Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 minds...almost a single thought

Master and I are often on the same wave length, or pretty close. Then there are the times, I just need to adjust my thoughts, so we are on the same wave length.

Yesterday was MM day...Monday maintenance. I had decided..while wearing that plug on Sunday...that I needed to step up a bit, get more serious on the diet front. So, after our hugs I say to Master we need to chat about my diet...He looks at me, and says...that is exactly what I had in mind also. With the raised eyebrow and that look, the one that says we are not quite on the same wave length. I start by saying I have not been trying all that hard, He says He knew that, and so does everyone else after your last blog entry...hmmm, note self, maybe I should discuss some of what I am going to reveal here to Master first. I go on saying I want to be at least at my goal weight before I leave in 3 weeks to help out with the new arrival. I figured I had to lose 2 pounds and that sounded doable to me. Master's response is I want you 2 pounds under, time to get serious again.

We discuss my exercise routine, He rubs his hands over my face and asks how often I break out in a sweat. Sweat??...UGH...hmmm...never, unless I am walking and it is very hot. He is not impressed. He also reminds me,,,and I agree...I do not do well with maintaining. When I have a goal, and am trying to lose I am much more focused...we will discuss that again after I return from my next time away.

Master then gets the acrylic piece of shelving..it is small, but very OUCHIE! He says maintenance will be stepped up this week, so I can truly remember it all week. He nicely starts out with a long hand spanking, before starting in with the paddle. I get 2 sets of maybe 50 each...they are slow, hard and deliberate. He stops to rub after the first set, and then proceeds to remind me that they get harder as we get closer to the end. We finally get to the end, and Master says, do you feel like you have been punished? Except for the fact the He warmed me up....and it does make a BIG difference, it did have that feel, but not the pain.

Master then reminds me there is another difference between maintenance and punishment...no "fun" after a punishment. I am of course, wet and ready, and Master rather quickly gets me to the needing permission point.
As I am panting and coming back to reality, Master bends over and says quietly to me...Thank you for being my other half...HE knows how to melt me with actions and words.

have a good week...hugs abby


  1. Acrylic shelving :0 I have sooooo much to learn, lol. Have a great week :)

  2. UGH! Sweat!! The thing is, you really DO need to work up a sweat...but I am like you. NO THANKS! Too much work!! LOL


  3. faerie.....all you need to know....is don't mention it to hubby! abby

    sarah...I think you and I could have been great friends....abby

  4. I hate to work out, but sounds like it ended nice. Thanks for stopping over and reading my long story Abby. I noticed two paragraphs were reversed, but I fixed that when I got home.
    Have a good rest of your eveing.
    (I talked my husband into get a gym membership and we did and the last time I went was Super Bowl Sunday-ha) SNP

  5. We were thinking of really focusing more on maintenance, you make it sound not too bad.

  6. SNP, you are welcome, I did notive the paragraph switch, but made sense of it. Hmm a gym membership and not using it..don't think I even want to know the consequences of that! abby

    dancingbarez... Welcome and thanks for the comment..maintenance was turning point for us. It has been 2 years this month, and we only miss when one of us is out of town for the whole week. Maintenance works differently for everyone, but I think it is worth a try. abby...(if you look back, I have posted a couple times on this subject). abby