Monday, December 5, 2011

M&M day....and an OOPS

Today was our regular maintenance day for this week. My head was in a pretty good place for it, and I arrived at Master's thinking I knew what to expect. I was almost right.

After some chat time, I was kneeling before Master. We discussed last Friday, how special it was, and how much we enjoyed it. Master was playing with my nipples...not with His "gentle" power, but pulling and pinching and tugging. Master was pleased with my acceptance.

Then it was maintenance time. As always, Master reminds me that it is meant to help me avoid punishment, therefore it needs to a strong reminder. Master started right in with His acrylic paddle. He did give me two sets of lighter ones as a warm-up, which was much appreciated. He then put His arm around my waist, tucked me in, and I knew He was going to "rev" it up. They were fast and much harder, He did stop for a rub and to let me know when we were half way. I do much better knowing that we are half done. He finished the last half, and said He hoped it was enough to keep me out of trouble.

I was still over His lap, and we were discussing my coming week as He was playing and touching and getting me wetter. I mentioned it was going to be a tough diet week...I had 2 christmas parties planned. He replied...2 parties???? This week?? GULP, I knew what He was thinking, and He was right.
He asked if I had asked permission for those parties. I lay there quietly, He asked again...I finally admitted I had not. One of my rules is I ask for permission to go any place, I have struggled a bit with it in the past, but have learned to remember to ask first. I rarely get a no, Master sees it as a reminder that I am not in control.

"You don't have permission to go to those parties". I apologized and asked with a please if I could go...He asked how many times we had discussed this. I admitted to a few, He corrected me, saying it was more.

Master finally said, this time, I can choose, to eliminate one party or take a hard spanking. I did not want to choose either. Both parties were ones I wanted to attend, planning on seeing friends I had not in a while, and I had just received a maintenance spanking, I did not want a harder spanking on top of that. I asked for a 3rd option...staying home all week was a possibility.

I had been hiding my face in a pillow. Master told me to look at Hime. He said He knew I had not done this on purpose, that I was asked about the parties, wanted to go and said yes without thinking. That is what most people do, but not me. I belong to Him, I ask for permission before making plans. I need to remember that. So, I chose the spanking.

He tucked me in (again), picked up the acrylic paddle and let it fly. It was harder than manitenance and much longer. I was apologizing and asking for it to stop, and had tears in my eyes when He finally stopped. His fingers started to roam again, as He told me, it was a good thing we had this discussion today, not after the fact or on the day of the events. The consequences would have been harsher. I started to squirm and let out a shudder, He pulled out His hand, and reminded permissions when I am being punished.

Master then said that the next time I plan without permission , I will have to cancel, no matter what the occasion. He asked if I knew He would do it...for some reason I answered probably. He reminded me not to test Him, we are beyong that, and I will not be happy with the result. Consistency and follow through are 2 of Master's strong points, I know that, and I have to admit, it is reassuring.

We then had some hugging and kneeling time before we said good by.

On the diet front I gained 1/2 pound, not bad for a weekend away. I am still within my 2 pound range, but just barely. I will have to enjoy the conversation more than the food at my parties.



  1. It is nice that consistency and follow through are two of his strong points. Enjoy the parties even though watching what you eat at a party is always difficult.


  2. FD....It does help knowing hemeans what He says, and I know the consequences. The parties were fun, but I think Monday's weigh in will not be a good one. abby