Saturday, February 25, 2012

Master might go insane.....

Master is sane, but if it is my task to keep Him that way He might be in trouble.

In my last post, I wrote about my new task, to keep Master sane while He is working on His latest work assignment. That was Wednesday, I failed on whole day.

Friday morning, I sent Master a text asking for permission for my errands. The rule is , if I don't get a reply in 15 minutes, then my requests are granted. Now I rarely do not get an answer, He is very good at sending me a quick text. I did not get an answer, but knew I could still get what I needed to done.

I call Master at lunch time every day, unless He knows that I have an appointment or for some reason cannot. On Friday lunch time rolled around, and I thought...time to call Master. Then some "demon" popped into my head and created the thought...if He was too busy to reply to a text, He is probably too busy for a call...I KNOW..I do know, that is ridiculous, and should have just laughed and called Him. I did not call.

I heard from Master as soon as He got out of work. "Why no call today?"
That was the last question I wanted to answer, but I did. The best I could do is reply, "I guessed you were too busy". I know, pretty lame, and He was not pleased...asking me if that is how I planned on keeping Him sane. I apologized and added I am not really comfortable with being the keeper of His sanity. He was less impressed with that. I promised to try harder, no to actually work harder at it, and He accpeted that.

I know, logically, that since Master wants me to do this, I am not taking control or over stepping, or 'topping from the bottom', but then why am I struggling? If I should somehow cross a line, He will let me know, He really doubts that will happen. One day, and this is supposed to be a 6 month I have spent some time today trying to come up with a different mindset, and some ideas that will help me keep Him sane, and me obedient. Wish me luck!

hugs, abby


  1. Has he given you any specifics on how to keep him sane? Maybe that would help? Good Luck, you can do this.

  2. Maybe you could view it like an assistant position.

    You have a boss, but who is the one who reminds him of his appointments, business meetings, tells him which papers to sign for which day, and makes decisions on who can and can not go into his office at any given time if he is busy? While you are in control of a lot as the boss' assistant, you're not the "boss". :)

    BTW, I like the rule about if you don't get an answer in 15 minutes, then your request is granted. Mine was always the opposite - if I didn't get through, I bypassed what I wanted to do. That was a PAIN. :)


  3. Here's the luck you requested Abby.

  4. faerie, He wants me to not let Him get so engrossed at work that He forgets everything else. When a new project comes along, He tends to get tunnel vision. abby...

    sarah...thanks for your response and idea. In bed this morning I had the thought, I would be like a secretary, but I like your title better! When the "permission" rule was first started, I did have to wait for an answer, or not go.....being away so much recently Master decided the 15 minutes rule would work is much better! abby

    sunnygirl, thanks a little luck is always welcomed! abby