Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis that time of the year

.....when busy takes on a whole new meaning! I applaud those of you who are managing to blog regularly, I have read some thought provoking and heart warming posts. It just reminds me what a wonderfully diverse and similar group we are.

I have been trying to get everything checked off my todo list for Christmas. I am flying to Boston on Saturday, to help my daughter in law, since they are hosting all of us, and since she is pregnant and working, she needs to find some sleep time. I have two more gifts to buy, and everything is wrapped. That part is under control.

I went to two Christmas parties in the past week, yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday. She wanted to celebrate at Cheesecake Factory. Does anyone eat there and NOT have cheesecake?? Today was cookie baking day. We tried some new recipes, so had to taste and see. Unfortunately tomorrow is weigh in day....Master is probably going to become the grinch.

Last Wednesday when Master was giving my my "mid-week tune up", as He called it, He noticed I was crossing my ankles,,,again. I keep telling Him it is just a natural reflex, He sees it as an attempt to block off access.
He asked how much longer He should give me before He starts making this a punishment issue. I asked how long I could have...He replied the beginning of the year.

Friday's weigh in was a stay the same...but I only had 1/2 pound left before I crossed Master's line of "don't go there". I was over His lap, enjoying a wonderful hand spanking, when I felt a couple sharp slaps on my thighs. I turned to look at Him, He was looking at my crossed ankles. I did not mention it was not yet the first of the year, I simply said sorry. After the spanking and other "fun activities" I got another couple swats on my thighs for the same reason. So I guess the first of the year was not an exact date. It is often these little things that really trip me up. Since I don't even realize I have crossed them, I will have to really think about keeping my feet apart. Wish me luck!

Have a good week all...



  1. Well...I am sure he'd just think I was being fresh and saucy...but geez, I wonder if he'd be able to keep HIS feet apart all the time??? Sheesh!

    I hope you have a wonderful visit with your kids! Sara

  2. Oh, I think it is very much a natural reflex!!

    Have a fabulous trip! ;o)

  3. I cross mine as well:)

    Your ahead of me, still have 10 present to get and none wrapped yet.

    Have a wonderful trip.


  4. You're ahead of me too. But I think all is under control. You could ask for a spreader bar for Christmas, that would sure keep your legs apart! Haven't ever tried one but it sound like it could be interesting.


  5. Sara,,,yes He would find you sassy...I say those things to myself! abby

    Mikki, I told Master most agree with me...He chuckled. Thanks for visiting. abby

    Ronnie, good luck with those 10. abby

    PK, I mentioned a spreader bar to Master. Think He will have a little project going while I am away. abby