Monday, May 28, 2012


Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. HOT here...over 90 today, too hot for me!

I took the idea for this post from Sin. She listed words describing her Master. Since this is me, I had to add a few comments!

Master is...

dominant....practically goes without saying and sounds nicer than bossy

consistent...a blessing and a curse, but I can count that He says what he means, and means what He says.

great sense of humor...I treasure this one, how can a person trust a person they can't break out in giggles with?

stubborn...until I met Master I was the 'subborness' person I knew, this took getting used to

hard working...good and bad, He needs more down time!

good with His hands...he can fix cars, redo bathrooms and kitchens, and turn me to jello!

sexy...nothing to add, just a deep breath

creative...sometimes I ask myself how does He come up with some of His ideas???? Keeps things fun!

sadistic...this one took getting used to :)

able to read minds...even from a distance He knows what I am thinking, this can be a little discerning

I saved the best one for last.....

My Master...mine!

hugs abby


  1. OMG... that's like you're describing MY partner... Thanks for writing... I've had a fun time reading your blog :)