Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My winning session!

    Master is, among other things, a good sport....
    He sent me a text early yesterday..woke me up....asking about the game. He fell asleep when it went into extra innings. I gladly sent Him the results!  When I saw Him yesterday He had His bag open and was ready to go. I told Him I did not expect the complete bag..but He is always full of surprises.

    As soon as I was naked the cuffs came out...wrists, then ankles. So nice, so calming, so submissive......As soon as I was kneeling, Master clipped the 2 cuffs together., behind me. I was surprised, He chuckled. " Now You don't have to worry about moving  your hands while I abuse your breast".  I was sorta thankful! After He was done with the breast play, I was allowed to get up. Only I had to ask to have the clip removed...it was.

   Then it was over Master's lap, with a reminder that it was M&M day also. After a few spanks with His hand, He reached into His bag and took out....the leather paddle...HURRAH! He gave me 100 spanks with it, since 100 seems to be the number for maintenance lately, but He could have gone for 200, it was so nice, and that paddle does not get nearly enough use. When He was done, He said that He was worried that was not enough maintenance to keep me out of trouble. I disagreed, but He told me to reach into His bag and take out the large, heavy, wooden paddle.

    I hesitated, thinking, NO, but only for a few seconds, reached in, found the darn thing...it is hard to miss, and handed it to Him. He said maintenance needs to be a deterrent, so He was going to give me 10 hard ones with the paddle, and I was to count and thank Him after each one. He waited for my Yes Sir, and then started. My bottom was warmed up, but they HURT.
We got to 5 and He kindly stopped and gave me a short rub, and reminded me 5 more harder ones. He had been going slowly, but He sped these up til He got to 9 and stopped. I know the last one is always the hardest and I hate waiting for it. I waited quietly and felt a slight tap, I waited a second, confused, and quickly quietly said 10, thank-you Sir? He chuckled and said I better prove to Him that he spanked me hard enough by having a good week!

    Master then asked if I had remembered my 'little wheel'. I sure had! Master started with slow light paths from my neck down to my legs.  As He reached my bottom, He would veer off to  other interesting spots. He added a little pressure to each pass wondering when the pleasure would change to pain....it did become a little uncomfortable, but never painful. He finished with trying to leave me with 6 stripes across my bottom. 

   Master had 'checked' me after the leather paddle and found my quite wet and ready. After the large paddle, I was not quite as ready....... He soon remedied that, and as we were chatting I suddenly know I could no longer wait and needed a permission. It was granted and when I was done, Master said....." Either that was one very long orgasm, or I could not count fast enough".
Either way, I was sated and spent.

    Then it was kneeling between His knees, hugging, chatting and thanking Him. We are both going away in different directions next week, we talked about ways to keep me focused, I will be away for a couple weeks.  

    Hope you are all having a good week..

   hugs, abby


  1. You are a gadfly. Always off somewhere. Have a great time.

  2. I love kneeling at the end. Usually when BIKSS gets up to go, he'll sit at the living room couch and pull on his socks and shoes.

    That's when I sit on the adjacent couch and wait. Once he's done I kneel between his feet and drape my arms over his thighs and look up at him while he strokes my face.

    When it's time, he'll say "up" and I carry on seeing him out and locking up behind him.

    Enjoy your "being away for a couple weeks" and don't forget to stay good!

  3. All the best on your travels. Glad you were sated and spent at the end of your time:)

  4. The relationship between your Master and you is so loving and full of humour. I love that.


  5. sunny...gadfly, I have not heard that word in forever! Actaully I am not leaving til the end of next week....hugs abby

    Fondlers...When I kneel at the end, I start in position, and when master gives my the nod I lean in for a big bear hug, and we snuggle like that for a bit. It is so nice...hugs abby

    SNP...thanks...hugs abby

    appy....we do like to laugh together,,,,hugs abby

  6. so what are these things that you mentioned you were "thinking" about on my last post?

    do share!

    (and i'm reading your reply here about kneeling, and suddenly i'm overcome with missing BIKSS this weekend. he'll be away for 3 days. sob.)