Thursday, May 31, 2012

A real spanking only starts when you want it to end

My title is how Master greeted me yesterday, He said He read it someplace, and liked it. I was a little wary, but it did get my butterflies fluttering.

Yesterday I asked Master if I could have a casino day on Friday. I have not been in a while and I expected a yes...I very rarely get a no. His reply was yes...if you meet your weight goal for this week, no if you don't. I replied I wanted a simple yes, no conditions, He would not agree. I spent the rest of the morning pouting. One of my tasks is to contact Master at noon, so He remembers to take a break, I did not feel like talking to Him, so I decided I would send a simple text. (I know, I am not the perfect submissive!)

A little before noon, Master calls me. He asks if I am still pouting. I answer honestly. He reminds me, He says yes way too often, and has not said no. If He gets what He wants, I get what I want. He wants me to go, He just wants me to get to that goal first. As we continue to chat my mood lightens and we make plans to meet later...maintenance has not happened yet this week.

I am close to that goal and will almost certainly be there by Friday. I think what I objected to was the condition, I can go if....once again, my submissive 'halo' is tarnishing.

We meet and after some catching up chat, I am naked and kneeling, being claimed. Then it is over Master's lap, for a wonderful hand warm-up. He then proceeds to the hairbrush. He is not being gentle, but the swats are fairly easy to adjust to. He then asks why am I over His knee...for maintenance, Sir. Why do we have maintenance, to keep me out of trouble and having to go to the basement for a major punishment, Sir. Have we been to the basement this year? No Sir, thankfully. His reply is...then I opt for continuing with good hard maintenance spankings.

He tucks me in...the signal that He is about to rev it up. He is spanking hard and fast, quick stops between sets to let me catch me breath, but no rubbing. Finally He asks, have you had enough. Yes Sir! You want me to stop? Yes Sir! Normally at this point He would stop. Instead He repeats the quote, tucks me in, and shows me He was was not going at full strength or full speed. It was harder than I have been spanked in a while. I have not idea how long, but I do remember feeling like I was being surrounded by, or maybe overtaken by the pain. It was like nothing else existed. Maybe I was on the edge of what some call 'sub space', almost like it hurt so good.

He stops and I am trying to compose myself and catch my breath, but Master quickly moves on to other pleasures. I am quickly ready to explode, and do several times. We continue to enjoy each for some time. I am certainly no longer pouting, and am determined to get to the casino!

Master also commented on my last post, the list of words to describe Him. He said it was accurate and He really liked it!!



  1. Glad it was good motivation after all.

  2. Ahhh,,maintenance spankings. How delicious! And good for him for pushing you. Right when you thought you were at the point that it was enough, he showed you that you could and would take more. Very nice! And I would say that avoiding the basement and continuing that streak is probably a good idea. :)


  3. Definately avoid the basement girl. There is nothing worse than punishment the day after maintenance.....having trouble sitting today.

  4. Love the title quote, though I don't think I will share it with hubby, lol. Have a great time at the casino. Now that you have been sufficiently motivated I KNOW you will make your goal.

  5. Love the title, and god how true!

  6. That is really so true Abby! Just when I want him to be finished, he is set to begin in earnest. Sigh.

  7. oh. Wow. What an awesome post!

    And...i feel compelled to share that quote with Master (i know, i know....)


  8. trazuredpet....the csino day was not very lucky, but fun! hugs abby

    sunny...not much luck to be found today, but we always have fun. hugs abby

    Dauntless...Master seems to know when I am ready to be pushed. I agree, avoiding the basement is always a good idea. hugs abby are so right, I have had 2 hard spankings in 2 days, not fun! hugs abby

    faerie,,,chicken!! (just kidding). The casino was not very lucky, but fun! hugs abby

    Julia..thanks for visiting, so very true. hugs abby

    Susie...Thanks for joining the conversation. Sigh, I think now that He has found that quote, I will be sighing also. hugs abby

    nilla...nice to have you here! I am not surprised that you will share, let me know how it goes. hugs abby