 21, 2012

A send off to remember!

     I am packed and ready to head to the airport early in the morning. My first stop is Boston, then next weekend will be meeting up with kids and grandkids at the Orlando airport for 9 days of Mickey, princesses, whales, and beaches....It is a trip we have been planning for a year, we all excited it is almost here.

   This afternoon was the last Master and my time for a while. We accept that time away is a given, I keep hoping it will get easier...

    Back to this afternoon....I had worn matching black lacy undies, I have been upgrading my choice of lingerie for Him, and matching sets are new. Only, I got there, we hugged and chatted as I undressed....just as I was kneeling, I said....$#@%..He looked at me..I forget to model my undies,,,He had seen the black lace panties, but had not noticed the bra. He said I could model when I put them back on....

     I am kneeling and Master is rubbing and pulling and pinching and reminding me to remember His smell, His touch, to take His strength with me, to take Him with me...Then He says, you get to choose a part of our fun today. I don't often get to choose, but Master had that look in His eyes that kept me from getting too excited.

    He had the large leather flogger absolute favorite,,,and the large leather strop...all leather is good and a treat....the strop can leave my bottom very red and tingly and sore.
Master tells me I get to choose how many of that's good news! There is a catch...of course there is....He is ever many I choose for the flogger is how many He will then also give me with the strop. That leaves me with a hard choice. Master chuckles and about we start with 100 of each, and see where that leads. I am over the hammock and He stands on one side for 25 and alternates side after each 25. He also gives me what He calls...a flogger massage at that time....letting the strands flow all over my body. He starts off fairly lightly, but I am soon in my flogger haze, and even as they get much harder I am just laying there enjoying.  

   He finishes, and picks up the strop. Since Master used the flogger mostly on my back, by bottom is not warmed up....the strop is the warm up. It takes me a few to adjust, and is not nearly as nice as the flogger, but I do get rubs in between sets, and we get to 100.  Master kneels by me and checks to see if I have really been enjoying...I have. After adding to my 'wetness', He asks if I want 100 more. Yes Sir....good girl is the reply. For these 100 Master stands behind me, I love the feel of the flogger's long strands going down my back. Too soon is is strop time....and what a difference a warm up makes...I guess 100 with it makes a great warm-up. These are 'ouchy', but I am much better able to breathe and relax into them.
When Master is done, He kneels to check again, and laughs as He discovered the second set seemed much more to 'her'; liking. Master brings me close to the edge and asks if it is enough or would I like another set of 100 each. 

    I go for another set. This time Master stands in front of me with my head between His knees to steady me. This is a new position to be flogged in...and not my favorite. I prefer the flogger on my back...but, in was an interesting sensation, and did not diminish my love of the flogger. Now the strop in that position, is NOT a good thing. It reached down to my sit spots, and parts of my bottom that had not been warmed up at all. I did not get out of position, but I did get a little vocal, and moved my legs a bit. Master stopped after 50 to rub,and again after 75 to give me permission to cum while He was stropping me, but I knew that would not happen. In fact when He got to 90...I let out a ...not so hard....He did not ease up. When He was done, He reminded me, unless He tells me I can, I do not get to decided how a spanking proceeds. 

  He was kneeling beside me again, rubbing me all over, delighting in the heat my back and bottom were generating....feeling the welts on my bottom. I am trying to get Him to direct His attentions elsewhere...and He finally takes the hint. It does not take long before I am asking for a permission, Master continues to tug, circle, massage, until I feel like I am going to explode...Finally I hear...cum for me baby..

      I do,,again..and again...and them before I even realize it is happening, I am crying, the tears are just pouring out of me. I rarely cry....I always manage to stop myself....wishing that I could just let the tears flow and release the tension. This afternoon, I had no choice, it happened before I even realized it. Master is quickly pulling me up into a big hug, talking softly, telling me it is OK, He loves my tears, I say this is not me..I don't cry....Master replies...I worked long and hard for many years tearing down walls.... I love your tears, let them out...and I do.

     Finally I quiet, and Master goes over to sit on the sofa and beckons me to sit on His lap. I am always a little hesitant,,,,what if I don't fit.  As I start to sit, He arranges us so He is cradling me me very close to Him. We stay like that for a while, Master whispering to me, bolstering me, letting me know that I am His....that He takes care of me...that He will always be waiting for me.(Just typing this is bringing the tears back..) I am so comfortable, so relaxed, feel so safe there in His arms, I just want to close my eyes and sleep...right there. We stay as we are, quiet, enjoying for a while.

      Then I am kneeling, thanking, being reminded of what He expects while I am away. Yes, I do remember to model my undies for Him when I am getting dressed...He likes them, but would like a more lacy that is just for fun.  That man is changing so many things about me that I thought were written in stone...and I am loving it!

     I am bringing my little notebook with me..hoping to keep up with you a bit, and maybe even managing an occasional vanilla post to let you know what fun I am having!

Be good....but not good enough to not be spanked!
hugs abby




  1. Oh abby, what a beautiful interlude. Be safe, and have tons of fun with your family :) If that's that's the send off, I can't wait to hear about the homecoming.

  2. LOL on forgetting to model the matching undies - they always just come off, don't they? :)

  3. Travel safely and have fun with your family! Nice that Master takes care of you. Hugs and Happy Weekend.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful send off. Sorry you will be missing him but time with the "kiddies" in Orlando will be magical and give you many great memories. Enjoy it because it will be over in the "wink of an eye".
    Safe journeys.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful send off, enjoy your time in Orlando with the family.

  6. glad you eventually got to model the matching set. i have a few "just for fun" undies that i always want to wear for him to look at but usually he comes in after me when Iv'e had a shower and i have no chance to get dressed. LOL

    and i hope you have a really good vacation with the mice the princesses the whales and the sand.


  7. Have a great time enjoy every minute!

  8. Ahhhh.... that's so lovely!! What a wonderful send-off.

    Have a great trip too!


  9. That was beautiful!! Have a good time.

  10. faerie...thanks...and I can't wait for the homecoming either..:) hugs abby

    Kitty..yep they do, He doesn't even have to tell me..most of the time. hugs abby

    SNP,,,thanks, I am one lucky sub! hugs abby are so right, I always tell my grown is all about the memories, you have to make them when you can! hugs abby

    Joolz, I sure did,,,and thanks. hugs abby

    Fondles...thanks, I still have more to model, I just have to keep them on long enough! hugs abby

    Minelle,,,,thanks,, I am! hugs abby

    aisha, thanks! Master knows how to get into m
    yhead and stay...He already has my heart. hugs abby

    Renee..thanks! I plan on it. hugs abby