Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My winning session!

    Master is, among other things, a good sport....
    He sent me a text early yesterday..woke me up....asking about the game. He fell asleep when it went into extra innings. I gladly sent Him the results!  When I saw Him yesterday He had His bag open and was ready to go. I told Him I did not expect the complete bag..but He is always full of surprises.

    As soon as I was naked the cuffs came out...wrists, then ankles. So nice, so calming, so submissive......As soon as I was kneeling, Master clipped the 2 cuffs together., behind me. I was surprised, He chuckled. " Now You don't have to worry about moving  your hands while I abuse your breast".  I was sorta thankful! After He was done with the breast play, I was allowed to get up. Only I had to ask to have the clip removed...it was.

   Then it was over Master's lap, with a reminder that it was M&M day also. After a few spanks with His hand, He reached into His bag and took out....the leather paddle...HURRAH! He gave me 100 spanks with it, since 100 seems to be the number for maintenance lately, but He could have gone for 200, it was so nice, and that paddle does not get nearly enough use. When He was done, He said that He was worried that was not enough maintenance to keep me out of trouble. I disagreed, but He told me to reach into His bag and take out the large, heavy, wooden paddle.

    I hesitated, thinking, NO, but only for a few seconds, reached in, found the darn thing...it is hard to miss, and handed it to Him. He said maintenance needs to be a deterrent, so He was going to give me 10 hard ones with the paddle, and I was to count and thank Him after each one. He waited for my Yes Sir, and then started. My bottom was warmed up, but they HURT.
We got to 5 and He kindly stopped and gave me a short rub, and reminded me 5 more harder ones. He had been going slowly, but He sped these up til He got to 9 and stopped. I know the last one is always the hardest and I hate waiting for it. I waited quietly and felt a slight tap, I waited a second, confused, and quickly quietly said 10, thank-you Sir? He chuckled and said I better prove to Him that he spanked me hard enough by having a good week!

    Master then asked if I had remembered my 'little wheel'. I sure had! Master started with slow light paths from my neck down to my legs.  As He reached my bottom, He would veer off to  other interesting spots. He added a little pressure to each pass wondering when the pleasure would change to pain....it did become a little uncomfortable, but never painful. He finished with trying to leave me with 6 stripes across my bottom. 

   Master had 'checked' me after the leather paddle and found my quite wet and ready. After the large paddle, I was not quite as ready....... He soon remedied that, and as we were chatting I suddenly know I could no longer wait and needed a permission. It was granted and when I was done, Master said....." Either that was one very long orgasm, or I could not count fast enough".
Either way, I was sated and spent.

    Then it was kneeling between His knees, hugging, chatting and thanking Him. We are both going away in different directions next week, we talked about ways to keep me focused, I will be away for a couple weeks.  

    Hope you are all having a good week..

   hugs, abby

Monday, July 30, 2012

A wager and a list

     Some of you might remember Master is a Yankees fan, and I am a lifelong Red Sox fan. Luckily baseball did not get discussed during our first few meetings. Often when they play we end up making a 'friendly' wager. On Friday the Yanks won :(, but the Sox rallied to win on Saturday :). Series tied, I asked Master if He wanted to place a bet on the deciding game. He agreed and asked for the terms.

     It is up to me to set terms...or winnings...for both sides. Master feels He can always get what He wants, so I am the one to decide what He will get if he wins....I think He likes to see me squirm while I try to come up something acceptable to both of us! If the Sox won, I wanted some time with wrist and ankle cuffs...Master has these wonderful cuffs...leather of course, but with a furry soft lining on the inside. Just having Him put them on me, sends directly to the submissive zone. I added some play with my wheelie thingy (Wartenberg wheel). If you don't have one, they are inexpensive and the sensations it creates and awesome! At first I told Master, if he won, I don't get my cuffs and wheel....He said try again. I offered to cum for Him every day this week, I know that sounds like a win-win to most of you, and it sort of is, every day in a week is a big stretch for me. My boys did not disappoint, it took extra innings, but  later today I will be wearing cuffs!

    For the past two weeks, Master and I have been discussing an A B C list of BDSM activities.
It's been fun, and I had to write up a list for Master.   Fondler's  Anon @ http://fondles.blogspot.com/ asked me to share my list.  I have added a few comments, and some of these are a stretch.....

