Monday, June 4, 2012

If you break it, I will fix it.....

Yes, another quote from Master! The picture and short note posted before this entry are also from Master. Since He probably won't answer the comments I will..

Kitty...All of my days are brought by the letter "R"...Master's first initial.

Sunny...Master's first ever post!


I knew by His tone and words that Master was just not going to let the whole missing "R" thing go quietly away. although when we chatted and text today, He did not bring it up. My weigh-in report was stay the same, I was thrilled Master was satisfied, although he expects movement in the right direction this week.

M/M was on the schedule for today (Monday's Maintenance). When I got to Master's, he told me to kneel and wait, He had to finish sometime in the basement. I was a little perplexed, but did as I was told. Knelt and waited. He came up and went back down, and I was starting to get curious. Finally He is standing before me, rubbing and pulling and tugging.
He asks me how long did I go without my "tattoo". I guess about 2 weeks. He asks if I just totally forgot about it...I reply not at first, but I guess eventually I did. "So I need to fix what you have broken", as I hear Him and look at Him I know this is not just going to be maintenance.

He walks over, picks up something, and shows me what He was working on in the basement. (the pic just below this entry.) He is going to "brand my bottom" with the letter R 14 times, since I let it go for 2 weeks. I am told to lean over the ottoman and spread my legs. Master is not swinging hard, there is no need to, that thing HURTS! I move after the 3rd or 4th one, and am told He does not want to have to start over, I manage to get through 7 on each side of my bottom.

I am allowed to get up, and I comment that He did not seem to be using a lot of power, but it really hurt. Master said, no since in over-kill, He was pretty sure He had made His point. He had! He thought about a real branding, but decided explaining it at doctor's visits might be a problem. I look at Him, and shake my head. I ask if I can have the "branding iron", to hang on my mirror or wall. (I figured it is safer for me if I am in possession of it). He says I may keep it.

Master then wants to see my new "tattoo" or "R". It is on my pussy, as directed. He asks if I re-traced it this morning, I did. Will I forget or let it fade away again...not without His permission. He seems satisfied, and announces it is now time for Maintenance. I groan, but get over His lap.

He starts with a quick hand warm-up, since He feels I am already warmed up. I am jumpy and moving, it feels like my bottom is on fire. I finally settle in, just in time for Him to start with the hairbrush, after a couple long sets, He stops and asks if this spanking should be finished. I know from last time that there is no good answer to this question, so I simply say Yes, Sir. "Good", He replies, "now the real spanking can start." He tucks me in, and it feels like my bottom is burning up almost as soon as He starts. I am staying in position, but not quietly. I don't think He is ever going to stop, but He does.

He is rubbing and soothing me, I am trying to catch my breath, and calm myself. As His fingers reach in to "check" me, He comments, that must have really hurt, I am not as wet as He expected. He soon remedies that and has me moaning and panting. He reminds me I can only cum with His permission, not matter what. I say I know, now would be a good time for a permission. He tells me to ask really nicely and convince Him. I shake my head and manage to get the words out, as nicely as I can. After Master makes sure I am really on the edge, He finally gives me permission. I am off, asking for another permission almost immediately. I finally find myself lying face down, trying to get enough energy just to move. Master is rubbing my back and legs, welcoming me back.

I have known Master for 10 years, when I first met Him I was just hoping that maybe I could get to experience what a spanking was like. I became his submissive about 8 years ago, it has been quite a journey. There have been times, when I wished to move ahead and had to wait for Him, times with I was trying to catch up with Him. I think we are in a catching up time for me...Master seems to have that "look", I can't wait to see where He will lead me next!

hugs abby


  1. Oh MY! For your butt's sake I'm glad it was only 14 days. :D
    Very vivid post - you are so lucky to have
    such a wonderful Master. I look forward to reading more.


  2. OMG! Is that a wire coathanger? OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Bet you don't ever forget your "R" again.

  3. As always enjoyed stopping by but ouch I feel for you sweetie on your poor bottom

  4. Bratty, thanks for visiting and tor the comment. I am lucky, we feel we both are:). abby

    faerie, it is...very ouchy...will not forget! abby

    trazuredpet, Yes it was painful, luckily only 14, but that more than enough. abby