Monday, July 16, 2012

Master's idea of a 'fireside chat'

    No, we did not have a roaring fire in the fireplace, not even a fireplace. It is HOT outside, but all of the heat this morning was coming from me...from a couple spots. Master called it our fireside chat...One of the things I love about Him is His sense of humor and the way He uses words...guess that is 2 things.

    Today was M/M day...maintenance Monday. It's been a while, I was away and Master welcomed me back with a wonderful reconnect time using only His hand...I knew Master would make a point with maintenance, His view...a deterrent to punishment...a hard spanking that will make me think before I earn a  harder one. 

   In spite of being away, and then having the house full, I only gained 1 pound, and loss almost 1/2 of that over the weekend. Master was pleased, but also reminded me that it was time to get back to business. He wants me to get to my next goal by the end of summer, that will mean averaging about 1 pound a week. It is doable, I just have to get back to my diet head space and routine. My wii reminded me this morning that it had been 27 days since our last is so nice to be missed!

   As i knelt for Master, He was enjoying reminding me that my nipples are His. He informed me that maintenance today would be with the hair brush....and He planned for it to be a spanking I would remember for a while. I am not found of the hair brush, unless the bristle side is being used....

   Too soon, it was time...over His knee. He did give me a warm up....with the brush, but it was light and not uncomfortable. He reminded me it had been a long time since I have had a hard spanking, so I better get ready. He stopped and rubbed and then started in.  He also gave me a new rule, no cumming during maintenance....hmmm...not even during the warm-up. Not sure I ever could, although lately cumming just from a spanking has happened.

   He was spanking hard, it had been a long time, and I was trying to stay still and breathe and not complain. I succeeded with the breathing part. I was not counting, but it was a long set, and and hard one....I even heard myself say ...enough, please stop...which I have not done in a while. Of course, it never works. He was nice enough to rub, and help me to calm down.
I said, 'boy am I glad that is over'....He was worth a try.

   Second set was harder and longer, to the point where I almost got loss in the pain, it was all that existed. I honestly did not think He would ever stop, I was not thinking clearly enough to say anything coherent, I guess, I just submitted. He finally stopped...and just as I was taking a deep breath...I hear...20 more harder ones. He gives me 10 all on the same side, I am not sure I can stay put for the other side, but I do, and it is finally over....a very long, painful, maintenance spanking....a true deterrent.

   Master then lets His fingers roam, and I hear another chuckle....part of you was enjoying that...I would deny it, but He seems to have the proof. We talked a bit about the pain/pleasure syndrome...I used to know that pain was pain and pleasure was pleasure, they each had their own not so much. As much as I don't understand the connection, I know for me, it is there, and luckily, I have someone who loves that it is there.

   To  prove that at least part of me, enjoyed that darn hair brush, Master keeps his fingers busy and I am soon asking for permission. He replies,,,,,Yes....and has me loss in the pleasure of several orgasms.....much nicer than being loss in the pain :)

  I am sitting on a very tingly bottom tonight, I do love it when the effects of a spanking do stay with me for a while.

hugs abby



  1. Sounds like it will definitely stay with you for a while. I really like your stories with your Master. It sounds like you have such a great connection.

  2. Oh that sounded so delicious.

    LOL @ -> "I said, 'boy am I glad that is over'....He was worth a try"

  3. Happy for the reconnect. I would love to have the effects of a spanking last longer than our lovemaking session. But alas, it never does.

  4. You sound really happy. I love that.


  5. I like the effect to last for a while as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Abby. Hugs.

  6. Kitty....He is my Master, and we have lots of fun. Our connection is strong, and lately seems to be getting stronger. Sometimes life gives you a wonderful surprise! abby

    Fondlers...It was mostly delicious...LOL. abby

    sunny...Usually for a spanking to last for me it has to be with a cane or a large paddle...think Master is getting better at it. I have not decided if that is a good thing! abby

    appy..welcome back here! I am happy and content, it's a nice combination. abby

    SNP...It is nice to feel a tingle or a soreness for a time after! abby