Monday, July 30, 2012

A wager and a list

     Some of you might remember Master is a Yankees fan, and I am a lifelong Red Sox fan. Luckily baseball did not get discussed during our first few meetings. Often when they play we end up making a 'friendly' wager. On Friday the Yanks won :(, but the Sox rallied to win on Saturday :). Series tied, I asked Master if He wanted to place a bet on the deciding game. He agreed and asked for the terms.

     It is up to me to set terms...or winnings...for both sides. Master feels He can always get what He wants, so I am the one to decide what He will get if he wins....I think He likes to see me squirm while I try to come up something acceptable to both of us! If the Sox won, I wanted some time with wrist and ankle cuffs...Master has these wonderful cuffs...leather of course, but with a furry soft lining on the inside. Just having Him put them on me, sends directly to the submissive zone. I added some play with my wheelie thingy (Wartenberg wheel). If you don't have one, they are inexpensive and the sensations it creates and awesome! At first I told Master, if he won, I don't get my cuffs and wheel....He said try again. I offered to cum for Him every day this week, I know that sounds like a win-win to most of you, and it sort of is, every day in a week is a big stretch for me. My boys did not disappoint, it took extra innings, but  later today I will be wearing cuffs!

    For the past two weeks, Master and I have been discussing an A B C list of BDSM activities.
It's been fun, and I had to write up a list for Master.   Fondler's  Anon @ asked me to share my list.  I have added a few comments, and some of these are a stretch.....

A...anal, A frame....Master seems stuck on the anal at this time
B...bondage, breast bondage for double points! 
C...crotch rope, knot...there have been a few blogs on this lately, might be a careful what you          
D...discipline, double tail whip...although 1 tail is plenty!
E...erotic spanking...sure beats enema! all time always favorite
G...gag...Master has never used one, I am usually quiet, not on my want to try list. oil....hmmmmm play...BRRRR
J...japenese bondage...looks beautiful...time intensive
K...knife play...."edgy"....
L...leather, limits
M...maintenance...or M&M in my case
N...needle play...interesting, but not my cup of tea
O...orgasm control...
P...power exchange
Q...quirt, not tried one yet
R...riding crop....can reach into the most interesting places and is made of leather:)
S...sensation play, sub space
T...tens, ticklers
U...uniform play, as in role playing,,,,this one was a stretch
V...vibrating egg...I am very intrigued by this one
W..of course my Wartenberg wheel, also wax play
Y...yoke, Master actually as made one of these, clumsy and heavy, but effective. strip or line,,,,using clothes pin as clamps and hooking the together so they come off 
     quickly in a series....would like to see it done, but not be the one having it done!

Any good additions??

hugs abby


  1. Glad you won your bet. Enjoy the prize.

  2. Thanks for sharing your list. Interesting.

  3. I am learning every day! Enjoy your win!

  4. sunny..I am glad I won was great! hugs abby

    appy...yuck..shhhh...Master might hear you! hugs abby

    SNP...I loved to read other people's list...hint hint..hugs abby am I! hugs abby

  5. Oh, thanks for posting your list, I'm glad I didn't miss it, lol. I haven't done much on the list, but one of the toys we recently got was a vibrating egg. Love it :)