Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls' weekend was a success!

Girls' weekend was so much fun! Having three generations of girls made for a variety of activities. We had a "mini spa" time....grand-daughter got to have painted toe nails for the first time, she was excited! We went to a children's science museum, took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, ate out, had a marguerita nite...thank goodness one if us had an early bedtime. We laughed, we played, we were sorry to see it end, but there is still next year.

As an added bonus, I even managed to lose 1 pound! I was careful about portions and food choices, and we did keep busy, and it was worth it!

Yesterday was M/M day ( Monday Maintenance). After some getting caught up chat time, I was naked and kneeling. Master was pleased at the weight loss, but not at the fact that I am still over my last goal, by 2 pounds. He fetched that evil hairbrush, and promised me a hard spanking. As soon as I settled in over His knee, He started with a hand warm-up, and then some easy strokes with the brush, just was I was relaxing into the sensations, I hear, warm-up is over. After several sets, each getting harder to breathe through, Master stops for a chat. Chatting while still OTK tends to be a precarious activity.

Master announces that He wants me back at my goal by this Friday. I remind Him that is 2 pounds, He says He knows. He also reminds me that He has been generous with my time away, allowing me to gain a couple pounds, and celebrate the new addition and enjoy the girl's weekend. It is now time for me to get serious about getting back to the last goal I reached, and move on. I have until Friday, or Friday will be a basement spanking. That got my attention. I pleaded that it was not fair to get a basement spanking if I lose on a weigh in day. Basement spankings are never fun or easy, they are considered a major punishment spanking. I insisted it was not fair, to lose and face a major punishment. Master decided to finish maintenance at that point, tucked me in, and really let that brush fly. It was fast and furious and I was barely breathing.

When He finished, He said if I can say to Him on Friday that I have done my absolute best during this week, He will take the basement visit out of the picture. I consider that kind of a 2 edged sword, but it was somewhat of a concession on His part. It is true that I have been coasting, just happy to be mainly staying around my goal weight. So more of an incentive did get my attention, but I am still feeling it is somewhat unfair. I say that knowing that in a TPE relationship the word "fair" is a tricky one, and does not often apply. I have loss 2 pounds in a week before, hopefully it will happen this week and the whole basement issue will go away. I have been much more conscious of my food choices, and the wii has been stepped up a bit.

Master was rubbing my bottom, and letting His fingers roam while we were discussing the basement issue. By the time we ended the discussion , I was whimpering with need for a permission. Master continued to "explore" and comment on my readiness. I finally hear, that I may cum for my Master and I am off. Master knows all of me, and He played me to a point of multiple, strong orgasms, it took me a while to come back to earth, still my breathing and be able to thank Him. We continued to enjoy each other as my awareness returned, and I was able to concentrate on Master.

It was certainly an amazing ending to M/M, and hopefully Friday will continue with more amazing times, all above the basement.

hugs abby


  1. Oh Yikes, I hope you don't have to go to the basement. Drink lots of water this week :) The ladies weekend sounds devine.

  2. I'll try this again. Blogger wouldn't let me do it earlier. Wishing you lots of luck this week. Exercise lots, eat healthy and drink lots of water like faerie says.

    Glad the weekend with the ladies was divine.

  3. faerie, thanks for the water advice, it was a great weekend. abby

    sunny, I have been trying harder, not sure I will get the 2 pounds off..thanks for the advice. abby