Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"cuff custody"

   As I write this Master is on His way to an out of town...heck...out of the country wedding. I am flying out on Saturday for a couple of weeks.  My mom moved to an independent/assisted facility this week, my sister helped with the packing and moving, I am taking over the unpacking and settling in. I am thinking I got the better end of the deal. I am also going to be celebrating a grand-daughter's third birthday, and a few days by the ocean with all of my kids and grandkids. 

   Master and I had 'our' time yesterday afternoon.  Much to my glee, the cuffs were ready and waiting. As soon as I was naked, kneeling, and cuffed Master started in with my breast. He was tugging and pinching harder than usual, and teasing me that with the cuffs linked together, I had no fear of moving my hands, so I might as well relax and enjoy.

   I was concentrating on breathing slowly and just going with the pain, when suddenly, I found myself over His lap. I did not see it coming and at first thought, what the heck? Master had leaned over, picked me up and deposited me on His lap. I would not have thought that possible, but never underestimate He is so fond of reminding me.

   I was over His lap, but my hands were still clipped together behind me, not all that comfortable, no pillow, and very limited mobility. Exactly what Master wanted. He starts in with one of His long hand spankings interrupted now and then with some rubbing. I kept trying to relax into it, and altho I was enjoying it, I was still not comfortable enough to completely relax. Master was not concerned about my lack of comfort.

   Master then switched to a leather paddle, hmmm, not the skin to skin of His hand, but oh so sensual and nice. Master stops after each set to check just how much I am enjoying this, in spite of my "uncomfortable" position. We chat about my increasing ability to "cum" during a spanking. Master is very proud that He was able to lead me to this point, in spite of my doubts.
Master then decides He needs to leave me with some luck...some friends and I have planned a casino day for He takes out His 'shamrock' paddle. It is  large enough to almost cover one cheek, is shiny and on the thick side. He starts slowly, but quickly revs things up.

    He stops to see if at least a part of me is enjoying this....I say no. But once again "she",my pussy", has different ideas. Master is relentlessly bringing me to the edge and stopping, asking me what I need or want to continue. I finally just let out  a "PLEASE Sir",  but He pulls out and says you need to ask for what you need, or you will get no release. He then goes back to, telling me to ask or it will be a long 3 weeks before I get relief. Finally I just say the words, please paddle me some more so I can cum....and he does, and I do. Master stops the paddling, but continues to make sure that I have enough Orgasms to think back on.

    During all of this my hands were still cuffed behind me, an interesting head space. Master now wants me to kneel between His legs, and before I can ask to have the cuffs un-clipped, He has picked me up and deposited me between His legs. I still don't know how He did that.
After some thanking, cuddling and chat time, it is time for me to get up. Master unclips and removes the cuffs....and then asks me if I would like custody of the cuffs while I am away?

  It takes me a minute to realize what He is saying. He continues if I take them I have to find some time to wear them each day. I do have my own room at my son's and mom's so I figure it is doable, so I quickly agree and thank Him. Just smelling those cuffs puts me into a much better place. I wore (and them last nite and this morning. Master is always finding ways to keep our connection strong, even when we have to be apart, which makes me very thankful.

   On the diet front, I am 3 pounds away from my new goal. Usually when I am away Master allows me to stay the same, or if I am very lucky to have a 2 pound window. I was expecting the same this time.....I should know better.  Master wants me to lost 1 pound a week, which means I will be at my goal when I return. Believe me, I tried to work out a better deal, but His mind was make up. Going away always sets me back or stops my progress, and He is not going to allow that this time....I am not happy about it, but I know He is not asking the impossible. There will be a punishment on my return if I do not succeed. I have decided to lose at least one of those pounds before I leave on Saturday, and at least I am going to where there is lots of yummy fresh seafood! 

   Play nice while I am away, I hope to check in on you occasionally....

  hugs abby




  1. Wonderful, abby. I wish you a nice time.


  2. Have a great trip. This post really makes me want some cuffs :)

  3. Enjoy your trip, Abby. The cuff connections you have sounds really nice, too.

  4. Hmmmmm! On the diet front, lol I find it easier to stick to a diet when I am away. I love losing when others often gain. Good luck!

    ps, I am having a hard time adding you to my blogroll any suggestions?!

  5. Wishing you a great time and meeting your weight goal.

  6. appy...thanks...being with those little ones is a special joy!
    hugs abby

    faerie....thanks...and you should get some cuffs! hugs abby

    SNP....Thanks,,,they are coming with me...they help to center me.
    hugs abby

    Minelle..I wish I could help, I am such a computer dummy. Fondle's gave me step by step directions to set it up. Thanks for trying!
    hugs abby

    Thanks sunny....I think this goal may be my demise...hugs abby