Saturday, June 9, 2012


Not that long ago I considered pain and pleasure to be two entirely different entities. Everyone experiences pain in their life, and the same with pleasure. That the two could be meshed, one producing the other, was not something I even considered possible. Then I met Master.

My report on Friday was 1 pound lost. It was a loss, always a good thing, but I had really stepped things up and expected better results. Master was pleased with the loss, and I decided not to whine...

As I was kneeling for Master, He worked really hard for that pound this week. I shrugged and agreed. Master said He noticed and appreciated my extra effort, and that we both know the scale does not always play fair. But if I keep it up, the scale will catch up. I know a pep talk when I hear one, I agreed. Master went on to remind me that even better the one pound loss keeps us out of the basement, and that is certainly a plus! I had to agree that was a big plus. Then , with a gleam in His eye..He added, and I get to reward you. Hmmm, that one pound was getting better and better.

I was invited over Master's lap, for a wonderful long hand spanking. I was totally relaxed, keeping beat with His spanks by tapping my foot. Of course, He would take a break and his fingers would roam to be sure I was not falling asleep. Suddenly I felt brush bristles on my bottom and legs. Master said He wanted to work on the pain/pleasure connections. I was a little concerned, I know there is a connection, I know it exists for me, although I don't understand it. What if it ends up being only pain?

Master turned the brush to the wooden side, and started in slowly. That brush of often used for maintenance and it is not my favorite toy...LEATHER, is in Master's bag, at least it used to be. (Yes that is a big hint!) Back to the brush, as Master slowly increased the strength of His spanks, I found myself wanting more, I was arching up to meet that brush, and I could feel myself becoming very aroused. Master stopped to check on my arousal, helped me over the edge, and made sure I was close to cumming again. Then He started in with the brush. I heard myself say harder, more, I felt Master tuck me in, and honestly, I do not remember the pain...I remember wanting more, I remember one orgasm rumbling into another and another....til i was gasping and Master was rubbing my bottom and legs and talking calming to me.

Master said He had not planned on such a hard spanking, but maybe the pain had morphed into pleasure. It had. I had/have to admit it, the two are connected for me. It is not something I ever would have thought possible, not something I understand. But I am really, really happy the I have a Master who understands it, accepts it, and helps me to make the connection....and is so pleased with both of us when that connection is made.

hugs abby


  1. Isn't it lovely when we have an epihany and have our needs met to boot.

  2. I am definitely interested in that line between pleasure and pain....

  3. Ha. I always find that I want something I haven't had in a while. Even the dang feather duster.

    Pleasure / pain. Interesting how we humans are made, isn't it?

  4. sure is. Guess we truly never to old to learn. hugs abby

    reneerose...opposites attract??? I try not to over think it. hugs abby

    Kitty...We sure are complex, but fun! I am the same about wanting what we haven't visited in a while. hugs abby

  5. Glad you had a nice connection.

  6. Thats wonderful and congrats on the loss