Wednesday, April 11, 2012


No, not the M&M's that are filled with dark chocolate or milk chocolate or peanuts or almonds or mint or pretzels....gosh, wouldn't that be a dream job? Thinking up new fillings and having to taste test them. Oops, I am a little off the track here.

In my real world M&M is maintenance Monday. As I was kneeling for Master yesterday, He had to take a business call. He is out of town for a few days, and the call concerned His trip. Usually He leaves me to quietly wait. This time, He stayed and continued to alternate torturing first one nipple then the other with His free hand. I was trying so hard to concentrate on not making a sound, or even panting, since the phone was very close to me. I succeeded, and although I am not usually very vocal when Master is torturing my breasts, just knowing that I would be heard by one of His businees associates, added to my concentration. When He finally hung up, Master chuckled and congratulated me. Later, thinking about it, I thought that was pretty gutsy of Him.

Master asked what He should use for my maintenance spanking, I quickly said Your Hand Sir! He rarely asks, and I was not about to waste an opportunity. He chuckled and picked up my toy bag. He did give me a hand warm-up and then took out my frog is thin and stingy, but considering it is wood, a fairly tame toy. Only Master went at at lightening speed and with sharp smacks....I was whimpering, when He said, surprise You? He had, and I should know better than to think that Master cannot turn any turn into an "evil" one.

Master then took out the plastic spatula...surprised that I had not removed it from the bag...not to self, do that next. I do not like the feel of it at all. Fortunately Master is not all that found of it, so it was a short set with it. Then back to Master's hand. Master asked if this was enough of a spanking to count as maintenance, I assured Him it was...He was not sure, but said He would let it be enough,this time.

We moved on to more pleasurable pusuits, and Master soon had me purring. He commented that I used to ask for permissions much more quickly. True, but I have learned to enjoy the journey there as long as I can! I know I need to be careful, cuming without His permission would have consequences. I was soon asking and seeing the stars. We continued to cuddle and play, talking about my future trip to Boston. Master wants me to have a schedule of tasks, since I will be gone 2 or 3 weeks, helping with a new arrival.

Master just called, He is on His way back....meetings went better than expected...YEAH!!!!

hugs, abby


  1. I found that out at my last spanking. Nick can turn the lightest implement into a wicked one if he likes. I guess we'll just have to be good!


  2. there's a good..I will follow you on that one! abby

    sunny...{grinning}..I am! abby