Monday, March 12, 2012


Master often surprises me...often they are good surprises, then like today, there are the not so good surprises. Master would say today should not have been a surprise, and maybe..He is right.

My weigh in today was stay the same. I figured, for a weekend, that was OK. When we talked at lunch, Master told me to text Him at 3 to see if He was going to be able to leave work. I sent a text, asking if we would have Maintenance today. It is Monday, and I had not gained, so I figured maintenance would be on the agenda, probably a long, hard spanking since I am still 1/2 pound above my limit.

Master was able to leave, we met, as we were hugging He looked at me and know you are in trouble. I expressed surprise, I had not gained it was over a weekend? His view..He had paddled me long and hard on Friday for being 1/2 pound over, and I was still 1/2 pound over...guess He did not make an impression on me. I said He had, but....not buts allowed, He obviouly did not do a good enough job on Friday, and was going to remedy that today. GULP...He was calm and determined...

I was told to get over the ottoman, hands on the floor. He went and returned with a cane. He told me if I moved out of position, He would start over, and the target would change to my thighs. I rarely get spanked on my thighs, but I know it increases the pain and burn by a lot!

No matter how prepared I think I am...the burn of that first swish always surprises me. I was determined to stay in position and keep breathing. I did not count, could not count, but was ouching and owing and groaning..but staying in position.

Finally there is a break...I hear Master say, get up and same position other side of the ottoman. UGH..not what I wanted to hear. I slowly move Master tells me to stop hesititing.When I am over the ottoman I am told to spread my legs..wide. I do, He gives me antoher swich and is pleased with the welt. He informs me His goal is to make it so I remember very time I sit to eat for the next few days, that I need to lose at least 1/2 pound. After a few sets, I hear 10 hard the others were soft???
But they are harder, I do stay in position, Master actually says He is proud of me for staying in position. I am thinking finally, He is finished.

Instead I hear, put your legs together, six more, you will count and thank me..on your thighs. I try to keep myself thinking, only 6 more. After the third one, He says, not a good welt, that one might have to be repeated..( He did not repeat it, think He just wanted to see if I reacted). We get to 5, my thighs are burning , He asks me how many more,.."One Sir"...and I get the final one. Moving and getting up is painful.

As we are hugging, Master asked if He made an impression...He did. He then tells me tomorrow is going to be fast day for me. Fast, as opposed to slow?? He continues, I am to have only water all day. I say, not tomorrow, I can't. (I know, I should have only thought that). I am going to a pot luck lunch with my book club. I plan on bringing a fruit salad, so I will stay with a good eating plan. I say, well I can eat my fruit...No just water, and He means it. My thighs and my bottom are reminding me the best answer is Yes Sir. He tells me once again, He hates punishing for the same thing twice in a row, Friday and today...I am over my limit, He will see to it that I get back and stay there...whatever it takes. He says He probably was too easy on me Friday...NOT!

I do recognize that there are times I feel the need for a harder spanking. I had been feeling that lately, but I also felt that Friday had taken care of that. Master did not see it that way, and He gets to decide.

While I was over the ottoman Mater took a pic of my bottom and thighs. He said something about posting it here, I replied I had no idea how to do that...He said He could fix that,..we will see. (or maybe not see).

On the exercise front, I have upped both the intensity and time on the wii. I also have an ABBA dance disc, that leaves me panting, and very glad that noone is wathcing! The weather here has been May, so I also plan on walking the bike path. Hopefully I can get myself into a good exercise groove!

hugs abby


  1. Ha! I am like that too when I dance - thankful no one is watching! It's why I like to exercise in the privacy of my own home!

    I vote for pics! :)


  2. Nothing but water is tha absolute worst plan to lose weight and keep it off. It will also leave you feeling terrible. I question his motives because there is no way this is good for you.

  3. Anonymous - it's definitely not a good long term plan,but knowing if she doesn't lose weight she might lose the privilege to eat at all might be a good motivator! It seems like it's more punishment than a weight loss tool - although just one day might serve as both. My master uses this as punishment when i forget to exercise, or eat really poorly. it sucks :( good luck Abby! It'll be tough but hopefully the lesson will stick so you won't have to be punished for it again!

  4. I wish you the best Abby. I'm having trouble with my wii ever since we got a new TV. It seems to pick up my movement a second behind what I'm actually doing. I know I'm doing it for exercise and not a score on some stupid game, but that a motivator too! Let's get with it girl - I need to lose 1.2 pounds this week!


  5. I think you are fantastic abby! I am having a similar situation and although i feel your pain, i know it is necessary.
    I disagree with the first anonymous because there are many benefits to fasting and water for one day will not be pleasant, but it will be okay.
    Lots of hugs and hope your behind is feeling better.

  6. I hope you are well today after your fast and I hope Master was responsible and checked on you often.

    Hugs Lesile

  7. Sarah...I figured you would vote fot! I definately consider exercise a no one watching activity! abby the 8 years with Master this is the first "fast" day..He is proving a couple points. thanks for reading and for your concern. abby are right on is more of a punishment...I don't want a repeat of either the caning or the fasting. I am hoping for at least a lonnnngggg time before another Punishment is needed. abby

    PK thanks, I was having problems with my wii..I bought a new board..that you stand on...and it is working great now. Good luck to you too! We can both do this! abby

    Naida, thanks! My behind is still sore, but not burning. Fasting, when used correctly, is also a tool. abby

    anon, Thanks I am fine, and Master does take care of me...I was not happy with no coffee this morning, but survived. abby

  8. After i had commented yesterday i realized, and i'm sure you know... your Master wouldn't make you do something that was going to seriously hurt you. Make you uncomfortable, make you wish you were doing anything else, certainly! You've known Him for a long time, i've read about Him for almost a year and it seems to me, you are precious to Him and being reckless with your well being doesn't sound like something He would do. So i wasn't worried, i knew you'd make it :) Well done xo