Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Master!!!!

Yesterday was Master's birthday. We celebrated, but not the all out, empty the bag intense session that we had planned. My back is slowly, very slowly getting better, so we did not want to chance setting me back, or having to worry about positions. Also I am leaving tomorrow for some time in Boston, awaiting a new addition to the family..she can come anytime after tomorrow...the sooner the better!

Master's birthday was toned down a little, but with a promise of the use every toy in the bag session when I return. After a happy birthday hug and some chat, Mastered noticed I had a a gift bag with me. I had bought Master ( Us!) a tawse. I have read about them in blogs, and they are leather, which I love, and have been wanting to try one. I was soon naked, and in a comfortable position. Master praised the leather handle, the way it felt, the fit and the flexibility...I loved the feel of it. He started off slowly, and increased strenght slowly. It could be my new favorite toy!

Then, Master announced it was time for His birthday spanking. I would get His age (over 50), with His hand and with the cane. I was surprised and asked if I could choose, this was His birthday, but He would let me choose which one first. That was an easy one...hand first, a warm up is always a good thing! He spanked me in decades, making the spanks match his feeling for each decade. I then got to stretch, and He picked up the cane, looked at me and said...I will give you another choice. Cane or tawse? I was shocked...but my choice you are not surprised!

I had to count them out loud, and they were hard, but much nicer than the cane! We then spent some quiet time, snuggling and anticipating my time away. When I got up to get dressed, Master told me to wait, and He dissapeared for a minute. He returned with a felt tip sharpee. I was told to sit on the ottoman, while He sat on the sofa. I was told to spread my legs, and Master leaned over and drew His first initial high, on the inside of my right thigh. He told me it was His version of a tattoo.....Yes I was stunned. All I could think of to say was...where do you get these ideas! He then told me, it is also anther tool for my tool box while I am away...I am to re-trace it every morning after my shower, and be ready to send Him a picture if He requests it, (which He did this morning) It is a definate reminder of His ownership...and easier to apply than a tattoo.

Not sure how long I will be away, I will be trying to keep up with all of you, and will post when my newest granddaughter has decided to make an appearance!

Lots of good spanks to all of you while I am away
hugs abby


  1. I'm glad your back is getting better, even if it's not totally there yet.

    Would you ever get a tattoo if he asked you too? Just curious. I have a bunch of them and love all of them.

    Have agreat time with your family, Mmmm, new baby smell :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your Master.
    I hope your back soon will be OK again.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful birthday for Master and you. Congratulation son the new additionto your family, always wonderful times.

  4. faerie...Yes, if Master wanted me to, I would get a tattoo without hesitation. I would ask him to come with me. Can't wait for that new baby smell and snuggle! abby

    appy..thanks on both counts! abby

    dancing...New babies, new life,...pretty wonderful! abby

  5. Abby, I am late getting over here. Enjoyed reading your update and will look forward to hearing about the new grandbaby.

  6. Just found your blog and love it. Thanks for sharing