Friday, September 14, 2012

a lost bet...couple more questions..

   TGIF to all of you, since I am retired pretty much every day could be Friday, but weekends are still special!

   So, if you have been reading here you know that I am  Red Sox fan and Master roots for those bad boys....Yanks! We often place a wager on the games, often they are battling it out for first place at the end of season. This year to sox are out of it...BOO HOO and the Yanks are fighting to stay in it. They played a series this week. Sox won first game,..we had not wagered on that one. Master suggested a bet for the second game....I said if sox won, I get a warm up flogging and we get to play with some spanking dice that I  bought a while ago...Master said He would roast my bottom with a paddle...I thought that was not very creative, but I do realize that Master can always just do what He want. Sox lost, but I convinced Mater we should roll over our wager to who won the third game, since it was tied.  I hate to even type it, but my boys let me down!
Maybe Master will forget??

Question 15

~Has your submission evolved over time? If so how has it evolved for you?

      Honestly when I first read this question, my first thought could it not?? Either relationships evolve and grow, or stagnate and slowly die. I have sadly been on both ends.

    I rarely assume anything when it comes to Master, but I think it is safe to say, that both Master and I have grown in our roles, and in our relationship.   Always easy???....not by a long shot, but worth much!

   Are there times of status quo, yes but rarely of just being satisfied with what we have, and being complacent. 

   For me, I started out just wondering what it would be like to be spanked, to admitting my submissive nature, to working to allow Master to bring down long standing walls, to knowing that being "HIS" is what brings me satisfaction and peace. 

   Is there more road to be traveled...oh yes! Where will it lead...who knows?

Question 16

~Have you found your submission has changed with different partners/relationships? 

      I have only ever been in one submission relationship...this one. I cannot imagine submitting to another. I do believe that each relationship is unique, so submission would also change.

Thanks for reading
hugs abby


  1. yeah i haven't done question 16 yet but this has been my only submissive relationship so i'm not sure how i'm going to answer that one. LOL


  2. Oh Abby, we are Giants vs. Eagles fans around here and I have gotten myself int rouble more than once with those kinds of bets. Had to keep still for 1110 wacks with 6 different implements one time.....should have quote while you were ahead.

  3. That will teach you to make bets! :D

  4. Yikes girl, what were you thinking? ;-)

  5. That sounds fun! We played strip cribbage one night - it did not go well for me. (Or maybe it did, depending on the perspective.)

  6. Fondles...quickly! hugs abby submissive hat is off to you! hugs abby

    Ana...hmm think not..see my next post! hugs abby

    Minelle....I was thinking my boys would not let me down! hugs abby

    Kitty...ah cribbage, a game I grew up it did go well...LOL..hugs abby