Saturday, June 2, 2012

When He don't you worry....

I did get to the casino yesterday, met the goal with a couple ounces to spare! It was fun...always is...but neither I not my gambling buddy had any luck at all. We decided to head home early, saving what money we had left for another time. We have never made that decision. Next I sound addicted?

It seems I have found trouble today. This morning, like the good submissive that I strive to be, Master gave me permission for my plans for today. This afternoon I even got a permission to cum. (I am on the third book of "Shades of Gray", it does not have much submission in it, but the sex is pretty HOT!)

Earlier this evening my phone buzzes. I ignore it, I was doing something on the computer, and I thought it was my daughter-in-law sending me a pic of the girls. She is great about sending me at least a picture a day. About 10 minutes later I check my was a message from Master, darn! He wants a picture of my "R". Double Darn! My "R" is the letter Master put on my inside thigh before I went to Boston last time, my "tattoo". I was supposed to keep it up, and I did until about...umm..a couple weeks ago. He had not asked about it in a while, and I just got out of the habit. Since it had already been 10 minutes since He sent His message, I knew I had to reply quickly. So, I fessed up, could not send one, no longer had the "R", and held my breath.

His next message was, use the marker and put the R on your shaved pussy, maybe if I brand it we won't have this problem again. (He has such a sense of humor). So I get the marker, but I discovered it is much easier to put an initial on You thigh than on your pussy. The skin is not as smooth, it is harder to reach and to see what you are doing.
I did stand in front of a mirror, but that was minimal help. I finally get a mark, if you use your imagination, it might look like an "R", and then have to take a pic. Once again, I have to figure out to get enough light, find a good angle, and I worry that I am taking too long. He is not satisfied. His next message tells me to scrub it off and try again, use a mirror ( I had Sir!) and take my time.
So, I try again, more slowly, and it does look more like an "R"....we both know it is an "R", anyway. I send it.
His next message is...Don't you worry, I will fix it on Monday. Now, I know that don't you worry means, I had better worry and be ready to answer a few questions on Monday. Don't you worry means I should worry about what He is thinking. Don't you worry means I am very worried about what He has up His sleeve. Don't you worry means I will have His voice in my head all weekend.

Stayed tuned for M/M day, it might be interesting....but I have been told not to worry.

hugs abby


  1. It will be what it will be whether you worry or not - I am sure that is what he meant by his message. Good luck

  2. Well, I'd be a little worried, but at this point not too much you can do. Sunnygirl makes a valid will be whether you worry or not. So, I'll 2nd her comment and say "Good luck" too!

  3. I love your writing. Just wanted to come by and say that.

  4. sunny, you are such an optimist..I love it. You could be right, in any case it is what it is, and worrying will not change it. abby

    SNP...thanks for the good luck, I am thinking my non existent luck at the casino might be an omen..hope not! abby

    Kitty..thanks for much for coming by and the compliment, it means a lot. abby