Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Was it worth it?? ( another Master chosen title)

     Master called me at lunch time, as we were chatting He mentioned He was not headed back to work....I asked if He wanted company....He did request my presence!:)

     I know , at least some of you there, might not believe it, but I am not always the most eager submissive...maybe at least 1 of you??  It's been 3 weeks since I have seen Master, and that is a long time for me to stay focused and calm. I did do pretty well, but sometimes I have what Master refers to as "my pout". As you can tell by the word, it is usually when I am not at my best.

    Master and I had plans for  yesterday, but His work project intervened. Master sent me a text, about 15 minutes before I was going to meet Him, that He had to go to a meeting, and would let me know if it ended at a reasonable time. Now, I know about these meetings, so I sent back a text, saying lets just wait for another day.

Master.....like tomorrow?
Master....Yes Sir
Me...waited a couple minutes so He would read my reply at the meeting....Yes Sir....may.....( I was told I could only use that word once in this post)

     This afternoon we start with long hugs, and some catching up. Then I am naked and kneeling.  Master says He is pleased with my 1 pound loss, but I still have 2 pounds to go to my next goal, and then I can have a break....He will start me working on something else. Hmmmm....not sure if that is good news or bad news. Also during the part of my vacation I spent in Maine, I did not keep up with my nightly reports, or lunch calls, or a few other things. As He is pinching and pulling my nipples, He is getting me to agree that as of today everything is back to normal. 

      I am then invited over His knee, when He starts with a wonderful long hand spanking. His hand is the best feeling, but it is also hard, and on a bottom that has not been spanked for 3 weeks, I was starting to squirm. Soon Master is reaching into His bag, and I hear the word..lexan paddle. UGH..I remind Him of my softened bottom. He chuckles and starts in with the paddle. It really stings right from the beginning.  Master then starts a conversation, while paddling me....why does He think that is a good idea? He speeds up the paddling and finally stops to ask me if He has made His point...
   I start to giggle and and after hemming and hawing I tell him I am so tempted by a certain answer. He knows it is....that word...the word I use when I am not quite ready to say Yes Sir! I am feeling a little feisty, and Master is telling me...feeling like pushing my buttons?  I say I rarely do that....He does not totally agree, but tells me go ahead....all my blogging friends would love to read about the results. So I say it....may... and Master immediately lays into my with that darn paddle, hard and fast.....stops and asks if it was worth it....I start to say...may...but chicken out, and say No Sir. My bottom was hot! I am then informed that I may no longer use my favorite word, with the exception of once in my blog tonight. (what a meanie..right??)

   Master then tells me it is maintenance time. I am not happy, I remind Him I just got paddled.  Maintenance happens every week, and just because we missed Monday , does not mean it does not happen this week.  He switches to a heavy wood paddle, tucks me in, and I am squirming an ouching from the beginning. It seems to go on way too long. He finally stops and says count the last 10....I whine about having to count...He starts spanking and says the final 10 will start when I start to count!  I start to count, He slows down and makes each spank harder. We get to nine, and my bottom is burning, He waits, I tense, He waits, I relax and here it comes.....a little love tap! I very quickly say, 10 and thank Him!

  Master lightly rubs and admires His handy work...commenting on what a lovely shade my bottom is, and how warm it is. He is very proud of  himself!  We then move on to more pleasurable activities....I am almost instantly ready to explode, Master prolongs my...misery? wanting? pleasure?..until I have one of those embarrassingly loud and long Orgasms. 

    It takes me a while to breathe again, and be able to move. I am positioned between Master's legs, as we quietly chat and just enjoy each other.   I am really back home...back where I belong.

     hugs abby



  1. It's nice being back home, but sometimes coming back is less than nice. Glad you made it! Sara

  2. Yawza, on an almost virgin butt. Nothing like getting right back into the 'swing of things.' Glad you reconnected!

  3. AWWWWW i want my reconnect spanking too! darn. it's been TOO long.

    SOOO happy you had a wonderful home-coming.

  4. Sunny. thanks,,,,so someone once said..."There's no place like home!
    hugs abby

    Stormy....I will tell Him...He will say...of course! hugs abby

    Sara...Separations are hard, and it does not seem to get easier.
    hugs abby

    Minelle....Master did not buy the...it's been 3 weeks, take it easy...go figure. hugs abby

    Fondles....I hope you get yours soon...very soon! hugs abby