Monday, June 18, 2012

Maintenance Monday...or was it punishment?

My report to Master this morning was a 1/2 pound gain. To my way of thinking, for a weekend, not bad. Master's way of thinking...we do not go backwards. I have also been in kind of a "funk". Master has been so busy with this project at work, and I am trying to get the house organized for a visit from all the once! That means safe for a 2 month old, a 1 year old, a 3 year old, and a 4 year old! I have been planning lots of fun will be hectic, but fun!

Master decided we would spend His lunch time together. I wasn't sure what to expect, but He had not mentioned the "P" word. After our hugs and some chat, I was told to get ready...naked and kneeling. I had sent Him an email over the weekend, outlining my plans for the next three weeks, He had not commented. So I asked if He had read His email over the weekend. He said the one about Your plans. There was a problem with that email. I looked up at Him...He was giving my nipples a pretty good workout, so concentrating was little difficult. I was puzzled...He did a good job of telling me about your plans, but not a single question or may I? We had discussed some of the plans a while ago, so I did feel like I already had permission. Master said it would not hurt to include a please or may I...and to be honest if I had been feeling more submissive, I probably would have. He did warn me that just because He just about always says yes....He could easily say no...and make a point.

Master then went a got the tawse. The one I gave Him as a birthday present, and loved the first ...and only ...time we have used it. I smiled, since I had been thinking over the weekend, I wish He would use the tawse again. Ever heard of the careful what you wish for??

Master then informed me that this was going to be maintenance not punishment. Since we did not go to the basement and we did have some play time afterwards, with permissions granted, it was not technically punishment...

I was told to lean over the ottoman an stick my bottom up and out. He started right in with the tawse, no warm-up, and the swats were quick and hard. I moved one of my legs up off the floor and was told the next time, that would get me a swat on my thighs. I could could cry, yell, but I was not to move my legs off the floor. I did try, but I ended up earning 2 swats on my thighs. Yes they hurt a lot more, it took all of my determination to keep it at 2. Master continued with several sets of 12. I honestly have no idea how many, but He switched sides after each set.

He finally seemed to be done, and just as I was breathing quietly and relaxing I felt 2 hard swings on my back. I howled....they were unexpected and very sharp. Master, as He often does, asked me if there was any part of me that does not belong to Him. The reply is...all of me belongs to You, Sir.

I was allowed up, but Master was not done. I was told to hold out my breast. Without thinking I hugged myself, covering them. Master quietly repeated what He wanted, and I obeyed. I got 2 sharp smacks to each breast, and yes...they did sting, a lot! Master tole to rub some of the pain out, and He then proceeded to take pictures.

I was then invited over Master's lap. There was lots of rubbing and tugging and getting me very wet. When I first went over His lap, I was thinking, I will not cum. I should know better by now. Master asked if I wanted to cum for Him. I answered honestly, I wanted to say no.....but I could not. I just had to cum for Him. He chuckled, and said, being under His control is such a turn on for me. I had always been the one in charge, til He came along. I had to agree, and beg for permission. I was told to cum long and hard for Him...and I did several times, til I was totally spent. As I lay over His lap, panting and sated, with a sore bottom and breasts. I felt it wash over me....that feeling of submission, of being His, of peace and calm and acceptance.

So punishment or maintenance....some of both I guess..which was exactly what I needed.

hugs abby


  1. All the grandkids at once. Wow, that will be a great time.

    The tawse huh, never experienced, but I am a wimp and your experience sounds like more than I could handle.

  2. What a lovely day - even with the pain... it takes pain sometimes, doesn't it? :)

  3. I think 1/2 lb after a weekend is good too, we are on the same page. I get those combo mainhtenance /punishment spankings pretty often...sometimes Master says he thinks I act up when I know I'm getting maintenance just to get it out of my system since I'm getting spanked anyway.

    Hve fun with the grandkids, sounds like you will have your hand full.

  4. Glad you got what you needed Abby...but does the man not know about water weight and women? I can go up and down 1-2 pounds in the same day!!! Sara

  5. Sunny, I started out as a wimp too...Master told me early on...He can determine if I like a "toy" or not...its the User, not the "toy" hugs abby

    Kitty, sometimes it does...not that I would admit that to just anyone! I don't understand it, but luckily I don't have to. hugs abby

    dancing, OUCH to those combined spankings, sometimes I think Master just wants to spank harder. abby

    Sara, I have tried the water excuse..heck I have tried every excuse...He is a no excuse kinda man. abby

  6. You got what you need Abby, good. I have to agree with Sara, water and women. I can easily put on 1lb in the same day so it's not really an excuse.

    Enjoy the time with your grandkids.


  7. ronnie, I do drink a lot of water,,,hmm.. thanks for visiting.
    hugs abby