Saturday, May 26, 2012

rating....effort or results

I weighed in on Friday and lost a pound and a half. Most of you know that Master had decreed that I had to lose 2 pounds or we would go down to the basement...where there are no warm fuzzy memories or fun thoughts.

On Wednesday when we were chatting He reminded me of what He wanted on Friday. A much higher rating for my efforts ( I had given myself a 6 on Monday) and a loss of 2 pounds. I told Him I was uncomfortable with the rating system. We had never really discussed a real system, not what a 1 or a 5 or an 8 would mean. Those numbers can an probably do mean entirely different things to each of us. I continued, saying I would never give myself a 10, that would mean I had done every possible, and I believe there is always room improvement. I could have exercised an extra 10 minutes each day, or cut down more portions more or walked faster...10's, to me were an impossible goal. Master said He wants my best effort, I still was dubious, that sounded like a 10 to me.

When I sent Him my weigh in, He replied good job! There was hope. Master has been very busy with a special project at work, we are managing to squeeze in time for us, but it is a squeeze. This project will go on for 6 months, I am trying to handle it like an adult...but sometimes, I fail at that. Friday was one of those days...I was feeling very vulnerable and needy by the time we met. Master can always tell just by the way I hug Him hello how I am feeling. We spent our time just sitting and cuddling and chatting with Him reassuring me. It was what I needed...I know without a doubt He does His best, He is busy, but sometimes I just let it get to me.

After we chatted a bit, He asked about my rating for this week's effort. I gave Him a look, but He wanted a number. So I said 8, explaining I had really tried harder than I have for the past few weeks, and I seem to be back into the exercise routine. He asked if I thought that we enough to keep me out of the basement. I hoped that He would consider effort over results. Master replied since it was a pound and a half, He would, less than that We would be down there.
He then gave me a week...til this Friday lose the same amount and that would put me a little under my last goal.
Among His many other attributes, He is fair.

Our good-by hug was much better than the hello ones!

Hope you are all having a good holiday dad was a proud WWII veteran, let's remember all those who serve for us!

Hugs, abby


  1. Everyone is sounding reasonable and I wish you the best on the weight loss.

    My dad was a WWII veteran too, they were special guys.


  2. Glad you got a reprieve. Good luck with your efforts this week. Have a good weekend. My dad was a WWII veteran too. My thanks to them and the millions of others who give their and gave their all.

  3. PK...thanks,,this weekend has not been a good diet one..they sure were special! abby

    sunny...The weekend was fun, but not diet friendly...abby

  4. Congrats on the loss of weight. I'll be cheering you on.