Sunday, December 4, 2011

gently powerful

I made a quick trip to visit my oldest (3 year old) grand-daughter and her baby brother this weekend. She was in her very first 'christmas concert' and I just could not miss it. It was well worth the trip. She was great, and we got to decorate the tree, make a gingerbread house and celebrate her mommy's birthday! Christmas magic is seeing it all through the eyes of a 3 year old!

Thursday afternoon Master and I met for some spanking fun. I enjoyed a lovely hand spanking and a few permissions, and we enjoyed each other's company in a lovely way.

On Friday, Master asked me to come over again. I was told to get naked and kneeling while He cleaned up. It took Him a while, and I started to get bored, let my hands slip from their proper position by the time He came into the room. He gently reminded me of their place. Little did I know that...gentle...would in a sense be the theme of that afternoon.

Master approached me and started to rub and massage all over. Then He gave my nipples a little squeeze, and started to gently circle them. At first I could barely feel His touch, as I relaxed and focused, I started to feel His gentle rubbing affecting me all over. He was quietly talking, reminding me that is how He touches my clit, as He continued, and I could not help but start to squirm. Master wondered out loud if I might need a permission before I even finished the kneeling was getting close when He stopped and called me over to Him.

He told me to sit on His lap, I always hesitate a bit, worried about how I will fit. He told me to sit with my back to Him, my legs stretched apart as much as possible. I was strugging with keeping my legs apart, when He suggested I get the ottoman to rest them on. Then, He started again, very gently, one hand on a breast and the other in my pussy. Nothing rough or fast, just slow and easy and gentle. He was nudging at my neck and talking sofly into my ear at the same time. It was soon sensation overload, and I could barely contain myself.

I hear master say power can be applied gently, and still be powerful. I am panting and squirming. I need a permission! Master says He will count to 10 and I may cum when he get to 10. I don't hear a thing and I ask Him to please start counting. He does, and takes a long time to get to 10. I manage to time myself and explode on the sound of His 10. (I am so surprised when that works!) Of course one was not enough and it took me a while to quiet down and breathe again.

I told Master that was an amazing afternoon! He always finds a way to surprise me....and with the hope for more surprises like that how can I not be "good". I almost forgot, I loss 1 pound on Friday, and that was my reward...sure beats a gold medal!

Hope you all have a good week, Christmas parties are on my agenda...wish me luck with my weigh-ins.



  1. Now that's what I call a fabulous Friday!

  2. What a lovely reward. I envy you.


  3. is one I will remember, very special! abby was terrific, Master is so good to me.