Monday, July 23, 2012

"A" Day

         You were all correct, I was not bored last Friday...tired but no not bored! LOL

         I stayed the same over the weekend, I am always happier about that than Master is, but He is satisfied with the result. 

        Today is our M&M day.. maintenance Monday. It was HOT here, and Master and I were both dragging a bit by the end of the day. I thought maybe we should wait a day, but Master was not deterred...He assured me I would be feeling more heat...

        As soon as I was naked and kneeling and Master was touching all of me, I started to relax. Master calls this our "just for Us" time, and after a long or hot day or trying day, it is such a nice spot to go to.  Of course He finished with some nipple play making me squirm just a little.

       Then it is over His lap. Master reminds me that maintenance is a deterrent to punishment, and therefore has to be hard enough for me to want to avoid anything harder. I hate to admit it, but it seems to be working....any major punishment, which takes place in the basement, has not happened in a long time. Hope I did not just jinx myself...YIKES!

      Master starts off fairly lightly with the hair brush, but I am struggling from the start. Master stops to ask what the problem is, I say it just hurts more than normal. He tells me I need to get into the right head space and accept the spanking. He starts in another set, much harder and I am really trying, but I am tense, and trying to avoid that brush and ouching. Master stops and says, "Thank Me"....I hesitate, and mumble my thanks. Master repeats that I still have not accepted this spanking, I need to relax (love it when He is about to spank me  hard, and His advice is ...relax)...and accept, and He expects me to Thank Him with no prodding and a sincere tone to my voice. He doesn't expect much does He? Geesh! If I don't succeed He will repeat until I do. He does know how to give a gal incentive!

   I manage to relax and accept the spanking. It seems to be longer than I expected, and He ends with a hard 10 stokes all on one side, then the other. I thank Him, and He replies with..."good girl".  That was 100 stokes, hard ones, and you accepted them.

  Master is then letting His hands roam and just as I am really relaxing He tells me to get my bag. One of my rules is I have  my "toy" bag ready whenever we meet.  I hand Him the bag He tells me to get back over His lap. He is digging in it, mumbling about too much stuff and finally finds what he is looking for...I try to look back and see, but cannot.

  Soon I am feeling a wet sensation....lube. A He has my medium plug and He is going to insert it. I tense, and He tells me , it will be easier if I relax, He is going to  put it in.
I take a deep breath and actually it is easier than I remember. It has been a while since we have played this way

  Master then hand spanks a bit, and keeping a thumb on the plug, reaches to play with my pussy. We are chatting a bit, but I soon lose interest in chatting, the heat index has increased!
The feeling of being "full" is actually a nice sensation, and I am soon asking for a permission. 
It is granted and I am off to where the fireworks explode. As I start to calm Master is talking and rubbing and starts to just play with my bottom. He asks how it feels, I bury my head and say, ..pretty good...He chuckles..I should have you repeat that...but I did hear it.  He continues and asks if I might cum again, just from this stimulation. I doubt it, but Master has other ideas, and I end up asking for another permission, which He gladly and smugly grants.

    Then it is between Master's legs, to let Him know how much I enjoyed "A" day. We talk about what happened, how I am feeling, and Master says "A" day will be more than one day.  

    When I start to get dressed Master comments on my underwear....He notices when I wear my usual "grandma" ones, and when I wear my "please Master ones". I replied that since He has been so good to me lately I have decided to wear only my "sexy" ones for Him. He smiles and says, I should stop completely with the "grandma" ones, since I really do belong to Him all the time. I agree, and say I will start to replace and get rid of the grandma ones.  

     Hope you are all staying cool...have a good week!

    hugs abby 



  1. There is something to be said about gramma panties though. (Like you made it!)

    How about no panties.

  2. Funny how when you put on the sexy underwear you feel more sexy.
    I have both. But, as Kitty says above...husband likes no panties the best in bed. Yes, nice MM day for you.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Monday Maintenance Abby.


  4. "A" days can be so intense - so deliciously naughty. Sounds wonderful !


  5. As you know I am not into (corporal) punishments. Yet I enjoy yor blog and get excited from reading it.

    Thank, abby.

    Hug from


  6. grandma panties are what i wear to work. the rest of the time i'm sans knickers...

    it seems I have no chance to wear my nice ones for BIKSS... when he's around underwear doesn't stand a chance!

    sounds like an awesome A day. loved reading about it!

  7. Kitty..I do have no panty days....some when Master tells me it will be a no panty day, and sometimes I choose that as my daily task for Master. abby was, Master and I seem to be so in tune lately! abby is no anything LOL! abby

    ronnie...thanks, it was pretty good! abby

    PK...naughty is the right word...Oh my kind of naughty! LOL abby

    appy...You made my day....thanks for the kind comment! hugs abby was a memorable one! Even my sexy panties do not stay on for long! abby

  8. Hi abby...

    I understand. I'm so very very very glad that Master does not make me say thank you when He hairbrushes my ass. OMG...I can't even think when He does that!

    And anal beads. Yeah. *clears throat* I just had a text convo about this with HIm.

    I don't like anal.
    I do like anal.

    It's so confusing.

    He writes back...(and so smugly)

    "yeah, and you always cum, don't you? My little ass whore."

    It's true.

    Funny about that, isn't it?


  9. Nilla... thanks so much for your is nice to know I am not alone in this...mind says NO....body says...hmmm feels good!