Friday, June 22, 2012

almost time for the "grandma" hat

I just spent some lovely quiet time with Master, before the craziness of 4 little ones under the age of 4! We hugged and chatted, I received a leisurely, long hand spanking, we were totally relaxed and enjoying each other. It was a nice calm and quiet time, some place for me to remember when I am in the chaos of the next couple weeks.

One of things we talked about was "sub space". I feel like there have been times when I have almost been there, but not quite. Master said I have been knocking at the door, but not opened it yet. I think like crying, it is not something you can force or grab, it just has to happen. Something to look forward to.

As soon as my daughter gets home we are off to NJ. Tomorrow we celebrate a 1 year old birthday, and on Sunday the 4 year old has her first dance recital. My daughter will be returning on Monday, I will stay the rest of the week.

Then it is back home and everyone comes to grandma's. My daughter and her spouse, and son and his wife, are going to take turns going away overnight. We have a big 4th of July picnic planned, and the rest of the time we will just let happen.

I will try to keep up with all of you, and maybe get a quick post up here, so you can hear about all the fun....hope you get your own fireworks on the 4th of July!

hugs abby


  1. Have fun with all your family time and plans and travel safely.

  2. Oh it will be grueling with four under the age of four, but it will be such fun. Enjoy and travel safely.

    Glad Master was able to ready you for the experience.

  3. You make me anxious for grandkids, maybe just one at the time though. It's going to be a while for me. Enjoy!


  4. Wow...enjoy the brood, oh brave one! Sara

  5. Hope that you had a great 4th - Also letting you know that I nominated your blog for the one lovely blog award! Please stop by and check it out. I was honored with a nomination by Renee Rose and am passing around the love. :D

  6. Hiya... haven't seen you in these parts in a bit. Hope you're having a lovely time...

    And in the spirit of the Lovely Blog Awards going around, I linked you in THIS POST