Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Master!!!!

Yesterday was Master's birthday. We celebrated, but not the all out, empty the bag intense session that we had planned. My back is slowly, very slowly getting better, so we did not want to chance setting me back, or having to worry about positions. Also I am leaving tomorrow for some time in Boston, awaiting a new addition to the family..she can come anytime after tomorrow...the sooner the better!

Master's birthday was toned down a little, but with a promise of the use every toy in the bag session when I return. After a happy birthday hug and some chat, Mastered noticed I had a a gift bag with me. I had bought Master ( Us!) a tawse. I have read about them in blogs, and they are leather, which I love, and have been wanting to try one. I was soon naked, and in a comfortable position. Master praised the leather handle, the way it felt, the fit and the flexibility...I loved the feel of it. He started off slowly, and increased strenght slowly. It could be my new favorite toy!

Then, Master announced it was time for His birthday spanking. I would get His age (over 50), with His hand and with the cane. I was surprised and asked if I could choose, this was His birthday, but He would let me choose which one first. That was an easy one...hand first, a warm up is always a good thing! He spanked me in decades, making the spanks match his feeling for each decade. I then got to stretch, and He picked up the cane, looked at me and said...I will give you another choice. Cane or tawse? I was shocked...but my choice you are not surprised!

I had to count them out loud, and they were hard, but much nicer than the cane! We then spent some quiet time, snuggling and anticipating my time away. When I got up to get dressed, Master told me to wait, and He dissapeared for a minute. He returned with a felt tip sharpee. I was told to sit on the ottoman, while He sat on the sofa. I was told to spread my legs, and Master leaned over and drew His first initial high, on the inside of my right thigh. He told me it was His version of a tattoo.....Yes I was stunned. All I could think of to say was...where do you get these ideas! He then told me, it is also anther tool for my tool box while I am away...I am to re-trace it every morning after my shower, and be ready to send Him a picture if He requests it, (which He did this morning) It is a definate reminder of His ownership...and easier to apply than a tattoo.

Not sure how long I will be away, I will be trying to keep up with all of you, and will post when my newest granddaughter has decided to make an appearance!

Lots of good spanks to all of you while I am away
hugs abby

Monday, April 16, 2012

OUCH....and not whay you are thinking

Unfortunately my pain is all in my back...UGH. I knew over the weekend that my back was a little twitchy...and was careful. But I slept well last night and felt good when I got out of bed. Then I dropped a piece of ham on the floor, bent to pick it up....ouch...tears in my eyes....

This is one of those weeks when I had someting planned for every day, and Sat. I am leaving to help with the new arrival...who has not make her appearance yet. So I am not a happy camper...

I sent Master a text this morning, telling Him about my back, He said I was exempt from the wii....ummmm...wii??? By noon time I was pretty grumpy so I decided to text Him instead of calling. As I was texting, He called. We chatted and He did lighten my mood.

My back seems a little better tonight...

hugs abby

Saturday, April 14, 2012

a "candy cane" spanking

No, Master did not use a candy cane, or even His cane. He did use a 5 gallon paint stick.

My report Friday was down 1/2 pound... we were both pleased. I keep saying I am building up my "wriggle room", He seems to think I am headed to a new goal....any guesses as to which one of us will win this discussion?
I stand up, He has the paint stick in His hand.I am thinking nice, a warm up and that paint stick, which is stingy but in just the right way! Master has other plans. He puts one hand under a breast and starts to spank. I ouch and start to pull away. He stops and asks me what part of you is it that does NOT belong to Me?..No part Sir. Relax and concentrate..

He picks again, I am a little calmer, it is not a long spanking, as soon as He stops He picks up the other breast.Whenever and wherever Master spanks me, one side always seems to feel it more, it was this second breast today. Once He had a few stripes He could admire, He stopped, only to tell me, He intended to stripe every inch that belonged to Him.

He started with my thighs, I moved out of place once, was scolded and we started again, Thighs, shins, ankles were next. He then went down my back and each arm. I was then told to spread my legs, so He could reach inside my legs. Then He was striping my stomach and down the front of my legs. They were not hard swats.He was emphasizing a point...all of me...means all of me. When He was done and admiring the pink stripes all up and down all of me, I kept thinking...candy cane!

I was then invited over His lap. He checked to see if I was protesting too much, and said, part of you really enjoyed that. I always try to tell Him I have no control over that part...He chuckles and reminds me I have no control over any part....

