Friday, July 20, 2012

Are You Bored Yet???

The title is not of my choosing. it was a question that Master asked me this afternoon, and then said it should be the title of my blog entry on our time. I won't give a way my answer, but after reading about how we spent our time, I will let you decide!

     I lost 1 pound, Master was very pleased ( He did remind me that I have 6 more to go). As I was kneeling for Him, Master was tweaking and pulling my nipples, reminding me not to concentrate on my nipples, but on my pussy, which was probably getting moist.  Then He asks if I have my assignment for Him. Oh no...I forgot! Yesterday Master had asked me what I was reading. I replied a book about a couple who decided to plan their BDSM activities by the alphabet. One letter a week....a being anal and b was bondage..etc.

     Master was intrigued and told me to make my own alphabet of activities. I had plans for most of the day, so He told me to have at least the first 5 letters for Him today. I had started the list, but did not bring it. As I was trying to remember what was on the list, Master has me go over his knee and He has the hair brush in His help me to remember. He asks about A...I say it's an activity I am not comfortable with. The hair brush starts in...that was not the question. Say the word. Anal...we have played a little in that area, but not much. We get to B and I remember..bondage. We have had lots of fun with that. We get to E and I am squirming. I say I am not sure about that one. The hair brush flies again....I finally say enema....

    Master decided we should go through the whole alphabet, and I must say whenever I got stuck, after the hairbrush landed a few times, Master was quite creative! It turned out to be fun, we laughed, we talked about new activities, remembered others fondly. All the while Master was doing some light spanking, some rubbing, some scratching, and some probing. Yes, we occasionally had to stop so I could catch my breath, and re-gain my focus!

   Then Master asked me what type of spanking I needed today. I stuttered....I hate that decision. Too little and He calls me on it....more than He planned and I am not happy. Master finally says....I can hear that conversation in your head...and I swear He can! We decided on a medium...certainly not as harsh as maintenance, but leaving my with a very warm tush.

   I am then told to kneel between His legs, and practice my oral skills. I have been getting lots better, and I understand why it is a favorite submissive activity. Master is pleased and soon is telling me to turn around, head down and bottom up. In Master's words, He is giving me a good f********! He succeeds.

   I collapse on the rug, and before I know what is happening I am on my back and Master is lifting my legs, and telling me to hold them up. I struggle a bit, and the word 'no' slips out of my mouth. He says.....yes...and is lifting my legs over his shoulders, and I am lost to the world. I honestly only know that sensations filled me and the next thing I know I am laying flat and Master is looming atop of me. After I catch my breath Master asks....are you bored yet? 

     So, what do you think, am I suffering from boredom???

     Hugs abby


  1. If you are, I want to suffer from it too, lol :)

    Definitely gives a knew meaning to the term, "alphabet game."

  2. Wow on the alphabet game... it sure doesn't sound like you were bored at all - and I love that it was all interspersed with talking and laughter. Two of my faorite activities during spanking.

  3. We should all be so bored!


  4. With a Master like Him, it isimpossible to be bored, I think.


  5. Hmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking... NO! i think you are probably not bored at all!!


    That sounds like a lovely day!


  6. was lets see if we get to try some of the new ideas we came up with! hugs abby

    Kitty...I agree, it is nice to be spanked and laugh together and share our thoughts....we don't take the time often enough to do that. hugs abby would be right...when He asked the question, I was speechless! hugs abby

    PK...It was a fun, sensual, and special time. hugs abby

    appy...He is amazing, and boring has never entered my mind. hugs abby

    sarah...welcom back...I visited your blog the other day..was worried about you! hugs abby

    aisha...welcome! It was a lovely day...and even included some giggles! hugs abby

  7. SO-You WERE bored, right?
    tee hee!

  8. Hmmm... nope... I'm thinking you aren't bored... and neither was I reading .... thank you for sharing!

  9. Minelle....LOL you are so right...Master is a lot of things, but never boring! abbu

    Saoirse....Exhausted, but bored no! Thanks for visiting abby

    Mikki..thanks for reading! hugs abby