A...anal, A frame....Master seems stuck on the anal at this time
B...bondage, breast bondage for double points! 
C...crotch rope, knot...there have been a few blogs on this lately, might be a careful what you          
D...discipline, double tail whip...although 1 tail is plenty!
E...erotic spanking...sure beats enema!
F...flogging...my all time always favorite
G...gag...Master has never used one, I am usually quiet, not on my want to try list.
H...hot oil....hmmmmm
I...ice play...BRRRR
J...japenese bondage...looks beautiful...time intensive
K...knife play...."edgy"....
L...leather, limits
M...maintenance...or M&M in my case
N...needle play...interesting, but not my cup of tea
O...orgasm control...
P...power exchange
Q...quirt, not tried one yet
R...riding crop....can reach into the most interesting places and is made of leather:)
S...sensation play, sub space
T...tens, ticklers
U...uniform play, as in role playing,,,,this one was a stretch
V...vibrating egg...I am very intrigued by this one
W..of course my Wartenberg wheel, also wax play
Y...yoke, Master actually as made one of these, clumsy and heavy, but effective.
Z...zip strip or line,,,,using clothes pin as clamps and hooking the together so they come off 
     quickly in a series....would like to see it done, but not be the one having it done!

Any good additions??

hugs abby

Friday, July 27, 2012

I admit it ...I am addicted...

     to the OLYMPICS!!!! I love all of it, learning about the competitors, the opening ceremony...which I am now watching, the events, the medal awards....since as far back as I can remember...addicted!

    I loss 1 1/2 pounds this week....I was very happy. I went out a couple times to eat with friends, but I was careful, and it paid off. Master was also pleased, I am 4 1/2 pounds away from my next goal.

   Master let me know yesterday that He wanted me to bring a complete ABC list with me this afternoon.  I was happy to do it...replacing enema with erotic spanking!  We went over the list, and I am hoping we get to check some of the items off....some of them I am not so excited about, but we will see.

   As usual, our play time started with me kneeling. Today, Master decided just to lightly tease my nipples. Barely touching them, lightly circling them, using His fingertips, all the while telling me to feel the lightning bolts, to concentrate on what was happening to my pussy, and I was soon squirming! Master is a talker, He is rarely quiet during play time....and just His voice gets me wet and ready.

     When I walked in I saw a cane in the room....I gave Him the look that says...you've got to be kidding. He says it is not heavy wood, much lighter. Not a heavy thud , like a strap, much lighter. 
I remind Him that yes those a true, but its potential is much to be feared. Master says it has a bad reputation....

      Since I have been a 'good girl' I am invited over His lap for a long hand spanking...my favorite start to any spanking. As Master continues to spank we chat a bit, and then I settle in and relax and enjoy.  Master then tucks me in closer and the spanking is going to become more intense. He is still using His hand and I have been warmed up, so I am just enjoying the feel of His hand.

      Master then tells me to choose something made of leather from my bag. It takes me a while to find the tawse, but I finally find it. Master has me get up and lean over the ottoman, bottom up high and I feel a swat on my back. I move a little,,,Master chuckles...surprised? I was , but I settle in as He goes up and down my back. Master often uses His flogger this way....which we have not used in forever.....and I love it....all the stress is just pushed out.

     After a bit Master announces 50 on each side of my bottom. He starts on my left side and since I have had a great warm-up, I am breathing through all of them without much difficulty. Master switches sides, and it feel harder, after 40 Master decides to go back to the original side, so we end on a good note.

   Master then picks up the cane. He gives me 6 on each side... this is where my love/ hate the cane comes into play. My bottom was warmed up nicely, I was relaxed, and I knew it was going to be 6 on each side.....it can be quite a delicious sting.

    Master checked me after each spanking, hand, tawse and cane. He chuckled as He said....you are such a pain slut....I always try to deny it, but He gets His proof.  Master has me bend my head and arch my back....it takes a while to get me in the position He wants...I almost remind Him...I am not  a 'young-un'. Finally He is satisfied, and He is filling my pussy and I can barely hear Him telling me to stay in position. I manage to stay until I start to explode and then I just collapse, while the explosions continue. Finally I am spent, Master is next to me and we are recovering, chatting. Master brings up the "A" word...He is not finished with it, He plans on stretching me ....I shake me head no...He laughs and tells me not to worry...it is out of my hands. He gets to decide...isn't that freeing?  Besides, He proved last time, that my mind and body do not always agree....

   Hope you all have a fun weekend....I will be cheering on the Olympians!

  hugs abby



Monday, July 23, 2012

"A" Day

         You were all correct, I was not bored last Friday...tired but no not bored! LOL

         I stayed the same over the weekend, I am always happier about that than Master is, but He is satisfied with the result. 