After a wonderful hand spanking, a couple permissions and some kneeling time time between Master's legs, appreciating His cock, Master says He has been thinking it is time to push me a little, to stretch, to get me out of my comfort zone.

I am not entirely surprised to hear this...He has been hinting at these thoughts. We recently talked about moving forward, about me being ready to grow more in my submission. He has become much more vigilant about my using Sir...not after every sentence,but He expects it when I text or answer a question, or ask for permission. I had become a little lax about it, and have been reminded of His expectations.

I do a task for Master every day, of my choice. When He first asked me to complete a task for Him, He said a few minutes a day. In the past I have looked for and sent Him a pic, or quotes, made an alphabet book of submission, a variety of things. Lately it has been mostly kneeling time with an occasional no panty day thrown in. A little while ago, I was informed that He wanted the task to last over 5 minutes. Master has now suggested I could wear my plug on no panty days, or play with one of my toys during kneeling time. I told Him that could be discouraging to a gal. He replied,or force her to be more creative. Being able to take a hint,today I did some corner time, and will be diversifying my daily tasks.

I knew that all of this was Master's way of getting my "head" where He wanted. Master is a great believer that submission starts in my head, my thoughts need to be in the right place and He is good at getting my head where it should be. As I was getting ready to leave, Master mentioned His birthday next week...yes I have his gift well hidden in my closet....and that since it has been a while since we have had an intense, empty the toy bag session, that was what He planned for His birthday. Rope, blindfolds, whips, paddles, floggers...the toy bag will be emptied, and my limits will be tested.

As I sit there typing the words, the butterflies are starting to flutter, the thought of it is has been a long time. But because it has been a long time, I am also a little hesitant...

Stay tuned

hugs, abby

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


No, not the M&M's that are filled with dark chocolate or milk chocolate or peanuts or almonds or mint or pretzels....gosh, wouldn't that be a dream job? Thinking up new fillings and having to taste test them. Oops, I am a little off the track here.

In my real world M&M is maintenance Monday. As I was kneeling for Master yesterday, He had to take a business call. He is out of town for a few days, and the call concerned His trip. Usually He leaves me to quietly wait. This time, He stayed and continued to alternate torturing first one nipple then the other with His free hand. I was trying so hard to concentrate on not making a sound, or even panting, since the phone was very close to me. I succeeded, and although I am not usually very vocal when Master is torturing my breasts, just knowing that I would be heard by one of His businees associates, added to my concentration. When He finally hung up, Master chuckled and congratulated me. Later, thinking about it, I thought that was pretty gutsy of Him.

Master asked what He should use for my maintenance spanking, I quickly said Your Hand Sir! He rarely asks, and I was not about to waste an opportunity. He chuckled and picked up my toy bag. He did give me a hand warm-up and then took out my frog is thin and stingy, but considering it is wood, a fairly tame toy. Only Master went at at lightening speed and with sharp smacks....I was whimpering, when He said, surprise You? He had, and I should know better than to think that Master cannot turn any turn into an "evil" one.

Master then took out the plastic spatula...surprised that I had not removed it from the bag...not to self, do that next. I do not like the feel of it at all. Fortunately Master is not all that found of it, so it was a short set with it. Then back to Master's hand. Master asked if this was enough of a spanking to count as maintenance, I assured Him it was...He was not sure, but said He would let it be enough,this time.

We moved on to more pleasurable pusuits, and Master soon had me purring. He commented that I used to ask for permissions much more quickly. True, but I have learned to enjoy the journey there as long as I can! I know I need to be careful, cuming without His permission would have consequences. I was soon asking and seeing the stars. We continued to cuddle and play, talking about my future trip to Boston. Master wants me to have a schedule of tasks, since I will be gone 2 or 3 weeks, helping with a new arrival.

Master just called, He is on His way back....meetings went better than expected...YEAH!!!!

hugs, abby

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I am leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend with my daughter and her family. I have the easter eggs filled for the "hunt" and all the things my grand-daughter and I will need to make a bunny shaped cake!

Earlier, this week Master mentioned to me that it was time for a fisting. It is one of those words I love/hate to hear. I first learned about fisting when I was first reading about spanking and BDSM..and thought who would want is that possible? (yes, it was not that long ago, either). Eventually when I started reading blogs, I learned that it is indeed possible, and could be extremely enjoyable. Different strokes for different folks, but not for me. Then one afternoon when I was extremely aroused Master decided to introduce me to fisting. I was sure it was an was not. Relaxing was difficult, but Master does not give up, and I experienced fisting for the first time. I have to say, it is a feeling like no other...a feeling of being totally physically possessed and controlled, and yes...orgasms that kept coming and growing. It is not something we do often, and I always am hesitant, as I was this week.

