Monday, February 27, 2012

service is...

...whever Master wants! Seems simple, when I stop complicating it! I solved the "keeping Master sane" dilema after my failure last Friday. In bed Saturday morning, it dawned on...He was asking me to be His secretary, to keep from losing track of time, to remind Him there are other items on His agenda....and Sarah Thorne left a comment about beng an administrative assisstant. (could someone please give me easy dierections on how to cite someone's blog when I mention them..thanks!) I figured that was a promotion up from secretary! Master chuckled when I told him about this, He said it is all service...and if an administrative assissitant is want He needs, it is how I serve Him.

I sent Master a couple texts today and left a couple voice messages, He spent most of the day in meetings. He thanked me for them, and was pleased. When His day finally ended we had "our" time. I gained 1/2 pound over the weekend, that puts me at the limit of my 2 pound above the goal. We talked about that, and He questeioned me about exercise. He has been telling me I need to get back to it...and yes, He is right...luckily I did today.

We then moved on to kneeling time, and His focus on my breasts. I was then invited over His lap. He gifted me with a fairly long hand warm-up with lots of rubbing. Since this is Monday, maintenance was also in play.
I felt the coolness of wood, and groaned, He turned it over to let me feel the bristle much nicer. He then started in with it, but lightly with a slow build-up, just as I was really relaxing into it, He said, don't relax too much, this isn't the maintenance part. I asked if it could be, and we both know that would not work, I need the harder maintenance to keep me balanced.

He then 'tucks' me in, and that brush starts to fly, hard and fast.
I am ouching and tapping my feet, He was doing a thorough job. Finally He stops, and just as I start to breathe normally, I hear....10 more hard ones for not keeping me sane on Friday. They were hard and slow. finally I start to breathe again, and I hear 10 more hard ones for being at the end of your 2 pound leeway. I rise up, turn and look at Him and say...what? He replies...on, 12 more. It does not take me long to get back in position and take the 12....

Master then does His check to see if I am wet. I am and He tells me what a good girl I am. We continue on to several permissions, and end with some quiet snuggling time.

I thank Master for giving me this time, He says it is as much a givt to Himself!

I know I can do this...I can serve Master as a secretary...that is what He needs at this time. It is not nearly as complicated as I tried to make it.



  1. Abby - to show a link so that people can "click" on it, highlight their name )example where you mentioned Sarahs name) and then, on the text toolbar you will see a picture box (where you can insert a pic) and you will see LINK Click on LUNK and type the persons URL/web address. hope that helps :)

    Sounds like you had a good maintenance session with your Master.

    And it sounds like you did a great job at being his Personal Assistant!

    Fondly Sky xx

  2. OH! The hairbrush is awful!

    And yes, you can do the job!! :)


  3. Oh, and while I am not worried about being linked when my name is mentioned, the way to do it is as mentioned above by Sky. When you are typing in new post, there is a tool bar with all of your format options, like bold, italics, center page, left, add pic, etc.

    From left to right on your tool bar you will see font control, then bold, italic and color font. The VERY next button, after the color font you will see the link button(looks like an earth with a paper clip hovering on it).

    Like Sky says, highlight the name or phrase you want to link (as IF you are about to copy it) THEN, click on the link button. A window will pop up and you can put the url in that box and click 'done'. Voila! You have linked!

  4. Shy, Master always has a great sense of what i need! Thnks for coming to my aid wit the instructions! abby

    sarah, Hairbrush is not my favorite, but there are worse "toys". Thank you so much for the clear instructions, I am going to try in my my next post! abby

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