Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks all.....and Maintenance day

First I would like to thank everyone who stopped in and left a comment on this blog for LOL. There is one delurker, I would really like to send a special thank you too...Master! When I started this blog He offered that I could make it private, it could be a place just for me. I thought and decided I did not want that, I wanted Him to read seemed like a good way to open up more communication. He reads here, and often it spurs a discussion, and He is clear, I can write whetever I feel, it is a safe place. He had never commented, but I was so pleased to read His comment this morning, in fact I read it twice, just to be sure I had read it correctly!

Yesterday was maintenance for this week. Master was in the garage when I arrived. He told me to go in and get naked and kneeling. I could hear Him working on something, so I did as I was told. When He came in, He covered my eyes and spoke quietly, then started claiming all of me. When He got to my breast, He pulled and pinched, but only a little. Then, I could feel just His fingertips touching them, but as he gently rubbed it was like a lightening bolt, He pulled away and repeated and I could feel the sensations going right through me. It was amazing....maybe I am finally able to relax enough during breast play to enjoy it....maybe.

Then Master showed me what He was working on in the garage. He had found an old wodden pizza paddle, and had sawed it to a more manageable size. I gulped, He laughed. It looked mean. I said...for maintenance. He said it is not heavy and had me hold it, it was light. I was then told to get over the back of the sofa. No warm-up and swats coming fast and hard...not as hard as He could swing, but still not a slow start. I was staying in position, but voicing my pain. Master is found of telling me to stop concentrating the stokes as pain on my bottom, and think of them as going to my clit..and go with them. Most of the time , I want to try that. Master stoppped and rubbed, and started again, more lightly and slowly, with more stops for rubbing. Now I was able to stop concentrating on the pain. After a bit master stopped to roam and feel if I was "enjoying" my spanking...I always start to deny it, but He finds proof that I am.

Master continues with His magic hands, and suddenly asks how many more swats I want. I hate that question...most of the time I want to say none, but I know that is not really an option. I answer 10...He says that is how many it will take for you to cum? I don't my reply. I get the 10, and I am on the edge, but not quite there, so being the kind Master He is...I get some help, and am soon asking for permission.

As I come back to Him, we chat a bit. Master reminds me that my submission is not a weight loss submission continues even after I reach my goal. I knew this, but did need to hear it again. Oh and by the way...that pizza paddle, it cracked in half...LOL...I think that is the second spanking instrument to hit the dust while being used on my bottom.



  1. Mmmmm, yummy!

    And yeah, Pizza "Peels" are light and, I imagine, would break if used too hard.

    Nice post!


  2. Some 'paddles' just are meant to break! And I'll bet you laughed! ;) Sara

  3. Thanks sarah! It is not the first paddle that breaks on me..I should get some kind of reward for each one! abby

    Sara..I sure did! (He did too!) abby

  4. Did you really "gulp" when he showed you the project he was working on? i mean, did you do an impression of the loud nervous gulp sound they make in cartoons? ( mt gf used to do that! so cute!) And if so-is that why he laughed at you?