Thursday, November 3, 2011

a good bye and a welcome back!

I said good bye to my two little sweethearts. But we had a great time, made lots of memories, and will be seeing them again in a month! On a happier note...Master is back!

I got to welcome Him back in person this afternoon. Foolish me, I had this idea in my head about how it might go...of course Master had a different idea. After a few welcome back hugs, I noticed He was holding a small cane in His hand. We had our re-connecting kneeling time, and Master was very pleased with my control while He mauled, pulled and pinched my breast. Then He told me to get over the end of the sofa...He wanted to add a few stripes to my bottom.

I looked and walked (slowly) over...He told me to relax, it was not punishment. I was thinking, why don't we change places and you can relax..but I only thought it. He did start off lightly, and after a couple sets He stopped to rub. Then I hear, another set of harder ones, luckily, He cannot always read my mind.

I was then told I could go over His lap, for a hand spanking. Now that was more like what I had in mind. He was trying to spank hard enough, to hide the stripes He had just does He think of these things? He then said, He would have to add the stripes again at the end, I looked up at Him, with my " You have to be kidding" look....and He said the look sealed it, more stripes at the end. ARGHH

Master then moved on to rubbing and touching and probing. Just as I was really starting to squirm and get all squishy......

Master then decides since it was Thursday, He should add maintenance to this spanking. My thought had been along the lines, since it was Thursday, maybe we should let it slip this week. I also remarked that His order of how things should happen was a bit off today. He told be to get up and get the paddle He uses for maintenance. It stays on the floor at the end of the sofa. I got up and looked and said I did not see it. "Really ?", He said as He got up....He looked and there it was. Magic! When I was back over His lap, He smacked my bottom a dozen hard ones....for not just picking up the paddle and bringing it over. Then, it was tuck me in, and let the paddle do the talking. Maintenance is meant to be a deterrant, and it hurts!

Master then goes back letting His fingers drive me wild. Just as I was nearing the brink, I hear Master say....repeat....R. is my Master, and I will not cum without His permission...and keep repeating. When I get to the third time, Master focuses in on THAT spot...the one that puts me over the edge...I get the phrase out a third time, but then I want to tell Him to stop, but I don't want Him to stop, I really really want to cum. Not sure what I am saying, but I hear Master ask if I would like to cum for Him....Yes pleaseeee....and it is a wild ride. I used to always be amazed at my orgasms, today was more than amazing... Looking back I find it hard to beleive that all that noise and movement..and...everything else is me. It is the me that Master worked hard to find and let loose...I am so glad He did.

After some cool down and snuggling and hugs, I got up and asked for permission to get dressed. As I walked by the sofa, Master pulled me over the end, and reminded me I had earned a few more stripes....for the "look". There was only one set...more than enough Sir!...and they were fairly light.

It is good to have Him back. I know even when one of us is away, I am still His, and nothing really changes, but it feels different.
Before I left we talked about my weigh in tomorrow and how the diet was going. More on that tomorrow.



  1. I'm so happy for you that your Master is back! :)

    Sounds like he made up for his absence lol

    I bet you're counting the days til you see your littluns again :)

    Take care. Sky

  2. Glad you had a good reconnect! Sara

  3. Sky, thanks, I always feel domething is missing when one of us is away, even tho we stay intouch and my rules are the is different. abby

    Sara, reconnects are great, I just wish they did not have to happen so often. abby

  4. It's great that you were able to be together again! And something IS missing when one is away -- the other half!!!


  5. sarah...I never thought of are soo right...half is missing! abby