Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I may be having a change of heart.....

My weigh in on Monday was...stay the same. Not bad for a weekend and not a gain. I was pleased, Master was satisfied...barely.

When we talked Monday I asked if we could return to M&M day...maintenance Monday. He said certainly. (I did it, I asked, and I got maintenance scheduled...and it was not all that hard.) As usual, we started with some kneeling time, or as Master calls it...tuning everything but Us out time. It was not long before Master was assaulting my nipples, He seems to be especially interested in them lately. Then it was over His knee for a....chat. (LOL)

He started by complementing me that I had not crossed my ankles. I am more aware of trying to not cross them. Then as He was tapping the paddle on my thighs we started to discuss...exercise...or the lack of it lately. I got side tracked over the holidays and just have not been able to talk myself back into the routine. Master has decided to help me with that. As He continued to tap, He started to ask when I would start again...the longer it took for me to answer, the more He tapped. "We" finally decided I was to start today, for at least 30 minutes. ( I did...33 minutes). He said every day, but I am hoping He meant 5 days a week. I will have to check to check on that.

Once that was settled, it was spanking time. He started with a couple sets, of moderately hard spanks with His little paddle. He always asks me why we have maintenance and wants me to voice that it is to remind me of my submission, and to help avert any major punishment. He then says, last round will be slow and hard, He wants each one to set in. He rarely spanks me slowly, it was interesting. He would wait between each swat, rubbing the paddle lifting it, and waiting some more. They were definately much much harder. I was never sure when they were coming, I think as soon as I relaxed a little was His signal...now! It look a while to get all of the last 10 done.

Master then told me to straddle him, facing Him. He laughed and said, I see your wheels turning...what is He up to now? I was given a very long lesson in the pleasures of nipple play....using tongue, mouth, and even teeth. When He finished with one breast, I could feel my wetness, as He started on the second one, He asked if I ever thought I could cum just from breast play...uh..no. By the time He finished I was so ready...so I may be having a change of heart about breast play.

I was then turned around, straddling Him, but facing out....was told to keep my hands behind me, while He brought me to the edge. I did start to move my hands, to maybe help out a little, but was soon told to put them back. By the time I was hearing that I had permission, I was reading to explode...and I did. I was not quiet, but oh....when one is exploding it is hard to be quiet. Master sure knows how to encourage me to keep my good girl streak going...lol.

I want to follow up on PK's blog entry about reading other blogs and commenting. I do not have a blog roll, I have tried, but I am so computer illeterate it never seems to work for me. There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and it seems more every week. I read all types, I think it is interesting to see our differences, but even nicer to see how we are all alike. There are a few that I visit regularly and others that I get to as often as possible. If I hear of a newcomer I try to visit and comment, I know that a welcome is encouraging.

I do read a lot more than I comment. I feel bad that I don't comment on everyone that I read, but there is only so much time. If a topic cathes my eye, if I feel I have something to add, if I have time, I comment. I do reply to all who are kind enough to comment on my blog, it is nice to feel we are conversing.

I do travel...to visit family quite a bit. There are times when I am absent for a couple weeks. During that time I read, but usually do not post or comment.

Thank you all for reading and to those of you that stop to comment thank you twice! I feel I have learned a lot, and met some wonderful cyber friends!

hugs abby


  1. I agree Abby there are many more similarities than differences among us out here. As for the breast play, I don't think I would like that very much. But I'm glad you are open minded.


  2. I don't always comment but I enjoy reading other people's blogs :). Yours included of course, Abby!

    I'm glad you got M&Ms back!

    I think we are a lot alike too! I read OPBs and think "thank goodness ....I'm not the ONLY one going through these emotions, etc".

    Fondly. Sky

  3. Good to hear that you are having a change of heart about breast play. Sounds like you two are getting on the same page and he is meeting your needs. Good luck on your journey.


  4. I think it is our commonality that binds us. Like Sky said its a "Thank goodness I'm not the only one out there".

  5. Hi Abby, I am reading your blog always with great interest. I don't think I have to comment when I just agree.
    I hope this doesn't disappoint you.
    Keep writing. You do it very well.


  6. Abby, I don't always comment but I do enjoy popping over. As you said, there just not enough hours in the day.


  7. Mmmmmmm, I love love love nipple play! I could probably most certainly climax from nipple play alone if it went on long enough!

    I think many of us read more than we comment. I have blogs I try to comment on every post, and others that I read every post but don't always feel like I have anything meaningful to contribute. I do try to comment, because I know it's the best way to let someone know you stopped by, you care about what they write, and you enjoy it! :)


  8. PK,I used to feel as you so about breast play,but I have to say, our last session was enjoyable. abby

    Sky, lots of good reasons to ready blogs, but finding out that we have lots in common is at the top. abby

    appy, Thanks! abby

    Ronnie, Keep popping over,,,abby

    sarah, you are right about the comments, I will have to try a leave more. abby

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