Sunday, April 1, 2012

scattered thoughts

Hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend! Cold and rainy here, but it is April!

Words have always been important me...I taught english for years, I have always loved word games and crossword puzzles. One of the things that I first noticed about Master was He knew how to use words..written and oral. He could reply to anything I threw at Him, He was great at role plays. He knows how to use words (and tone), to arouse, to make me sorry, to melt me. This weekend I was thinking about how, the same word can arouse different feelings, depending on who and how it is used.

One of the first times I realized this with Master was the first time He called me baby. Now,I grew up when being an independent, in charge female was the goal. I pretty much achieved that in all parts of my life, until I met Master. He calls me baby...anyone else I would have let them know, that I am a woman, not a baby, ranting on about why they should never call me baby. With Master, I could feel myself melt...Mater insists that inside every woman is a little girl who wants to be taken of, cuddled, to be held accountable. I am not sure it is true of every female...amybe...but I have learned it sure is true for me.

I am holding steady on my weight, staying within my "safety zone", but I will admit that I have been only half heartedly trying. Master realizes this also, and is being encouraging, reminding me, He only expects me to stay within my safety zone, and to exercise 5 days a week. My last session with Master was with my toy bag! It is a small bag, and Master commented they were all light smacking toys, I reminded Him it was MY bag, why would I carry in something I would not at least partially enjoy?

Master started off spanking me standing up while holding on to my nipple. I am not sure He has ever done that before. I was a little off balance and kept wondering what "pain" I should concentrate on. Then it was kneeling
time and breast play, I was a little antsy...cringing and holding my breath...that does not deter Him. He always tells me to relax and concentrate on sending the pain to my it should be easy? Then it was over His lap, for a nice hand warm-up. Then Master started digging through my bag. The first thing He found was a rubber spatula. That is one item I meant to really stings. Luckily He tired of it quickly, and found a small flogger type toy...that was great. Relaxing, tingling, just right! Then cam my frog paddle...I am a frog collector. Lots of frog items and clothing surround me. This was a paddle ball toy, with the paddle being a frog. It is light and packs just the right amount of sting. At this point Master started complaining about the "lightness" of my toys.

Master then pulled out my small leather strap. I was nicely warmed up, so I was more than ready for it. The few sets with it were wonderful. Master then decides to check and see if I am really enjoying my toys. I am! He continues to use his talented fingers getting me squishy wet. He comments on my self-control....It just feels so darn good, I don't want Him to stop, altho I know I won't be able to hang on much longer. That is when Master switches to more spanking.

When He feels He has warmed be back up sufficiently, He goes back to bringing me to the edge of cumming. He keeps me there for a bit, til I finally hear that I have was....toe curling! When I can hear again, I hear Master saying, keeping me on the edge sure pays off!
After some cuddle time I get to kneel and thank Master.

Today, I got into a little trouble. Master always "tucks me in" at night. His is the last voice I hear, or last text. It started a couple years ago, when I was strugging with something, and Master tucked me in to help settle me for the night. Since then it has become a routine, even when I am out of town. I usually text Him to let Him I am ready for bed...I have not missed in a long time. Last nite I texted Master for a permission to cum, had my release and went to bed. I was in a bit of a fog, I guess, thinking I had texted Him, but not remembering we had not said good night.

This morning I get a good night?? I think, I sent one, checked my phone...and had not. I send back an Oops and apologized.We text about the day, and Master's last text is...wear your plug for 15 minutes to remind you to say good night to your Master. UGH....not a favorite activity. But, I say Yes Sir, and complete the 15 minutes. It does remind me that Master takes tucking me in seriously, and that makes me feel good, and as I remove the plug, I am feeling soooo very submissive.

This month is Master's birthday. I have decided on a gift. It is a new toy, one I have never seen in His bag...and it is not in mine. It is one I have wanted to try for a while now. I will let you know how He likes it, after His birthday!

Have a good week...hugs abby


  1. This sounds like a great session. I'll be looking forward to his birthday present.


  2. Oooh, I love surprises, can't wait to hear what his gift is :)

  3. was, and I am looking forward to the present also! abby

    faerie....Hope Master loves this surprise...abby

  4. Sounds as if you had fun. Happy for you. Look forward to hearing about the birthday present and how YOU enjoyed it.

  5. sunnygirl..the present is ordered I cannot wait for it to get here...then I have to wait til His birthday....a couple more weeks. abby

  6. English...ah...a fellow recovering English teacher. We should compare battle stories sometime. :P