Master worked late today, so I was waiting for His text to let me know He was free. When it came I replied with an OK...meaning I was on my way.
I was excited I have loss 2 pounds this week, it has been a long time since that has happened. I got there, we hugged and chatted and I was naked and kneeling. Master asked about the scale and was very pleased with my news!

Master then tells me to get over the ottoman and I see Him reach for the cane that is near it. I am confused, and start to rise up....He reminds me that when I am in position I am not to move until He tells me to. I start to say something....He says I need a reminder about my texting habits. I have no idea what He is talking about, I answered all His text, I sent all the required ones...then I hear...."ok",is not a replacement for Yes Sir. We have spoken before about being consistent with Sir. Using yeah or ok is not acceptable. I am thinking, this is so not fair...not a good place to be when facing a Master with a cane in His hand. Now I know that fair has very little place in a power exchange reationship, and it rarely is an issue, I always feel that Master is fair..not this time. I loss 2 pounds, and He is going to cane me! ( I told Him that everyone who read my blog would think He is very do don't you? He chuckled.)

Master starts in with the first six..they sting but are not hard, but my head space has me moving and grumbling. He stops and rubs and we go over the rules. Do I want to move forward, He asks me. I do, of course, then I need to remember the rules I now have. Six more, and He wants me to be more accepting, I still don't think it is fair, but I am more accepting.

Master then invites me over His lap. I get a long hand spanking, all over my bottom. Master keeps stopping to check how much I am enjoying His hand, making sure He keeps me on the edge. He then, says time for you to feel deeply submissive. I know He is getting ready ...I reply I don't think this is a good day for it, my head is not in the right place. Master carries on, determined and consistent, reminding me to relax, telling me how wet and engorged I am. I know I need to relax and accept, and I finally do...and Master is a part of me...possessing me...filling me with His hand. I feel His movement and I can feel my release start to build, and they come fast and furious, til I am trying to catch my breath and control the tremors. As I lie there, Master is rubbing my back and legs, talking softly to me, calming me, helping me to recover.

I finally am aware of where I am, and am breathing again. Yes I am sore, both my bottom and my pussy, but I do know I am owned.

May you find all those chocolate eggs, and have a wonderful holiday.

hugs abby

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A good read..

No I don't mean 50 Shades of Gray, although it is in my kindle and next on my list. I hesitate to recommend books, everyone's taste is so different. "Learning to Swim" by Sara Henry is the exception. I could not put it know...just one more chapter and I will make dinner.
I was surprised by the ending, and everyone in my book club gave it a 2 thumbs up....very rare...we are an eclectic group! Enjoy!

hugs abby

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 minds...almost a single thought

Master and I are often on the same wave length, or pretty close. Then there are the times, I just need to adjust my thoughts, so we are on the same wave length.

Yesterday was MM day...Monday maintenance. I had decided..while wearing that plug on Sunday...that I needed to step up a bit, get more serious on the diet front. So, after our hugs I say to Master we need to chat about my diet...He looks at me, and says...that is exactly what I had in mind also. With the raised eyebrow and that look, the one that says we are not quite on the same wave length. I start by saying I have not been trying all that hard, He says He knew that, and so does everyone else after your last blog entry...hmmm, note self, maybe I should discuss some of what I am going to reveal here to Master first. I go on saying I want to be at least at my goal weight before I leave in 3 weeks to help out with the new arrival. I figured I had to lose 2 pounds and that sounded doable to me. Master's response is I want you 2 pounds under, time to get serious again.

We discuss my exercise routine, He rubs his hands over my face and asks how often I break out in a sweat. Sweat??...UGH...hmmm...never, unless I am walking and it is very hot. He is not impressed. He also reminds me,,,and I agree...I do not do well with maintaining. When I have a goal, and am trying to lose I am much more focused...we will discuss that again after I return from my next time away.

Master then gets the acrylic piece of is small, but very OUCHIE! He says maintenance will be stepped up this week, so I can truly remember it all week. He nicely starts out with a long hand spanking, before starting in with the paddle. I get 2 sets of maybe 50 each...they are slow, hard and deliberate. He stops to rub after the first set, and then proceeds to remind me that they get harder as we get closer to the end. We finally get to the end, and Master says, do you feel like you have been punished? Except for the fact the He warmed me up....and it does make a BIG difference, it did have that feel, but not the pain.

