Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Mine had many special moments...four generations of females attending mass together on Christmas Eve, 30 members of my immediate family together for Christmas breakfast, seeing the faces on my 2 and 3 year old granddaughters when they realized Santa had come!..and more. Special times and special memories, it is always a special blessing when you see your grown children, and think... I must have done something very right!

I returned home a couple days early, on Thursday, I was unsure of the the weather this weekend, and I was missing Master way too much. (I must admit my "tool box" was not well utilized, and that always causes me to feel disconnected). I woke up on Friday morning with a running nose, congestion, cough, etc...I was miserable. I managed to do some unpacking and that was it...I was done in. I did not feel much better this morning, but planned on at least going to get some groceries, ended up giving my daughter a list and the credit card, so I am sitting here in my PJ's ready for bed. But first I wanted to say...

Thanks to all of my blogging friends for reading, commenting, even for lurking. You help me to realize I am more "normal" than I sometimes think, and you always have wonderful insights.

May you all get to have some of your wishes, dreams and fantasies come through in 2012!

Hugs, abby

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas...

I know I am about a week early with my wishes. I am leaving at 4:30 AM!!! to get to the airport for my flight to Boston. I will be there for a week helping with my 2 year old granddaughter..and then we will be traveling to Maine to meet up with the rest of the clan. It is always so heartwarming to see your children introducing long time family traditions to yet another generation!

I hope all of you have a Christmas that warms your hearts...and maybe your bottoms too!

hugs, abby

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 for the price of 1...

I gained a pound over the weekend. All things considered, I thought that was reasonable. I also had lots of reasons *excuses* ready for Master.

Of course, He was not buying any of them. I was over my 2 pound less than 1 pound....but I was over. My new weight is going to be my weight, He explained. Truthfully, I knew He would not let it slide, HE does not let me fail or go backwards. As much as I sometimes wish He would give a little, I know with me, a little is a dangerous thing.

I was told to lean over the ottoman as He took off His belt. No basement and no wood...His version of being kind. There was no warm up, and I knew He was not swinging as Hard as He could, but I was struggling with settling and accepting. For some reason lately, that seesm to be the case. I think I got 50 in all, He did stop half way and rubbed and calmed me, something I was..and am...very thankful for. I was more accepting of the last half, even those last harder ones.

As I was kneeling between His legs, He M&M?? My first thought was, He is offereing me candy after just punishing me for gaining? I looked up at Him, and He said...Monday Maintenance. I had totally forgotten about that. He invited me over His lap, and used His hand for this week's maintenance. Master's hand can be as hard as wood at times, but after a "belting", it was actually relaxing.

Then He started to roam, and just as I was squirming and panting, I hear, no permissions until you have lost what you gained, and I suggest you give yourself a little "wiggle" room before the holiday. I tried to move away from His hand and roaming fingers, of course that was futile. I was being punished, He wasn't. He finally told me to stand, and I could feel myself "dripping". The sooner I get that pound off the better!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis that time of the year

.....when busy takes on a whole new meaning! I applaud those of you who are managing to blog regularly, I have read some thought provoking and heart warming posts. It just reminds me what a wonderfully diverse and similar group we are.

I have been trying to get everything checked off my todo list for Christmas. I am flying to Boston on Saturday, to help my daughter in law, since they are hosting all of us, and since she is pregnant and working, she needs to find some sleep time. I have two more gifts to buy, and everything is wrapped. That part is under control.

I went to two Christmas parties in the past week, yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday. She wanted to celebrate at Cheesecake Factory. Does anyone eat there and NOT have cheesecake?? Today was cookie baking day. We tried some new recipes, so had to taste and see. Unfortunately tomorrow is weigh in day....Master is probably going to become the grinch.

Last Wednesday when Master was giving my my "mid-week tune up", as He called it, He noticed I was crossing my ankles,,,again. I keep telling Him it is just a natural reflex, He sees it as an attempt to block off access.
He asked how much longer He should give me before He starts making this a punishment issue. I asked how long I could have...He replied the beginning of the year.

Friday's weigh in was a stay the same...but I only had 1/2 pound left before I crossed Master's line of "don't go there". I was over His lap, enjoying a wonderful hand spanking, when I felt a couple sharp slaps on my thighs. I turned to look at Him, He was looking at my crossed ankles. I did not mention it was not yet the first of the year, I simply said sorry. After the spanking and other "fun activities" I got another couple swats on my thighs for the same reason. So I guess the first of the year was not an exact date. It is often these little things that really trip me up. Since I don't even realize I have crossed them, I will have to really think about keeping my feet apart. Wish me luck!

Have a good week all...


Monday, December 5, 2011

M&M day....and an OOPS

Today was our regular maintenance day for this week. My head was in a pretty good place for it, and I arrived at Master's thinking I knew what to expect. I was almost right.

After some chat time, I was kneeling before Master. We discussed last Friday, how special it was, and how much we enjoyed it. Master was playing with my nipples...not with His "gentle" power, but pulling and pinching and tugging. Master was pleased with my acceptance.