        Today is our M&M day.. maintenance Monday. It was HOT here, and Master and I were both dragging a bit by the end of the day. I thought maybe we should wait a day, but Master was not deterred...He assured me I would be feeling more heat...

        As soon as I was naked and kneeling and Master was touching all of me, I started to relax. Master calls this our "just for Us" time, and after a long or hot day or trying day, it is such a nice spot to go to.  Of course He finished with some nipple play making me squirm just a little.

       Then it is over His lap. Master reminds me that maintenance is a deterrent to punishment, and therefore has to be hard enough for me to want to avoid anything harder. I hate to admit it, but it seems to be working....any major punishment, which takes place in the basement, has not happened in a long time. Hope I did not just jinx myself...YIKES!

      Master starts off fairly lightly with the hair brush, but I am struggling from the start. Master stops to ask what the problem is, I say it just hurts more than normal. He tells me I need to get into the right head space and accept the spanking. He starts in another set, much harder and I am really trying, but I am tense, and trying to avoid that brush and ouching. Master stops and says, "Thank Me"....I hesitate, and mumble my thanks. Master repeats that I still have not accepted this spanking, I need to relax (love it when He is about to spank me  hard, and His advice is ...relax)...and accept, and He expects me to Thank Him with no prodding and a sincere tone to my voice. He doesn't expect much does He? Geesh! If I don't succeed He will repeat until I do. He does know how to give a gal incentive!

   I manage to relax and accept the spanking. It seems to be longer than I expected, and He ends with a hard 10 stokes all on one side, then the other. I thank Him, and He replies with..."good girl".  That was 100 stokes, hard ones, and you accepted them.

  Master is then letting His hands roam and just as I am really relaxing He tells me to get my bag. One of my rules is I have  my "toy" bag ready whenever we meet.  I hand Him the bag He tells me to get back over His lap. He is digging in it, mumbling about too much stuff and finally finds what he is looking for...I try to look back and see, but cannot.

  Soon I am feeling a wet sensation....lube. A ..anal..day. He has my medium plug and He is going to insert it. I tense, and He tells me , it will be easier if I relax, He is going to  put it in.
I take a deep breath and actually it is easier than I remember. It has been a while since we have played this way

  Master then hand spanks a bit, and keeping a thumb on the plug, reaches to play with my pussy. We are chatting a bit, but I soon lose interest in chatting, the heat index has increased!
The feeling of being "full" is actually a nice sensation, and I am soon asking for a permission. 
It is granted and I am off to where the fireworks explode. As I start to calm Master is talking and rubbing and starts to just play with my bottom. He asks how it feels, I bury my head and say, ..pretty good...He chuckles..I should have you repeat that...but I did hear it.  He continues and asks if I might cum again, just from this stimulation. I doubt it, but Master has other ideas, and I end up asking for another permission, which He gladly and smugly grants.

    Then it is between Master's legs, to let Him know how much I enjoyed "A" day. We talk about what happened, how I am feeling, and Master says "A" day will be more than one day.  

    When I start to get dressed Master comments on my underwear....He notices when I wear my usual "grandma" ones, and when I wear my "please Master ones". I replied that since He has been so good to me lately I have decided to wear only my "sexy" ones for Him. He smiles and says, I should stop completely with the "grandma" ones, since I really do belong to Him all the time. I agree, and say I will start to replace and get rid of the grandma ones.  

     Hope you are all staying cool...have a good week!

    hugs abby 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Are You Bored Yet???

The title is not of my choosing. it was a question that Master asked me this afternoon, and then said it should be the title of my blog entry on our time. I won't give a way my answer, but after reading about how we spent our time, I will let you decide!

     I lost 1 pound, Master was very pleased ( He did remind me that I have 6 more to go). As I was kneeling for Him, Master was tweaking and pulling my nipples, reminding me not to concentrate on my nipples, but on my pussy, which was probably getting moist.  Then He asks if I have my assignment for Him. Oh no...I forgot! Yesterday Master had asked me what I was reading. I replied a book about a couple who decided to plan their BDSM activities by the alphabet. One letter a week....a being anal and b was bondage..etc.

     Master was intrigued and told me to make my own alphabet of activities. I had plans for most of the day, so He told me to have at least the first 5 letters for Him today. I had started the list, but did not bring it. As I was trying to remember what was on the list, Master has me go over his knee and He has the hair brush in His hand....to help me to remember. He asks about A...I say it's an activity I am not comfortable with. The hair brush starts in...that was not the question. Say the word. Anal...we have played a little in that area, but not much. We get to B and I remember..bondage. We have had lots of fun with that. We get to E and I am squirming. I say I am not sure about that one. The hair brush flies again....I finally say enema....

