Saturday, March 3, 2012

time to add another candle to that cake!

Yes, this is my birthday weekend. I think one day is too little time to properly celebrate...I would like to get away with a week!

Friday morning Master sent me a text before I was even out of bed. He was packing His toy bag, and getting out of work early , so we could start the weekend with a private bithday celebration. Now that is a wake up call I could get use to!

I won't reveal my age...but when I say it out loud it sounds old...Master said it is the age inside that counts, and that is still very young. After a bithday hug, Master put the wrist and ankle cuffs on me. These are the best, they are leather, but fur lined, and just having Him put them on me, moves my mind to a very submissive place. We should use them more ofter...hint, hint. Then it was kneeling time , with Master massaging me all over, making sure I was very relaxed.

Master said this could take a while, since He was going to give me my age with the toys, I suggested that maybe each decade might be better for some of time, that gave Him a chuckle.

We started with my favorite...the large, leather flogger. He started with swirling it all over...up and down, in and out, swirling...ahhhh.
Then the flogging, mostly on my back, one set on my bottom. All too soon, even at my advanced age...He had finished with the flogger. My next favorite, over His knee for a lovely hand spanking. Of course, Master cannot hand spank, without letting His fingers roam after each set, so by the end of the hand spanking, I was nearly floating.

I am not sure about the order of the other toys, but they included, the Shamrock paddle, a wonderfle small leather paddle, a few other small paddles. Then it was up and over the edge of the sofa for the large leather strap. I had to alert Master at the end of each 10, so He could switch sides. Then, what I think is Master's favorite leather....His whip. We have not played with the whip in a long time, and yes it is leather, but I do have to adjust to its sting. Master was about to start the last set, when He said, nice and hard...right? I hesitated, but gave the Yes Sir. As soon as He finished He was quickly rubbing the sting out, and clearly admiring the design on my back.

I was then told to kneel between Master's knees, and let Him know if I had enjoyed my birthday spanking...since I had, I definately let Him know how much. I was then told to turn around , so He had access to my bottom, and Master soon had me begging for permissions...and a few were granted.
We then spent some quiet time, just recovering and enjoying each other.

It was a great beginning to my birthday weekend!



  1. Happy Birthday! Why take a day when you can have a whole weekend? Sounds like a great plan to me.

  2. Happy Birthday from me too. Indulge and enjoy.

  3. Happy Birthday. Sounds like one heck of a birthday spanking.

  4. Happy Birthday, and I think you should celebrate for a week, especially if it starts like that.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Abby!! Sounds like a great birthday spanking!! :)


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  7. lil, Thanks, did not quite make the whole week, but will try again next year! abby

    Alice, thanks, think I did indulge a little too much...oh well! abby

    faerie, thanks, it was a great start! abby

    sarah, thanks, it was one to remember! abby

  8. Happy birthday, Abby. That was quite a celebration!


  9. Thanks Hermione....makes getting older almost worth it! abby