Then it was maintenance time. As always, Master reminds me that it is meant to help me avoid punishment, therefore it needs to a strong reminder. Master started right in with His acrylic paddle. He did give me two sets of lighter ones as a warm-up, which was much appreciated. He then put His arm around my waist, tucked me in, and I knew He was going to "rev" it up. They were fast and much harder, He did stop for a rub and to let me know when we were half way. I do much better knowing that we are half done. He finished the last half, and said He hoped it was enough to keep me out of trouble.

I was still over His lap, and we were discussing my coming week as He was playing and touching and getting me wetter. I mentioned it was going to be a tough diet week...I had 2 christmas parties planned. He replied...2 parties???? This week?? GULP, I knew what He was thinking, and He was right.
He asked if I had asked permission for those parties. I lay there quietly, He asked again...I finally admitted I had not. One of my rules is I ask for permission to go any place, I have struggled a bit with it in the past, but have learned to remember to ask first. I rarely get a no, Master sees it as a reminder that I am not in control.

"You don't have permission to go to those parties". I apologized and asked with a please if I could go...He asked how many times we had discussed this. I admitted to a few, He corrected me, saying it was more.

Master finally said, this time, I can choose, to eliminate one party or take a hard spanking. I did not want to choose either. Both parties were ones I wanted to attend, planning on seeing friends I had not in a while, and I had just received a maintenance spanking, I did not want a harder spanking on top of that. I asked for a 3rd option...staying home all week was a possibility.

I had been hiding my face in a pillow. Master told me to look at Hime. He said He knew I had not done this on purpose, that I was asked about the parties, wanted to go and said yes without thinking. That is what most people do, but not me. I belong to Him, I ask for permission before making plans. I need to remember that. So, I chose the spanking.

He tucked me in (again), picked up the acrylic paddle and let it fly. It was harder than manitenance and much longer. I was apologizing and asking for it to stop, and had tears in my eyes when He finally stopped. His fingers started to roam again, as He told me, it was a good thing we had this discussion today, not after the fact or on the day of the events. The consequences would have been harsher. I started to squirm and let out a shudder, He pulled out His hand, and reminded permissions when I am being punished.

Master then said that the next time I plan without permission , I will have to cancel, no matter what the occasion. He asked if I knew He would do it...for some reason I answered probably. He reminded me not to test Him, we are beyong that, and I will not be happy with the result. Consistency and follow through are 2 of Master's strong points, I know that, and I have to admit, it is reassuring.

We then had some hugging and kneeling time before we said good by.

On the diet front I gained 1/2 pound, not bad for a weekend away. I am still within my 2 pound range, but just barely. I will have to enjoy the conversation more than the food at my parties.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

gently powerful

I made a quick trip to visit my oldest (3 year old) grand-daughter and her baby brother this weekend. She was in her very first 'christmas concert' and I just could not miss it. It was well worth the trip. She was great, and we got to decorate the tree, make a gingerbread house and celebrate her mommy's birthday! Christmas magic is seeing it all through the eyes of a 3 year old!

Thursday afternoon Master and I met for some spanking fun. I enjoyed a lovely hand spanking and a few permissions, and we enjoyed each other's company in a lovely way.

On Friday, Master asked me to come over again. I was told to get naked and kneeling while He cleaned up. It took Him a while, and I started to get bored, let my hands slip from their proper position by the time He came into the room. He gently reminded me of their place. Little did I know that...gentle...would in a sense be the theme of that afternoon.

Master approached me and started to rub and massage all over. Then He gave my nipples a little squeeze, and started to gently circle them. At first I could barely feel His touch, as I relaxed and focused, I started to feel His gentle rubbing affecting me all over. He was quietly talking, reminding me that is how He touches my clit, as He continued, and I could not help but start to squirm. Master wondered out loud if I might need a permission before I even finished the kneeling was getting close when He stopped and called me over to Him.

He told me to sit on His lap, I always hesitate a bit, worried about how I will fit. He told me to sit with my back to Him, my legs stretched apart as much as possible. I was strugging with keeping my legs apart, when He suggested I get the ottoman to rest them on. Then, He started again, very gently, one hand on a breast and the other in my pussy. Nothing rough or fast, just slow and easy and gentle. He was nudging at my neck and talking sofly into my ear at the same time. It was soon sensation overload, and I could barely contain myself.

I hear master say power can be applied gently, and still be powerful. I am panting and squirming. I need a permission! Master says He will count to 10 and I may cum when he get to 10. I don't hear a thing and I ask Him to please start counting. He does, and takes a long time to get to 10. I manage to time myself and explode on the sound of His 10. (I am so surprised when that works!) Of course one was not enough and it took me a while to quiet down and breathe again.

I told Master that was an amazing afternoon! He always finds a way to surprise me....and with the hope for more surprises like that how can I not be "good". I almost forgot, I loss 1 pound on Friday, and that was my reward...sure beats a gold medal!

Hope you all have a good week, Christmas parties are on my agenda...wish me luck with my weigh-ins.