Saturday, April 14, 2012

a "candy cane" spanking

No, Master did not use a candy cane, or even His cane. He did use a 5 gallon paint stick.

My report Friday was down 1/2 pound... we were both pleased. I keep saying I am building up my "wriggle room", He seems to think I am headed to a new goal....any guesses as to which one of us will win this discussion?
I stand up, He has the paint stick in His hand.I am thinking nice, a warm up and that paint stick, which is stingy but in just the right way! Master has other plans. He puts one hand under a breast and starts to spank. I ouch and start to pull away. He stops and asks me what part of you is it that does NOT belong to Me?..No part Sir. Relax and concentrate..

He picks again, I am a little calmer, it is not a long spanking, as soon as He stops He picks up the other breast.Whenever and wherever Master spanks me, one side always seems to feel it more, it was this second breast today. Once He had a few stripes He could admire, He stopped, only to tell me, He intended to stripe every inch that belonged to Him.

He started with my thighs, I moved out of place once, was scolded and we started again, Thighs, shins, ankles were next. He then went down my back and each arm. I was then told to spread my legs, so He could reach inside my legs. Then He was striping my stomach and down the front of my legs. They were not hard swats.He was emphasizing a point...all of me...means all of me. When He was done and admiring the pink stripes all up and down all of me, I kept thinking...candy cane!

I was then invited over His lap. He checked to see if I was protesting too much, and said, part of you really enjoyed that. I always try to tell Him I have no control over that part...He chuckles and reminds me I have no control over any part....

After a wonderful hand spanking, a couple permissions and some kneeling time time between Master's legs, appreciating His cock, Master says He has been thinking it is time to push me a little, to stretch, to get me out of my comfort zone.

I am not entirely surprised to hear this...He has been hinting at these thoughts. We recently talked about moving forward, about me being ready to grow more in my submission. He has become much more vigilant about my using Sir...not after every sentence,but He expects it when I text or answer a question, or ask for permission. I had become a little lax about it, and have been reminded of His expectations.

I do a task for Master every day, of my choice. When He first asked me to complete a task for Him, He said a few minutes a day. In the past I have looked for and sent Him a pic, or quotes, made an alphabet book of submission, a variety of things. Lately it has been mostly kneeling time with an occasional no panty day thrown in. A little while ago, I was informed that He wanted the task to last over 5 minutes. Master has now suggested I could wear my plug on no panty days, or play with one of my toys during kneeling time. I told Him that could be discouraging to a gal. He replied,or force her to be more creative. Being able to take a hint,today I did some corner time, and will be diversifying my daily tasks.

I knew that all of this was Master's way of getting my "head" where He wanted. Master is a great believer that submission starts in my head, my thoughts need to be in the right place and He is good at getting my head where it should be. As I was getting ready to leave, Master mentioned His birthday next week...yes I have his gift well hidden in my closet....and that since it has been a while since we have had an intense, empty the toy bag session, that was what He planned for His birthday. Rope, blindfolds, whips, paddles, floggers...the toy bag will be emptied, and my limits will be tested.

As I sit there typing the words, the butterflies are starting to flutter, the thought of it is has been a long time. But because it has been a long time, I am also a little hesitant...

Stay tuned

hugs, abby


  1. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the items you mentioned.

  2. Maybe you should include a candy cane on the bow of his package, lol. Sounds like a fun if intense way to celebrate. Love the new background, makes me want to look for the little bunnies that should be playing in the grass :)

  3. Paint stick! It wasn't one of those heavy duty rubber ones with holes in it, was it??



  4. sunny....butterflies can sometimes be good...we will see. abby

    faerie...What a great idea,,I am going to do it! abby, just a plane, regular, thin paing stick. abby