    Master decided we should go through the whole alphabet, and I must say whenever I got stuck, after the hairbrush landed a few times, Master was quite creative! It turned out to be fun, we laughed, we talked about new activities, remembered others fondly. All the while Master was doing some light spanking, some rubbing, some scratching, and some probing. Yes, we occasionally had to stop so I could catch my breath, and re-gain my focus!

   Then Master asked me what type of spanking I needed today. I stuttered....I hate that decision. Too little and He calls me on it....more than He planned and I am not happy. Master finally says....I can hear that conversation in your head...and I swear He can! We decided on a medium...certainly not as harsh as maintenance, but leaving my with a very warm tush.

   I am then told to kneel between His legs, and practice my oral skills. I have been getting lots better, and I understand why it is a favorite submissive activity. Master is pleased and soon is telling me to turn around, head down and bottom up. In Master's words, He is giving me a good f********! He succeeds.

   I collapse on the rug, and before I know what is happening I am on my back and Master is lifting my legs, and telling me to hold them up. I struggle a bit, and the word 'no' slips out of my mouth. He says.....yes...and is lifting my legs over his shoulders, and I am lost to the world. I honestly only know that sensations filled me and the next thing I know I am laying flat and Master is looming atop of me. After I catch my breath Master asks....are you bored yet? 

     So, what do you think, am I suffering from boredom???

     Hugs abby

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi all...

 I am attempting to increase my computer abilities....my kids would be rolling on the floor laughing about now.....

Thanks to 'Fondlers Anonymous' at  Fondles.blogspot.com I think I may have just done it!!!!!!! WHOOPY!!!!!!!

I can now link to other sites.....

Next on my list is a blog roll....wish me luck....


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pooky's pop quiz

Pooky has posted this on her blog and invites all to join!

A little survey if you will...

1. Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Have you read all of them?
  yes and yes.

2. Have you read any other spanking fiction?

3. Did you start reading them before or after the 50 Shades?
    Way before

4. Where do you find your find the best books? ie; Amazon, Blushing Books, Lulu, ect.
    Any place I can get them. I used to think kindle's were a waste....but my sis gave me one...and, I admit I
    love it!

5. Have you ever written any spanking fiction?
    Hmmm...a long time ago....a couple very short ones.

6. Do you follow Pk's Fantasy Fridays? Have you ever written for her?
    She is my first stop every Friday. I love all the great writers she finds. No

7. Have you Read Clint's Bootcamp Book? Did you participate in it after you purchased it?

8. Are you a reader in Real life? How serious?
    Yes, since forever!  I joined a book club to widen my reading tastes when I retired, love it!

9. Do you generally purchase your reading material, check it out at the library, or borrow from a friend.
    All of the above!

10. Are you more likely to leave a review if you loved the book or hated it?
     If I love it I will let everyone know....if I don't I am honest if asked.



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Monday, July 16, 2012

Master's idea of a 'fireside chat'

    No, we did not have a roaring fire in the fireplace, not even a fireplace. It is HOT outside, but all of the heat this morning was coming from me...from a couple spots. Master called it our fireside chat...One of the things I love about Him is His sense of humor and the way He uses words...guess that is 2 things.

    Today was M/M day...maintenance Monday. It's been a while, I was away and Master welcomed me back with a wonderful reconnect time using only His hand...I knew Master would make a point with maintenance, His view...a deterrent to punishment...a hard spanking that will make me think before I earn a  harder one. 

   In spite of being away, and then having the house full, I only gained 1 pound, and loss almost 1/2 of that over the weekend. Master was pleased, but also reminded me that it was time to get back to business. He wants me to get to my next goal by the end of summer, that will mean averaging about 1 pound a week. It is doable, I just have to get back to my diet head space and routine. My wii reminded me this morning that it had been 27 days since our last meeting...it is so nice to be missed!

   As i knelt for Master, He was enjoying reminding me that my nipples are His. He informed me that maintenance today would be with the hair brush....and He planned for it to be a spanking I would remember for a while. I am not found of the hair brush, unless the bristle side is being used....

   Too soon, it was time...over His knee. He did give me a warm up....with the brush, but it was light and not uncomfortable. He reminded me it had been a long time since I have had a hard spanking, so I better get ready. He stopped and rubbed and then started in.  He also gave me a new rule, no cumming during maintenance....hmmm...not even during the warm-up. Not sure I ever could, although lately cumming just from a spanking has happened.

