Friday, July 27, 2012

I admit it ...I am addicted...

     to the OLYMPICS!!!! I love all of it, learning about the competitors, the opening ceremony...which I am now watching, the events, the medal awards....since as far back as I can remember...addicted!

    I loss 1 1/2 pounds this week....I was very happy. I went out a couple times to eat with friends, but I was careful, and it paid off. Master was also pleased, I am 4 1/2 pounds away from my next goal.

   Master let me know yesterday that He wanted me to bring a complete ABC list with me this afternoon.  I was happy to do it...replacing enema with erotic spanking!  We went over the list, and I am hoping we get to check some of the items off....some of them I am not so excited about, but we will see.

   As usual, our play time started with me kneeling. Today, Master decided just to lightly tease my nipples. Barely touching them, lightly circling them, using His fingertips, all the while telling me to feel the lightning bolts, to concentrate on what was happening to my pussy, and I was soon squirming! Master is a talker, He is rarely quiet during play time....and just His voice gets me wet and ready.

     When I walked in I saw a cane in the room....I gave Him the look that've got to be kidding. He says it is not heavy wood, much lighter. Not a heavy thud , like a strap, much lighter. 
I remind Him that yes those a true, but its potential is much to be feared. Master says it has a bad reputation....

      Since I have been a 'good girl' I am invited over His lap for a long hand favorite start to any spanking. As Master continues to spank we chat a bit, and then I settle in and relax and enjoy.  Master then tucks me in closer and the spanking is going to become more intense. He is still using His hand and I have been warmed up, so I am just enjoying the feel of His hand.

      Master then tells me to choose something made of leather from my bag. It takes me a while to find the tawse, but I finally find it. Master has me get up and lean over the ottoman, bottom up high and I feel a swat on my back. I move a little,,,Master chuckles...surprised? I was , but I settle in as He goes up and down my back. Master often uses His flogger this way....which we have not used in forever.....and I love it....all the stress is just pushed out.

     After a bit Master announces 50 on each side of my bottom. He starts on my left side and since I have had a great warm-up, I am breathing through all of them without much difficulty. Master switches sides, and it feel harder, after 40 Master decides to go back to the original side, so we end on a good note.

   Master then picks up the cane. He gives me 6 on each side... this is where my love/ hate the cane comes into play. My bottom was warmed up nicely, I was relaxed, and I knew it was going to be 6 on each can be quite a delicious sting.

    Master checked me after each spanking, hand, tawse and cane. He chuckled as He are such a pain slut....I always try to deny it, but He gets His proof.  Master has me bend my head and arch my takes a while to get me in the position He wants...I almost remind Him...I am not  a 'young-un'. Finally He is satisfied, and He is filling my pussy and I can barely hear Him telling me to stay in position. I manage to stay until I start to explode and then I just collapse, while the explosions continue. Finally I am spent, Master is next to me and we are recovering, chatting. Master brings up the "A" word...He is not finished with it, He plans on stretching me ....I shake me head no...He laughs and tells me not to is out of my hands. He gets to decide...isn't that freeing?  Besides, He proved last time, that my mind and body do not always agree....

   Hope you all have a fun weekend....I will be cheering on the Olympians!

  hugs abby




  1. I'm watching the open ceremonies too :)

    Congrats on the weight loss, sounds like you were rewarded appropriately, lol.

  2. So, I did an alphabet of gifts for H once and I had a hard time coming up with some of them - like I.

    If you feel like sharing, I would love to see your ABC list - I can't even get there, I don't think.

    Also, sounds like a great day! :)

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. I missed the opening ceremonies. Hope I can catch some of it on replay.

  4. faerie....thanks, I was, Master is generous with rewards.
    hugs abby

    Kitty...I will gladly share! hugs abby

    sunny...I though the opening was very entertaining. hugs abby