Master then reminds me there is another difference between maintenance and "fun" after a punishment. I am of course, wet and ready, and Master rather quickly gets me to the needing permission point.
As I am panting and coming back to reality, Master bends over and says quietly to me...Thank you for being my other half...HE knows how to melt me with actions and words.

have a good week...hugs abby

Sunday, April 1, 2012

scattered thoughts

Hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend! Cold and rainy here, but it is April!

Words have always been important me...I taught english for years, I have always loved word games and crossword puzzles. One of the things that I first noticed about Master was He knew how to use words..written and oral. He could reply to anything I threw at Him, He was great at role plays. He knows how to use words (and tone), to arouse, to make me sorry, to melt me. This weekend I was thinking about how, the same word can arouse different feelings, depending on who and how it is used.

One of the first times I realized this with Master was the first time He called me baby. Now,I grew up when being an independent, in charge female was the goal. I pretty much achieved that in all parts of my life, until I met Master. He calls me baby...anyone else I would have let them know, that I am a woman, not a baby, ranting on about why they should never call me baby. With Master, I could feel myself melt...Mater insists that inside every woman is a little girl who wants to be taken of, cuddled, to be held accountable. I am not sure it is true of every female...amybe...but I have learned it sure is true for me.

I am holding steady on my weight, staying within my "safety zone", but I will admit that I have been only half heartedly trying. Master realizes this also, and is being encouraging, reminding me, He only expects me to stay within my safety zone, and to exercise 5 days a week. My last session with Master was with my toy bag! It is a small bag, and Master commented they were all light smacking toys, I reminded Him it was MY bag, why would I carry in something I would not at least partially enjoy?

Master started off spanking me standing up while holding on to my nipple. I am not sure He has ever done that before. I was a little off balance and kept wondering what "pain" I should concentrate on. Then it was kneeling
time and breast play, I was a little antsy...cringing and holding my breath...that does not deter Him. He always tells me to relax and concentrate on sending the pain to my it should be easy? Then it was over His lap, for a nice hand warm-up. Then Master started digging through my bag. The first thing He found was a rubber spatula. That is one item I meant to really stings. Luckily He tired of it quickly, and found a small flogger type toy...that was great. Relaxing, tingling, just right! Then cam my frog paddle...I am a frog collector. Lots of frog items and clothing surround me. This was a paddle ball toy, with the paddle being a frog. It is light and packs just the right amount of sting. At this point Master started complaining about the "lightness" of my toys.

Master then pulled out my small leather strap. I was nicely warmed up, so I was more than ready for it. The few sets with it were wonderful. Master then decides to check and see if I am really enjoying my toys. I am! He continues to use his talented fingers getting me squishy wet. He comments on my self-control....It just feels so darn good, I don't want Him to stop, altho I know I won't be able to hang on much longer. That is when Master switches to more spanking.

When He feels He has warmed be back up sufficiently, He goes back to bringing me to the edge of cumming. He keeps me there for a bit, til I finally hear that I have was....toe curling! When I can hear again, I hear Master saying, keeping me on the edge sure pays off!
After some cuddle time I get to kneel and thank Master.

Today, I got into a little trouble. Master always "tucks me in" at night. His is the last voice I hear, or last text. It started a couple years ago, when I was strugging with something, and Master tucked me in to help settle me for the night. Since then it has become a routine, even when I am out of town. I usually text Him to let Him I am ready for bed...I have not missed in a long time. Last nite I texted Master for a permission to cum, had my release and went to bed. I was in a bit of a fog, I guess, thinking I had texted Him, but not remembering we had not said good night.

This morning I get a good night?? I think, I sent one, checked my phone...and had not. I send back an Oops and apologized.We text about the day, and Master's last text is...wear your plug for 15 minutes to remind you to say good night to your Master. UGH....not a favorite activity. But, I say Yes Sir, and complete the 15 minutes. It does remind me that Master takes tucking me in seriously, and that makes me feel good, and as I remove the plug, I am feeling soooo very submissive.

This month is Master's birthday. I have decided on a gift. It is a new toy, one I have never seen in His bag...and it is not in mine. It is one I have wanted to try for a while now. I will let you know how He likes it, after His birthday!

Have a good week...hugs abby