Monday, August 27, 2012

back, tired, and needing a.........

   I will let you fill in the ....s in my title...there are a couple possibilities!

   My time away was wonderful...but I am one tired grandma...and since for the last 10 days, we were all together in Maine...including my mom and siblings, there was practically no "me" time. The weather cooperated and we spent lots of time at the beach, and at a water park, had almost my full of fresh seafood, and lots of cuddles and fun time with the little ones.  But, I was more than ready to return. The drive back, supposed to be about 6 hours took about 3 hours more...UGH!

    Master and I have talked, but I have not had my official welcome home....we have had plans, but vanilla life is not cooperating. Maybe tomorrow.

   As you might remember, Master gave me a goal of losing 3 pounds while I was away. I have always found Master to be fair, and....usually....understanding. I lost 1 pound, and He was very happy. He knew that my family is big on ice cream outings, and special breakfasts, so He really wanted me to be aware and not come back having gained 2/3 pounds. So , I am not in trouble, and really looking forward our 'reunion'. I do have to admit, I am a little hesitant, it has been 3 weeks, and my bottom is not used to going that long!

  I have started to try and catch up on all of you, I am hoping to read your last couple posts, in between unpacking and getting caught up on bill paying, emails, laundry, getting food in the know all that really fun stuff.

   I did see where a couple of you are answering submission questions from fet life. I stay away from fet life, I log in way too much computer time without it, and the drama is something I do not need. But I am going to try and answer the questions to get me back into the posting mode.
I am behind by about 3 days, so I will try to catch up, but if not , I will just plug away at it.  If you want me to add some information to any of these...feel free to ask!

   Question 1.....Does your submission have a label?   

    That word label, usually gets me started on a rant! Labels usually cause confusion, they also cause hard feelings....and on person's submissive label, is another person's slave label, etc...
(short rant!)

     I am Master's submissive.....because that is what He wants me to be. At times, He calls me 'pet' or sweetie. I am comfortable with submissive, I think it fits me, at least for now. 

Question 2...  (3 parts) Describe who you would submit to...

  Well the only person I have ever submitted to is Master. He introduced me to spanking, and at first I did meet a few other tops, but being with Master just felt so right, no one else really had a chance.  We started out as spanking partners and progressed to M/submissive, a journey that is still bringing me to places I never imagined visiting.

     Are you "officially" submissive only in the bedroom, in daily life, or where?  

     My submission has grown over time, and has reached most parts of my life. Master has been amazingly able to judge when to add to it, and when to let me adjust. 

   What about play partners?

   Since I have been Master's submissive, there have been no other play partners. We have never attended a play party together. I would be interested in experiencing one some day, not sure how I would feel about 'playing' with another Dominant.

Enough for tonite, my bed is loudly calling my name!

hugs abby



  1. Welcome back. I agree that sometimes the labels get in the way. Even with a 'label' it is interpreted very differently from one person to another!
    Great going that you were able to drop a pound. Pass on your secret please! lol

  2. Hi Abby, just wanted to say that I really missed your posts and I am glad you are back. That first session after a hiatus can be rough. I get out of practice after only a few short days. Good Luck!

  3. I agree with dancingbarez but would add that it is usually also wonderful. I hope you have time to get to it soon.

    Welcome back!

  4. Glad you are safely back. Congratulations for keeping your weight down.


  5. Minelle.....My secret...picturing Master holding a big heavy paddle and telling me to count! abby

    dancing....It's always nice to know you are missed...thanks! hugs abby

    Kitty...this afternoon was...wonderful! hugs abby

    appy..thanks, 2 more pounds til I get a break! hugs abby