Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I am leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend with my daughter and her family. I have the easter eggs filled for the "hunt" and all the things my grand-daughter and I will need to make a bunny shaped cake!

Earlier, this week Master mentioned to me that it was time for a fisting. It is one of those words I love/hate to hear. I first learned about fisting when I was first reading about spanking and BDSM..and thought who would want is that possible? (yes, it was not that long ago, either). Eventually when I started reading blogs, I learned that it is indeed possible, and could be extremely enjoyable. Different strokes for different folks, but not for me. Then one afternoon when I was extremely aroused Master decided to introduce me to fisting. I was sure it was an was not. Relaxing was difficult, but Master does not give up, and I experienced fisting for the first time. I have to say, it is a feeling like no other...a feeling of being totally physically possessed and controlled, and yes...orgasms that kept coming and growing. It is not something we do often, and I always am hesitant, as I was this week.

Master worked late today, so I was waiting for His text to let me know He was free. When it came I replied with an OK...meaning I was on my way.
I was excited I have loss 2 pounds this week, it has been a long time since that has happened. I got there, we hugged and chatted and I was naked and kneeling. Master asked about the scale and was very pleased with my news!

Master then tells me to get over the ottoman and I see Him reach for the cane that is near it. I am confused, and start to rise up....He reminds me that when I am in position I am not to move until He tells me to. I start to say something....He says I need a reminder about my texting habits. I have no idea what He is talking about, I answered all His text, I sent all the required ones...then I hear...."ok",is not a replacement for Yes Sir. We have spoken before about being consistent with Sir. Using yeah or ok is not acceptable. I am thinking, this is so not fair...not a good place to be when facing a Master with a cane in His hand. Now I know that fair has very little place in a power exchange reationship, and it rarely is an issue, I always feel that Master is fair..not this time. I loss 2 pounds, and He is going to cane me! ( I told Him that everyone who read my blog would think He is very do don't you? He chuckled.)

Master starts in with the first six..they sting but are not hard, but my head space has me moving and grumbling. He stops and rubs and we go over the rules. Do I want to move forward, He asks me. I do, of course, then I need to remember the rules I now have. Six more, and He wants me to be more accepting, I still don't think it is fair, but I am more accepting.

Master then invites me over His lap. I get a long hand spanking, all over my bottom. Master keeps stopping to check how much I am enjoying His hand, making sure He keeps me on the edge. He then, says time for you to feel deeply submissive. I know He is getting ready ...I reply I don't think this is a good day for it, my head is not in the right place. Master carries on, determined and consistent, reminding me to relax, telling me how wet and engorged I am. I know I need to relax and accept, and I finally do...and Master is a part of me...possessing me...filling me with His hand. I feel His movement and I can feel my release start to build, and they come fast and furious, til I am trying to catch my breath and control the tremors. As I lie there, Master is rubbing my back and legs, talking softly to me, calming me, helping me to recover.

I finally am aware of where I am, and am breathing again. Yes I am sore, both my bottom and my pussy, but I do know I am owned.

May you find all those chocolate eggs, and have a wonderful holiday.

hugs abby


  1. Wow, that's pretty amazing. I'm firmly in the "don't think I could that" club, but kudos to you. Have a great holiday with your family, don't let the chocolate tempt you too much :)

  2. Yes, he is very mean. But... you seem to like that, so what's a gal to do?

  3. Yes, mean. But then, the amazing orgasms always seem to make up for it, don't they? ;)


  4. Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter and grandchildren. It started off well. Congrats on your weight loss. Happy Easter.

  5. faerie, the holiday was great...with a 4 and an almost 1, how could it not? to top it off, I lost 1/2 pound! abby

    Kitty, LOL, you know me well!

    sarah, oh boy do they!

    sunny..It was a great weekend, and I lost 1/2 pound! abby