Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 for the price of 1...

I gained a pound over the weekend. All things considered, I thought that was reasonable. I also had lots of reasons *excuses* ready for Master.

Of course, He was not buying any of them. I was over my 2 pound limit...by less than 1 pound....but I was over. My new weight is going to be my weight, He explained. Truthfully, I knew He would not let it slide, HE does not let me fail or go backwards. As much as I sometimes wish He would give a little, I know with me, a little is a dangerous thing.

I was told to lean over the ottoman as He took off His belt. No basement and no wood...His version of being kind. There was no warm up, and I knew He was not swinging as Hard as He could, but I was struggling with settling and accepting. For some reason lately, that seesm to be the case. I think I got 50 in all, He did stop half way and rubbed and calmed me, something I was..and am...very thankful for. I was more accepting of the last half, even those last harder ones.

As I was kneeling between His legs, He says...so M&M?? My first thought was, He is offereing me candy after just punishing me for gaining? I looked up at Him, and He said...Monday Maintenance. I had totally forgotten about that. He invited me over His lap, and used His hand for this week's maintenance. Master's hand can be as hard as wood at times, but after a "belting", it was actually relaxing.

Then He started to roam, and just as I was squirming and panting, I hear, no permissions until you have lost what you gained, and I suggest you give yourself a little "wiggle" room before the holiday. I tried to move away from His hand and roaming fingers, of course that was futile. I was being punished, He wasn't. He finally told me to stand, and I could feel myself "dripping". The sooner I get that pound off the better!



  1. Your Master actually punished you for gaining one pound?!?! Wow. Reading this just makes me so grateful that my Dom could care less how much I weigh. Otherwise I'd be getting smacked with a belt all the damn time. And I'm a little incredulous that he also proceeded to give you an OTK spanking just after he used the belt on you 50 times. In fact, this particular post really has me fuming. But I guess if you're okay with all, who am I to judge? Different strokes for different folks - no pun intended.

  2. Talk about incentive, lady you got it! Same thing happened to me (small spanking though) for gaining .4 of a pound. But like you it was ME that requested this strictness. For me it works.

    Good luck on the holiday eating!


  3. Devorah...Master accepts me as I am. It is my wish to lose weight. Once I make a deal with Master, it is a done deal. I get to decide if a want to go on after a goal is reached...most goals are 10 pounds. Thanks for dropping in and for your comment. abby

    PK..thanks for your comment. It works for me too! Good luck over the holidays...we can both do this. abby

  4. Abby, I appreciate you explaining to me that it's your wish to lose weight instead of his expectation of you. Reading back, I realize my comment was a bit harsh. I think I've just had it up to here with certain Doms and the fairly unrealistic and ridiculous rules they enjoy implementing on their subs. But this clearly isn't the case here. All the best to you!

  5. Abby, I am sorry you went over and had to pay the piper :( , but it's likely a good thing that you won't be able to let the Holidays run away with you! 1 pound and 1 pound can add up fast! However...I'm glad we don't do weigh-ins!


  6. Devorah, I took your comment as concern for me. Master intoduced me to spanking almost 9 years ago...and has been my Master for 7 years. You are always welcomed here. abby

    Sara, Yes, it was a good reminder, and losing is so much harder than gaining, I do not want to go backwards. abby