Thursday, February 23, 2012

it's been a while......

Hi, I am in case you have all has been a while.

I spent a week with my mom. It was good for both of us, to have the time to talk about dad, and about her, to sort through things she has not been able to do alone. We ate when we wanted, what we wanted (with me being careful not to go overboard), and just enjoyed each other's company. I went a week without internet, missed it at first, but survived.

Then it was off to Boston, it was hectic, fun and busy, My 2 year old grand daughter is all energy and movement. She loves to run, and on the second day, she tried to teach me how to run faster. How to place my feet and hands and arms, and to move them very fast....I slept well every night!
By the time I got on the computer at night, I checked email and sent my report to Master, and went to bed. I have a lot of catching up to do with all of you.

In my last post, I mentioned taking my wheelie thing with me. Its official name is a Whardenberg wheel. It is a medical tool, I believe. Mine was very unexpensive, ohhh do I love it! It is metal, has a small rolling spike wheel. Master uses it all over, with different pressure, it fits anyplace, the sensation is relaxing, awakening, sensual....just thinking about it makes me tingly!

Master and I had our welcome back time. I had so missed his smell, his touch, his feel...all of him. We enjoyed kneeling time, a wonderfully long awaited for hand spanking, a maintenance spanking...with the hairbrush. When I groaned at the hairbrush, He promised to use both sides, the soft bristle side is of course, my favorite side! LOL We had some serious re-connecting time, and some chat time.

I managed to only gain 1 pound while I was away,,,guess my grand daughter is a good influence! He was very pleased. Before I left I had been struggling with exercising every day. Once I let the routine slip, it is hard to get back to it. Master made it clear He did not care if I use the wii, or walk, or whatever, but He expects an exercise plan, and for me to get to it. I am working on the plan, I am just struggling with the motivation part, not that I want Master to get involved in motivating me.

Master was also very happy that while I was away, I was very careful to keep up with all His expectations. Those often slip a little when we are apart, but I was very alert to not letting that happen this time. Master noticed, and let me know that He was proud of me!

Master has been assigned a new project at work. He is excited about it, except for the fact that it has a 6 month dead line, and He does not think is possible. If I know Him , He will make it happen. Since He also knows Himself, He has assigned me a new task...."the keeper of His sanity"!
He wants me to be aggressive, pushy, about our time together. To really work at making it happen...He realizes this is a stretch for me, outside of what I am comfortable with, which is why He has called it a task. I am not all that comfortable with this new task, there is still a little part of me, that worries, if I cross some invisible line, He will say, it is too much, and decide to find a more suitable submissive. I KNOW it is not logical, but it is there. I am going to try, I started by texting Him more often today, He always is telling me, it can't be too much, we will see. I need to stop thinking of it as being "in control", and see it as doing what He wishes...wish me luck on that.

I hope to be catching up with all of you soon. I am not planning an extended time away until April, when a new grand daughter is due!

hugs, abby



  1. Welcome home, sounds like you had a lovely trip :)

  2. welcome back. i've missed your posts.


  3. Welcome home, Abby! Sounds like you had a fun time with your grand daughter and a lively visit with your Mom.

    i think it's nice that you're able to text him throughout the day. Don't look at it as being in control. HE asked you to do it!! :)

    Glad to have you back. I missed your posts. Great job too on stating on your weight loss track!



  4. Glad your back and that you had a good visit and a wonderful reconnect at home. Like the new look.

  5. faerie..thanks I did! But it is really nice to be back. abby

    kay, thanks for the kind words. abby

    Sky, thanks, it was fun, but it is great to be back. I know you are right, postin a blog on this later. abby

    sunnygirl, thanks, one of my goals this year is to learn how to navigate blog spot and add to my blog. Wish me luck! abby

  6. Welcome back, and glad to hear that you did pretty well regarding the diet! Sometimes you just need to hang out. :) It gets easier to ignore the call of the internet the longer you stay away from it, doesn't it? Perspective gets restored!

    BTW, I love Wartenburg Wheels


  7. Thanks sarah, i agree, technology is wonderful, but we let it get too demanding, i think...or we become abby