Saturday, January 14, 2012


No spanking or fun news, but I decided to post anyway..

I am having trouble posting on a few of your blogs, all I get is a white page. Some are working fine. Most of you know how computer illiterate I am, so any help would be appreciated.

I am sitting on some heat, but not from my bottom. I pulled something in my back last Wednesday. It has happened before, but this time instead of taking it easy, I decided to try and walk it away. Do no try this approach. It is feeling like it is getting better today, more stiff than sore, and the heat..and pain killers...are helping. Last night I actually could roll over and not catch my breath. Hopefully I will be good as new...err old...soon.

Winter has arrived here. It is about 6 weeks later than usual, and could have stayed away permamently. I have always lived where there are 4 distinct seasons, and love to see the change. As I get older I think winter is great...on Christmas day!

Otherwise, boring is the word. Hope you are all having a much more interesting weekend that I can read about!

hugs, abby


  1. Abby, I'm having the same problem with leaving comments on some but not all blogs. I think blogger is acting up. Hope you feel better soon! Sara

  2. My back was hurting not too long ago. I finally took some steroids that had been prescribed for my arthritis flair ups - worked like a charm. Hope your back is back to normal soon.


  3. Abby - I hope you start to feel better soon :)

    Blogger is acting up for me too. I can't always leave a comment. I go to type in the box, and the screen "jumps" at the first keystroke! It just won't cooperate!

    Nice to see you post :)

    Fondly. Sky

  4. Sorry about your back. Hope its better soon.

    Blogger has been acting up. Posted about it the other day. Kitty offered a suggestion - haven't tried it yet because the problem hasn't cropped up since she suggested. Check my comment section if you continue to have trouble.

  5. Sara, at least I am not alone! My back is finally feeling better, thanks.

    PK, It is getting there, one of the parts of getting older I wish I coudl pass on.

    Sky, hope blogger gets it s act together soon. I visited your new spot, cut could not post.

    sunnygirl,,,thanks for the hint. I hate changing anything, but I may have too