Thursday, May 17, 2012

On a scale of 1 to 10......

I am leaving early tomorrow early as I can get my daughter in the car....for our annual "girls" weekend with both my daughters and my oldest grand-daughter (4)!) I am looking forward to it, but it seems like I just got back here.

So, Master declared today weigh in day, instead of Friday. I loss a little over 1/2 pound. A loss is always better than a gain. Master agreed with that philosophy, but wondered if I tried as hard as I could...or should. After our hello hugs, it was kneeling time...Master chose to sit on an ottoman facing me. He grabbed my breasts and proceeded to pull, tug and pinch while we had a little chat. He asked me how hard I had tried to please Him this week, on a scale of 1 to 10. I hate a question like that, I can argue almost any number on that scale. I did wii every day, but not as long as i used day I even walked, or strolled the bike path. I was careful about food choices, but did have some indulgences.

As I was going over my choices Master was still pinching and pulling, and waiting for an answer. Was 8 too high, was 5 too low??? ARGHHH...He prodded me for an I finally said 6...I think that was a fair evaluation. Master brings my face close to His and asks...why would I not want to give Master my best effort...a 10?? Because it is too hard, because you did not feel like it...why? I had no good answer...

Since I had not good answer, Master's answer was, He was going to spank me hard...not a punishment, but definitely a reminder that He expects more. He pulled out the hairbrush, it has been a while since I had seen it. I went over His lap, and He started with a hand warm up and then used the brush with the bristle side, to create a nice tingling. Just as I was relaxing and thinking ummmm....He started in with the wooden side.

It hurt right from the beginning, not sure if it was because I had just been spanked with the lexan paddle a couple days ago, or He was being more forceful, but I was struggling. He would complete a set, of maybe 25, stop to rub and talk and start in again. Then I felt him tuck me in close...hard and fast He took my breath away, and left me with a very hot stinging bottom. I was then told that being away this weekend does not exempt me from exercise of some type, and is not an acceptable excuse for a gain on next spanking could be much harsher.

Master then told me not to regret my answer of 6....I certainly would not want to be less than truthful. Also He reads my daily reports so He knows how much effort I put in, He just wanted to hear me say it.

Master then used His hands and fingers for a much better sensation, He soon had me panting and groaning and making those noises that I cannot believe come from me. He is also talking to me and expecting responses, I am hesitating on the can a girl have a conversation under those circumstances. Since I am not responding , He takes His hand away, and says no permission, since I am not replying as He wants. I quickly get my wits and figure out what He wants so we can continue. I cum several times....this time Master takes my breath away in a wonderful manner.

Have a great weekend all...I will be having lots of fun...and remembering to do lots of moving!

hugs abby


  1. Have a great weekend with your daughters and granddaughter.

  2. Have fun and enjoy your girls weekend.


  3. Have a fine weekend, abby.



  4. A girls weekend sounds like fun, have a wonderful time.

  5. sunny thanks it was so much fun!

    ronnnie...we did, from age 4 50 we all had a ball! abby

    appy..thannks, it was super great! was great! Thanks..abby

  6. Hope you had a wonderful time. I would hate to get spanked with the hairbrush, ours is a hard plastic, no thank you lol. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.

  7. tiffany...glad you dropped in...that hairbrush never gets used on hair...and it hurts. Right now it is Master's favorite maintenance toy. abby