Tuesday, January 10, 2012

spanking Olympics??

This morning I awoke early and could not get back to sleep. As my mind wondered, it went to places that left my grinning, and thinking good thing noone can read my mind. This is a silly post, sharing my eaarly morning mind wanderings.

I quickly realized that my bottom was still sore. I figured that it was 5 days in a row with a sore bottom, a record for me! Then I thought, that probably would not even win me a bronze medal in the spanking Olympics. I love the Ollympics and spanking is right up there also. so...

I decided Olympic was a loft goal, so I started thinking of a weekend of spanking games, where any and all interested were invited. There would be winners in each of the different categories. Lots of spanking, so in the "end" all would be winners.

I started to design the events or games.

1. Most spanks on a bottom in a timed period. First round is hand spanking for 5 minutes, the lowest count is eliminated. Second round is with a leather paddle, same elimination. Third round, is with a hair brush for 10 minutes, highest count wins. Any spankee getting out of position is eliminated.

2. Planning a spanking themed meal. Ideas could be...roast "rump" of beef....whipped pototoes....red bottom cake. There would be voting on the suggested menus.

3. Contest to see who can hold positions the longest.

4. After a whipping, who has the best design on their back?

5. Best idea for homemade spanking toys.

It was time for me to get up and start my day...I may think on this more...I bet all of you have even better ideas for events.



  1. What a wonderful idea for a spanking Olympics. Sounds like a great show for HBO.

    I think pussy spankings and nipple or boob spankings should be included.


  2. It this becomes a reality I must finally break down and get HBO. I don't know if I'd make the Olympic team or not, but wouldn't training be fun!


  3. Great ideas Abby. I like the "contest to see who can hold positions the longest."


  4. A spanking themed meal? Hmmmm, that is interesting and I must try! Birthdays and anniversaries are coming up!


  5. FD..great ideas..and I can no longer post on your blog, I get a white page.

    PK, it would be soooo much fun!

    Susie, thanks, can you tell I was bored.

    Ronnie, thanks, no telling where my brain will go !

    sarah, let me know what you serve...but you are right that is one we can do, hmmmm.


  6. Spanking Olympics! Wonderful - I doubt you would have any problems with unsold seats - or unmarked seats for that matter.