   He was spanking hard, it had been a long time, and I was trying to stay still and breathe and not complain. I succeeded with the breathing part. I was not counting, but it was a long set, and and hard one....I even heard myself say ...enough, please stop...which I have not done in a while. Of course, it never works. He was nice enough to rub, and help me to calm down.
I said, 'boy am I glad that is over'....He chuckled....it was worth a try.

   Second set was harder and longer, to the point where I almost got loss in the pain, it was all that existed. I honestly did not think He would ever stop, I was not thinking clearly enough to say anything coherent, I guess, I just submitted. He finally stopped...and just as I was taking a deep breath...I hear...20 more harder ones. He gives me 10 all on the same side, I am not sure I can stay put for the other side, but I do, and it is finally over....a very long, painful, maintenance spanking....a true deterrent.

   Master then lets His fingers roam, and I hear another chuckle....part of you was enjoying that...I would deny it, but He seems to have the proof. We talked a bit about the pain/pleasure syndrome...I used to know that pain was pain and pleasure was pleasure, they each had their own definition...now not so much. As much as I don't understand the connection, I know for me, it is there, and luckily, I have someone who loves that it is there.

   To  prove that at least part of me, enjoyed that darn hair brush, Master keeps his fingers busy and I am soon asking for permission. He replies,,,,,Yes....and has me loss in the pleasure of several orgasms.....much nicer than being loss in the pain :)

  I am sitting on a very tingly bottom tonight, I do love it when the effects of a spanking do stay with me for a while.

hugs abby


Thursday, July 12, 2012

trying to catch up!

Hi, in case you have forgotten, I am abby. I am back and trying to catch up on all of you. I had hoped to drop in while my family was visiting, but keeping up with 4 under the age of 4....left me just want to go to bed at night! We had loads of fun, went someplace special just about every day, and shared lots of laughs! I saw my grandson take his first steps! The 2 oldest did not want to leave grandma's, and I was sad to see them go, but I was ready for some quiet time.

Master did keep tabs on me, warning me to be careful of my back on berry picking day, and gave me an early bedtime one evening. After the shock of being told to go to bed early, I realized I did need the rest, and did not make the 8:00 curfew, but did get to bed way earlier than had been the case.

A great big thank you to Fondler's Anonymous and Bratty Adaline for nominating me for a "Lovely Blogger Award". I promise to post a link to you as soon as I figure out how...I read many blogs of many types and enjoy them all...that is why I read them, so I won't be nominating anyone, but I will post 7 things you might not know about me.

1. I am bilingual, French and English. A little rusty on the French right now, but
had grandparents who only spoke French.

2. My dream job would be making up Jeopardy boards...I am a Jeopardy addict!

3. My dream vacation...a cruise. I have always wanted to go on one, maybe some day!

4. I got my first traffic ticket yesterday...speeding, and I swear I never speed!

5. One of my summer jobs while in college was in a shoe factory, the overnight
shift. When I had reached my quota I would help the others out....I was
very well fed!

6. I always start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas. When my kids
were small, gifts were wrapped and ready a few months ahead of time.

7. I love my kindle...I always said I would stick to books, but the kindle allows
me to read whatever I want...even when visiting relatives! LOL

Master and I finally had some time for just us yesterday. Our reconnect time is always special, but this was one of those, WOW times. After lots of hugs, and some chatting, and nipple play, Master had me over His nap for a very long hand spanking.
It was slow with frequent stops for rubbing, then more spanking. Master barely had to start using His fingers and I was off and exploding, several times. As I was trying to catch my breath and get back to earth, Master started in again, and the word "don't" came out of my mouth. It was more a reflex, I was so out of it, Master laughed and said, you can tell your blogging friends the quickest what to get me to laugh is for you to say don't to me. So I was off again, and then I was really jello. Master decided it was time for more spanking, a harder hand spanking, but I was so relaxed I just wanted more....After a few rounds I realized I was getting reading to need another permission, just from His spanking me, Master loves to oblige that request. Each time I cum just from a spanking I am amazed...

After we were both sated, it was chat and cuddle time. It was sweet and personal, and left me feeling like the luckiest gal around.

Master did ask for a weigh in on Monday, I had gained 1 pound, which He was very pleased with...although I was told yesterday, that it is time to get back on track!

Hope you are all staying cool
hugs, abby