Saturday, August 4, 2012


     I was very pleasantly surprised by Master when He decided we should have a round 2 of cuffs and my little "wheelie". 

  I wasn't expecting it when I walked in.  After chatting a bit, I was told get get ready....meaning, naked and kneeling. Once I was kneeling , I noticed Master had His toy bag nearby. He pulled out the cuffs, He chuckled when He saw my expression. Cuffs, twice in one week...almost as good as a winning lottery ticket! After Master put them on , He asked if I had my "wheel toy" in my bag. I did, but I was curious, had He forgotten He had paid off His losing debt? He explained, that last time He had concentrated on my back side, today He was going to concentrate on my front. He started at my shoulders and worked His way down and up again, several times. Then He decided to concentrate on my breast. He sort of dared me to watch, so I    
did, of course. Once I started I could not look away. It was almost like, could this really be me?
He kept going over and around my nipples, until I was squirming. He had clipped the cuffs together. my hands behind me. Otherwise I don't think I could have kept them away. He then 'checked' to see if I really did like that little toy....Oh boy...I did and do! I was told to breathe deeply, He had not even spanked me yet....

   Just when I am thinking what a nice guy Master is, He reaches into His bag and takes out the....acrylic about ouchies. It has been a long time since I have seen it, but not long enough. Master looks at me and says, there are lots of things in His bag, I never know what He will decide on. I slowly climb over His lap, as He reminds me, I am not in  trouble, relax. Yeah, relax,,,,

   He does give me a short hand warm up and starts slowly and lightly with that darn thing. He stops and rubs and plays with me and says, I seem to be enjoying the lexan paddle, maybe I would enjoy feeling more of it. I get maybe 20 much harder ones, and I am quickly reminded why I dread that thing.....Master stops, checks and says, maybe I only like it when He is going at a slower and lighter think???? (I just thought that, did not say it, He was still holding it).  Before He starts again, He decides He wants me wetter and readier that I am, so His fingers work their magic. He asks if I think I can cum from that paddle, I say I doubt it. Of course, He is out to prove me wrong.

   He starts in with quick, but fairly light spanks....light considering what He is holding. I am relaxing and soon find myself rising to meet the spanks.  Master adds a little rubbing and more sets of fast and light, and it happens, I can feel it start, I am going to need a permission, which Master is only to happy to give! Before Master that big "O" was so elusive, now from a spanking???

   As I lay spent, I am ready to just be quiet and chat....Master says, He has not had His fun yet, that was His paddle. So He soon has me cumming again, and again. It is extremely hot here (weather wise), and by the time He was finished, Master told me to go kneel right in front of the fan, before I burst into flames. I was happy to obey. Master soon joined me, and we cooled down and just enjoyed each other.

     Then I was told to kneel between His legs. I thanked Him and we continued to chat, and wonder at how far we have come....

      Hope everyone is staying cool..

     hugs abby


  1. Sounds like it's too hot to be cool.LOL.

  2. Although I absolutely not like pain, your posts almost make me want it.
    I love your writings.


  3. Seems like he's a softie giving you two 'wins!'lol

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the spanking. Good for you!

  5. sunny...LOL, it was HOT, in more ways than one! hugs abby

    appy....thanks appy, I don't understand the strange connection between pain and pleasure and I came to it late in life. Luckily, I found a Master who loves it! hugs abby

    Minelle...Shhhhhhh, He can go from softie to meanie really quick!
    hugs abby

    Fondles...we agree..I LOVED it too! hugs abby